Are the Adidas NMD Shoes Comfortable?

Adidas NMD shoes have taken the sneaker world by storm since their debut in 2015. Known for their unique design and revolutionary comfort features, they have become a favorite among sneaker enthusiasts and casual wearers alike. In this blog post, we will delve into the key factors that make Adidas NMD shoes remarkably comfortable, exploring the technologies and design elements that contribute to their unmatched appeal.

Are the adidas NMD shoes comfortable?

Yes, Adidas NMD shoes are renowned for their exceptional comfort. The incorporation of Boost technology in the midsole provides superior cushioning and responsiveness, making them feel comfortable and supportive during wear. Additionally, the Primeknit uppers offer a sock-like fit, enhancing comfort and breathability for a pleasant walking experience.

Boost TechnologyResponsive and cushioning midsole material for comfort
Primeknit UppersProvides a snug and breathable fit like a sock
EVA PlugsEnhances stability and cushioning for a secure stride
LightweightAllows for all-day wear without fatigue
Versatile StyleSuitable for various outfits and occasions
  1. Boost Technology – The Pillar of Comfort: At the heart of Adidas NMD shoes lies the game-changing Boost technology. Developed in collaboration with BASF, Boost is a responsive and cushioning midsole material that has revolutionized the footwear industry. It consists of thousands of tiny energy capsules that store and release energy with each step, providing a feeling of walking on clouds. The unparalleled responsiveness of Boost technology ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, whether you’re strolling through the city or taking on an urban adventure.
  2. Primeknit Uppers – A Sock-like Fit: Adidas NMD shoes feature Primeknit uppers, which are engineered to provide a snug and supportive fit similar to wearing a sock. The seamless construction adapts to the contours of your feet, offering a second-skin feel and reducing the risk of irritation. Primeknit also enhances breathability, keeping your feet cool and dry throughout the day.
  3. EVA Plugs – Enhanced Stability: The signature EVA plugs on the midsole not only add to the unique design of Adidas NMD shoes but also play a crucial role in providing stability and support. These plugs are strategically placed at the heel and forefoot areas, offering extra cushioning and shock absorption, ensuring a comfortable and secure stride.
  4. Responsive and Lightweight – Ideal for All-day Wear: The combination of Boost technology, Primeknit uppers, and EVA plugs results in a shoe that is not only comfortable but also lightweight and responsive. This characteristic makes Adidas NMD shoes ideal for all-day wear, making them a go-to option for city explorations, travel, and daily activities.
  5. Versatile Style – From Streetwear to Sportswear: Beyond their comfort, Adidas NMD shoes are celebrated for their versatile style. They effortlessly blend elements of streetwear and sportswear, making them suitable for a range of outfits and occasions. Whether you pair them with jeans and a casual tee or dress them up with athleisure wear, NMD shoes exude a modern and trendy vibe.


Is NMD softer than Ultraboost?

Both Adidas NMD and Ultraboost shoes feature the same Boost technology, which provides excellent cushioning and comfort. However, some users may find Ultraboost shoes to have a slightly softer and more responsive feel due to the specific design and configuration of the Boost midsole.

Are Adidas NMDs good for standing all day?

Yes, Adidas NMDs are generally comfortable for standing all day due to their Boost cushioning and supportive features. However, individual comfort preferences may vary, so it’s essential to try them on and ensure they provide adequate support for extended periods of standing.

Do NMDs have good support?

Adidas NMDs offer decent support, especially with their Boost technology and EVA plugs. However, they might not provide the same level of support as performance-specific athletic shoes. For activities that require extensive support, it’s advisable to consider shoes designed for that purpose.

What is so special about NMD?

The Adidas NMD is distinctive for its unique blend of style and comfort. It combines Boost technology for exceptional cushioning with a modern and versatile design. The NMD’s silhouette, Primeknit uppers, and EVA plugs make it a fashion-forward and comfortable shoe, appealing to sneaker enthusiasts and casual wearers alike.

How can I make my NMD more comfortable?

To enhance comfort in Adidas NMDs, consider the following tips:

  1. Ensure you have the right size and fit.
  2. Use high-quality insoles for additional cushioning and support.
  3. Choose moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet dry.
  4. Break them in gradually to allow the materials to adjust to your feet.

Should you size down with Adidas NMD?

Adidas NMDs are known to have a slightly larger fit, so some wearers may prefer to size down half a size for a snugger fit. However, sizing can be subjective, and trying on the shoes in-store is recommended to find the most comfortable size for your feet.

What is the most comfortable shoes for standing all day?

Shoes with ample cushioning and arch support, like Adidas Ultraboost, Brooks Ghost, or New Balance Fresh Foam series, are often considered some of the most comfortable options for standing all day.

Why does NMD have no insole?

The Adidas NMD is designed with minimal insole padding to provide a more natural and sock-like fit. The lack of a thick insole allows the wearer to feel the full benefits of the Boost cushioning and the contouring of the Primeknit upper.

What are Adidas NMDs used for?

Adidas NMDs are versatile lifestyle shoes suitable for various casual activities, including walking, running errands, and daily wear. They are not specifically designed for intense athletic performance.

What does NMD mean?

NMD stands for “Nomad,” representing the shoe’s inspiration from urban nomadic explorers, those who traverse cities and embrace a modern, nomadic lifestyle.

Can you wear Adidas NMD with jeans?

Yes, Adidas NMD shoes pair well with jeans for a stylish and casual look. The sleek design and modern aesthetics of NMDs complement jeans, adding a trendy touch to any outfit.

