5 Ways to Make Your Ariat Boots More Comfortable, Long-lasting, and Slip Resistant

When you buy your Ariat boots, you want them to last a long time. If they don’t, then you will be forced to keep buying new ones. The key to making your Ariat boots last longer is to make sure that they are comfortable and slip resistant. Here is how you can do it:

1. Get a Leather Conditioner

2. Wax Your Boots

3. Store Your Boots on their Soles

4. Protect the Laces With Plastics

5. Wipe the Surface of the Boots with Water.

5 Ways to Make Your Ariat Boots More Comfortable, Long-lasting, and Slip Resistant

1. Get a Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioners come in many different forms and they’re made to keep your footwear in great shape. For Ariat boots, you need to use a leather conditioner. This can be something that washes off easily, even when you are doing laundry. For example, you can use a shampoo that is specifically designed for cleaning off leather shoes. It can remove dirt and stains from the surface of your boots while taking on a protective coating of its own so that your boots don’t get ruined by everyday wear and tear during the first few weeks or months after purchase, and then the leather will once again become soft and supple, allowing you to slip them back on each time you take them out of the closet!

Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioners are made from a mixture of oils and waxes that help keep your boots protected, clean and looking great. They can be used to keep the leather supple, provide moisture protection and prevent the color from bleeding through.

1. Get a Leather Conditioner

You will need a leather conditioner to properly care for your boots. You can find one at any department store or online by searching for “leather conditioner.” The most common brands include:

2. Wax Your Boots

The next step is to take your boots outside and apply a small amount of wax or polish on them. Washing your boot with water should do the trick if you’re using regular water, but if you’re using an aerosol spray (for example, Mc-Nab) you might want to add some more water so it reaches the inside of the boot. If you choose to use an aerosol spray, make sure you follow all safety instructions and use enough product so that it covers the entire surface area of your boot.

3. Store Your Boots on their Soles

Once you’ve placed them inside your closet, they will continue to dry out in there over time until they start growing mold or become wet again.

Wax Your Boots

Waxing your shoes is one of the most important steps to taking care of your Ariat boots. This will not only prevent them from getting damaged by water, it will also help them to look better longer.

Waxing can be a tricky step, so you need to make sure that you do it correctly in order to avoid any problems later on. For best results, you should take your Ariat boots outside and use wax liquid. If you don’t have wax liquid available at home, you can always purchase it online.

Make sure that you only use waterproof wax for your Ariat boots as well as for other leather products such as leather belts and wallets.

If the leather is still wet when you try to apply the wax, then that means that there was some moisture left on the surface of the leather. You want to ensure that this moisture stays where it’s supposed to be—on top of the boot—so that water won’t penetrate inside and damage the boot further.

Unfortunately, if this process fails then there are several ways to clean up your Ariat boots thoroughly:

1) Get them dry-cleaned or repaired by an expert shoemaker or cobbler who uses only professional tools and materials

Store Your Boots on their Soles

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to the care and storage of their boots is storing them on their soles. It’s hard enough keeping your shoes together, but try putting them on your boots without having to worry about helping them stay in place. For instance, you’d want to take a shoe brush and gently “wash” your boots when they’re not worn out. This will help maintain the integrity of your boot and ensure that they won’t slip off.

Protect the Laces With Plastics

If you don’t want to risk your boots slipping off your feet, then you need to protect the laces on your Ariat boots.

You may have heard that the best way to protect your leather is with plastic. But, unfortunately, some manufacturers of leather goods do not use plastic in their products. What they do instead is wax it. If you go this route, make sure that you remove any wax from your boots before wearing them!

Wipe the Surface of the Boots with Water.

The surface of your boots needs to be wiped with water at least once a week. This helps the surface of the boots to keep its natural protective coating, which makes the boots slip resistant. The easiest way to do this is to spray water on the top of the boot and wipe it with a damp cloth.

If you don’t have access to bottled water, then try using a spray bottle filled with cold tap water. You can also use alcohol-based cleaner or even just plain old water. Just make sure that you don’t get any liquid onto your boots.

5 Ways to Make Your Ariat Boots More Comfortable, Long-lasting, and Slip Resistant
5 Ways to Make Your Ariat Boots More Comfortable, Long-lasting, and Slip Resistant


If you want your boots to last and your feet to be comfortable, then it’s a good idea to dress them up and make them look nice. You can do it by following these 5 easy steps.

1. Store your boots on the soles of the boot or in a case or bag.

2. Wipe the surface of the boots with a damp cloth or a soft, dry cloth.

3. Use a damp towel to wipe off dirt and dust from the outside of the boot.

4. Do not pull on the laces, as doing so may damage them.

5. Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaners or solvents on the inside of your boots, as this will damage them too.

Conclusion: You don’t have to spend lots of money in order to get great boots that are comfortable, durable and long-lasting. You can make your own leather from scratch with these 5 simple steps!

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