Are UGG Style Boots Appropriate to Wear to an Office Job?

UGG-style boots, characterized by their plush shearling lining and casual appearance, became a global fashion phenomenon in the early 2000s. But as with many trendy items, the question arises: Are they suitable for the office? Let’s break down everything you need to consider when pondering this footwear choice for a professional setting.

Are UGG Style Boots Appropriate to Wear to an Office Job?

UGG-style boots are generally not appropriate to wear to an office job, especially in formal or professional settings. While they may provide comfort and warmth, they are considered more casual and better suited for informal or outdoor occasions. It’s best to opt for more formal and polished footwear like dress shoes or boots for the office.

Below is a table summarizing the appropriateness of wearing UGG-style boots to an office job:

AspectUGG-Style Boots at Office Job
FormalityNot appropriate for formal or professional settings
Office Dress CodeTypically considered too casual for most office dress codes
Workplace CultureDepends on the specific workplace culture and dress norms
ComfortUGG-style boots are known for comfort, but other options exist
Professional ImageMay not convey a polished or professional appearance
Weather ConditionsSuitable for cold weather but not ideal for formal office settings
Alternative FootwearOpt for dress shoes or more formal boots for office wear

Remember, the appropriateness of UGG-style boots in the office depends on the specific workplace culture and dress code. While they are comfortable for colder weather, it’s generally best to choose more formal footwear options that align with a professional and polished image in the office.

1. Office Dress Code:

  • Formal Corporate Settings: In traditional corporate environments with strict dress codes, UGG-style boots may be viewed as too casual. Such workplaces typically expect attire like suits, formal blouses, and dress shoes.
  • Casual and Creative Workplaces: In more relaxed settings, such as tech startups or creative agencies, the dress code is often more lenient. Here, UGG-style boots might fit right in.

2. Presentation is Key:

  • Condition of the Boots: Even in a casual office, worn-out or dirty boots can appear unprofessional. Ensure your boots are in good condition, free of stains and wear.
  • Pairing: Consider what you’re wearing the boots with. Pairing them with leggings and an oversized sweater may be too laid-back, whereas combining them with a chic skirt or tailored jeans might strike a balance.

3. Consider the Type:

UGG and similar brands have diversified their offerings. While the classic calf-length, slip-on style is the most recognized:

  • Shorter and Ankle-Length: These can appear more like standard booties and may be more office-appropriate.
  • Variations with Heels or Structured Designs: These can bridge the gap between casual and professional.

4. Practicality and Comfort:

One of the reasons UGG-style boots are so beloved is their undeniable comfort, especially in colder months. If you have a long commute or your office is chilly, they can be a practical choice. Consider wearing them for your journey and swapping them out for more formal footwear once you’re in the office.

5. Office Culture and Perception:

While comfort is essential, it’s also crucial to think about how you want to be perceived. In professional settings, attire can influence first impressions and opinions about your commitment and seriousness.

6. Regional and Seasonal Differences:

In some colder regions, wearing such boots might be more acceptable, especially during winter months. However, in warmer areas or seasons, they might stand out as an odd choice.

7. Alternative Solutions:

If you love the comfort of UGG-style boots but are unsure about their appropriateness:

  • Hybrid Styles: Some brands offer office-appropriate boots with the same comfortable lining.
  • Flexibility: Consider wearing the boots during your commute and switching to office-friendly shoes during work hours.


Can I wear UGG boots to the office?

UGG boots are generally not considered appropriate for formal or professional office settings due to their casual nature. However, some workplaces with more relaxed dress codes may permit wearing UGG-style boots.

When should you not wear UGGs?

Avoid wearing UGGs in formal or professional settings, during warmer weather, or in situations that require more polished footwear.

Can you wear UGG boots to an interview?

It’s best to avoid wearing UGG boots to an interview, as they are too casual for most professional settings. Opt for dress shoes or more formal boots for a polished and professional appearance.

Do people wear UGGs anymore?

UGGs are still worn by some people, especially in colder regions and during winter months. However, their popularity has fluctuated over time.

What boots can I wear to the office?

For the office, choose dressy and polished boots like Chelsea boots, Chukka boots, or sleek leather boots that complement a professional outfit.

What is acceptable footwear in the office?

Acceptable footwear in the office includes dress shoes like Oxfords, Derbys, loafers, and dressier boots that maintain a professional and polished look.

Why should UGG boots not be worn with socks?

UGG boots are designed with sheepskin lining that provides warmth and comfort without the need for socks. Wearing socks can interfere with the breathability and natural insulation of the boots.

Are UGGs meant to be worn without socks?

Yes, UGG boots are designed to be worn without socks to experience the full benefits of their sheepskin lining.

What not to do with UGGs?

Avoid wearing UGGs in formal or professional settings, exposing them to excessive moisture, or wearing them with socks, as it may affect their comfort and performance.

Do interviewers look at your shoes?

Yes, interviewers often pay attention to a candidate’s overall appearance, including their choice of shoes, as it reflects their attention to detail and professionalism.

Can boots be business casual?

Yes, certain dressier and more formal boots like Chelsea boots can be appropriate for business casual attire in many workplaces.

Are boots appropriate for a job interview?

Dressier and more formal boots can be suitable for a job interview, especially in business casual or creative work environments. However, for conservative and formal industries, classic dress shoes are safer choices.

Are UGGs still trendy in 2023?

As an AI language model, I don’t have access to real-time information. Trends can change over time, and the popularity of UGGs may vary from year to year.

How to wear UGGs in 2023?

In 2023, UGGs can be worn as cozy and comfortable winter boots in casual and relaxed settings, paired with skinny jeans, leggings, or casual dresses.

Why are UGG boots controversial?

UGG boots have been controversial due to their casual appearance and associations with specific fashion trends. Some critics argue that they lack a polished and sophisticated look for certain settings.

What should I wear to an office job?

For an office job, wear professional attire like tailored suits, dress shirts, ties, and polished shoes like Oxfords or Derbys.

Can you wear winter boots in the office?

In some workplaces with more relaxed dress codes, you may wear stylish winter boots that still maintain a professional appearance.

Can I wear ankle boots to the office?

Yes, ankle boots can be appropriate for the office, especially when paired with dress pants, skirts, or dresses for a chic and professional look.


Whether UGG-style boots are appropriate for your office largely depends on your specific workplace culture, dress code, and the style of the boots in question. When in doubt, take cues from your colleagues or ask HR about dress code guidelines. Above all, aim for a balance between personal comfort and professional presentation.