Can I use NMD for jogging?

While Adidas NMDs provide comfort and cushioning, they are not primarily designed for running or intense jogging. For jogging or running, it’s best to opt for performance-oriented running shoes that offer specialized support and stability.

Why is it called NMD?

As mentioned earlier, NMD stands for “Nomad,” reflecting the shoe’s inspiration from urban nomads who explore cities with a modern and versatile lifestyle.

How do you wear Adidas NMD?

Adidas NMDs can be styled with various outfits. They pair well with jeans, joggers, or athleisure wear for a casual and trendy look. They can also be worn with shorts or dresses for a sporty-chic ensemble.

Are NMD waterproof?

Adidas NMDs are not waterproof. They are primarily designed as lifestyle shoes with breathable materials like Primeknit, which may allow water to seep through in wet conditions.

How long does it take to break in Adidas shoes?

The break-in period for Adidas shoes varies depending on the model and materials. On average, it may take a week or two of regular wear for the shoes to conform comfortably to your feet.

Can I wear NMD to the gym?

While Adidas NMDs are comfortable for casual wear and light activities, they are not optimized for gym workouts. For gym sessions, it’s best to choose athletic shoes designed for specific activities, such as running shoes for jogging or cross-training shoes for various exercises.

Why are my shoes not comfortable?

Several factors may contribute to uncomfortable shoes, including improper fit, lack of support or cushioning, and materials that do not suit your foot shape or activities.

Do NMDs run wide?

Adidas NMDs are known to have a slightly wider fit than some other models. Those with narrow feet might find sizing down or trying on different widths helpful to achieve a better fit.

Do Adidas run wide or narrow?

Adidas shoe sizing typically runs true to size for most people. However, some models may have a wider fit, while others may feel more snug. Trying on the shoes before purchasing is recommended to ensure the best fit.

Is it better to go a size up or down in shoes?

The ideal shoe size depends on individual foot shape and preference. In general, it’s better to have a little extra room in the toe area rather than having shoes that are too tight. However, going up or down in size can vary between brands and shoe models.

What shoes are good for standing for 10 hours?

Shoes with ample cushioning, arch support, and shock absorption are recommended for standing long hours. Brands like Brooks, New Balance, and Asics offer comfortable options for prolonged standing.

Which shoes do podiatrists recommend?

Podiatrists often recommend shoes with good arch support, cushioning, and stability for individuals with foot conditions or specific needs. Brands like New Balance, Brooks, and Hoka One One are commonly recommended.

What kind of shoes to wear when walking a lot?

For walking long distances, choose shoes with excellent cushioning, arch support, and a comfortable fit. Athletic shoes designed for walking, running, or hiking are often suitable options.

Is NMD a sport shoe?

No, Adidas NMDs are not classified as sport-specific shoes. They are lifestyle sneakers designed for everyday wear and casual activities.

Is Adidas NMD a sneaker?

Yes, Adidas NMD is a type of sneaker known for its modern design, comfort features, and lifestyle appeal.

When were NMDS popular?

Adidas NMDs gained popularity after their initial release in 2015. They quickly became a cultural phenomenon, captivating sneaker enthusiasts and gaining widespread popularity in the fashion world.

What is the difference between NMD and Yeezy?

NMD and Yeezy are both popular Adidas sneaker lines, but they have different design aesthetics and collaborations. NMD focuses on a modern and lifestyle-oriented look, while Yeezy is a collaboration with Kanye West, known for its unique designs and limited editions.

Is Adidas NMD boost?

Yes, Adidas NMD shoes are equipped with Boost technology, which provides excellent cushioning and responsiveness for a comfortable walking experience.

What does Adidas stand for?

Adidas is a combination of the founder’s name, Adolf “Adi” Dassler, and the first three letters of his last name, “Das(sler).”

What is the difference between NMD and ND?

As of my last update in September 2021, there is no information on an “ND” model of Adidas shoes. It is possible that the term “ND” emerged after my last update or refers to a specific shoe line released later.

Who created NMD shoes?

Adidas created the NMD shoes as part of their design and development team, incorporating elements from urban nomadic lifestyle inspiration.

Is it safe to put NMDs in the washer?

While some Adidas NMDs may be safe to clean in the washing machine, it’s essential to check the care instructions and remove any removable insoles or accessories before doing so.

Are NMDs for men? Is NMD unisex?

Adidas NMDs are available in both men’s and women’s sizes and styles, making them unisex and suitable for all genders.

Can NMD be used outside? Is NMD for hiking?

Adidas NMDs are suitable for casual outdoor activities like walking or strolling. However, they are not designed or recommended for rugged terrain or intense hiking.

Is NMD for hiking?

No, Adidas NMDs are not designed or recommended for hiking. They are lifestyle shoes more suited for urban exploration and everyday wear.

What is so special about Nike React?

Nike React is a proprietary cushioning technology developed by Nike. It provides excellent energy return and lightweight cushioning, offering a soft and responsive ride for running and other athletic activities. Nike React foam is also durable and retains its performance over time.


Adidas NMD shoes have redefined comfort and style, setting a new standard in the world of sneakers. The ingenious combination of Boost technology, Primeknit uppers, and EVA plugs makes them exceptionally comfortable for all-day wear.

Embracing the philosophy of innovation and design, Adidas NMD shoes have become an iconic choice for those seeking a perfect balance of fashion-forward aesthetics and unparalleled comfort. Elevate your sneaker game and experience the epitome of comfort with Adidas NMD shoes on your feet.