14 Best Boots for Plumbers in 2023

Boots are an important part of a plumber’s toolkit. They protect the feet and lower legs from injury, provide insulation for winter work, and can be used to gain traction on slippery surfaces.

A typical pair of boots will cost $50-$150 dollars depending on the materials they’re made from (rubber or leather) and their style. This blog post looks at the different types of boots available to plumbers as well as what features make them popular with this profession.

The number one priority for any plumber is safety; if you don’t feel safe doing your job, it won’t get done properly!

Best Boots for Plumbers

Hi-Tec Men’s Work Boots for Plumbers

I’m a plumber and I know footwear means business. My feet stay warm and dry even if the weather is nasty outside with Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude IV Waterproof Boot.

They’re tough enough to stand up to anything, yet they still look good when worn with jeans or khakis at home on my day off. These boots come in different colors; choose dark chocolate for that deep rich hue that looks terrific against white snow and blue sky.

Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude IV Waterproof Boot, Dark Chocolate, offers all the protection you need on the job. All Hi-tec boots are up to code with rubber toes and vibram soles for added protection.

These spring height boots also offer waterproof seam sealer to maintain dry feet throughout your work day. The heel counter is designed to minimize wear on your Achilles tendon while the reflective inserts keep you easy to see in dark environments like pipes under construction (and more).

Hi-Tec Men's Work Boots for Plumbers

Irish Setter Men’s 83606 6″ Aluminum Toe Work Boot

Irish Setter Men’s 83606 6″ Aluminum Toe Work Boot ,Brown Boots for Plumbers is made of durable materials. They keep feet dry and work well in the mud too! With ankle support, these boots are great for plumbers who need to crawl around underground looking under pipes or following leaks. However, they can be very heavy, leading to fatigue if you wear them all day on your feet. But otherwise they’re super comfy!

The Irish Setter Men’s 83606 6″ Aluminum Toe Work Boots come in brown and are boots designed for plumbers. They’re made of leather and waterproof with full length, wear resisting performance private outsole.

The boots’ aggressive treads have deep sip channels that channel away water to keep you dry on wet ground. This boot also features a glossy polyurethane heel counter which is reinforced with tongue stabilizing stitches.

Irish Setter Men's 83606 6" Aluminum Toe Work Boot for plumbers

Wolverine Men’s Overpass Work Boot

If you’re a professional plumber who’s looking for a shoe that can handle the mud and grime, this is it. These Wolverine Men’s Overpass work boots have been designed with convenience in mind.

Not only are they waterproof, but your feet stay dry no matter what the season thanks to the full pigskin lining. If water gets through, rest assured that these heavy-duty leather uppers will automatically repel stains from dirt or oil based liquids. As if that wasn’t enough protection for your feet…

The composite safety toe protects fine arches without adding too much weight to keep them grounded at all times while leading up to our extra slim lug outsole which offers phenomenal traction on rough surfaces like gravel or wet grass!

Wolverine boots are available for plumbers to keep their feet dry on rainy days. The Wolverine Overpass 6″ had an answer for your basic needs of workboot while providing the protection needed. Made with durable materials, this boot is sure to last through tough conditions while remaining breathable and comfortable.

The Wolverine Men’s Overpass 6″ Composite Toe Waterproof Boot has a waterproof lining and is very easy to clean. The faux leather palm area enables you to get a grip on wet surfaces with ease, while the non-metallic lace hardware means no metal can come loose and cut another human.

Oh! And did we mention it was water-resistant? Doesn’t hurt that these boots look good too…just in case you need something to wear when your day job finally becomes cool again.

Wolverine Men's Overpass Work Boot for plumbers

Skechers Men’s Work Boot for Plumbers

You’ve gone through all the hard work of becoming a plumber. You spend your days climbing up to toilets, taking apart leaky pipes, and fixing rusty drains… But don’t forget about your feet! Protect them with Skechers Work Boots for Men Designed to Support 100 Percent Nonstop.

The rugged construction means you’ll be able to walk comfortably without getting blisters or leg cramps. Plus you won’t have to worry about these boots coming off unexpectedly–the steel-toe cap keeps everyone safe below you!

Product description: Whoever said that someone who wears comfortable shoes has no character clearly never wore this dapper pair of black suits made out of simulated leather by Skechers Men’s Company Pilot Utility Boot.

Pros: Super durable, comfortable, and affordable. What plumber can resist? Plenty of room for your tools.
Cons: They’re ugly as sin and they smell like my basement. Still not convinced these tell the whole story? Check out this guy’s review: “I bought two pairs of Skechers Men’s Utility Boots last year – one in brown and the other in grey/black patterned PU leather with a hard toe . The company will offer to replace within 12 months…………and I think they just about made it.”

Skechers Men's Work Boot for Plumbers

Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Pit Boss Soft Toe Work Boot

“Since you spend your days working on your feet, make sure they’re comfortable–get the Timberland PRO Men’s Soft Toe Pit Boss Work Boot. It’s like a hug for your feet.”

“On top of our reliable and durable work boot, we added an ergonomically designed knit collar that cushions and wraps around the instep; this gives you heel support and padding.”

Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Pit Boss Soft Toe Work Boot is made of high-quality rubber and leather materials. Padded collar for ankle and arch support so you can spend all day on your feet without pain.

Lightweight cushioning with premium Thinsulate insulation to keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summertime. Broad TPU toe welt protects the work boot from sharp objects, while keeping energy around foot at top level

Provides warmth: Insulated removable polyester lining that removes easily when spring arrives
Breathable: Breathable nylon mesh upper allows air flow between sock and surface
Anti-fatigue design: Air Cushion midsole helps reduce heel strike impact up to 40%.

Timberland PRO Men's 6" Pit Boss Soft Toe Work Boot for plumbers

Timberland PRO Men’s Gridworks

Do your job in style with these men’s Gridworks Moc boots by Timberland! The non-slip, durable rubber traction sole.

This industrial boot is soft to the touch and easy on the feet—even when you step in a puddle or have to kneel for extended periods of time due to a busted pipe. These rugged shoes come in a black color combination so they look professional at work every day!

However, despite all this great design and affordability from Timberland, there are some downsides that may deter you from buying them. For one thing, because these shoes can’t provide any form of insulation for your toes (they’re not insulated).

With the Timberland Gridworks PRO Moc for men, full grain leather and waterproof construction means all day weather protection. Rubber cup outsole gives you slip-resistance on slippery floors.


  • Lightweight and flexible; easy to clean; comfortable to wear; long-lasting durability
  • Super durable, waterproof, non-slip construction for working on wet floors.
  • Very protective against viruses carried by sewage.
  • Comfortable padded soles with removable stud protection. Warm lining to provide insulation from cold surfaces.

Cons: More expensive than other shoes

Timberland PRO Men's Gridworks  for plumbers

Carhartt Men’s Ground Force 6-Inch Black Waterproof Work Boot

The Carhartt Men’s Ground Force 6-Inch Black Waterproof Work Boot is the perfect choice for any plumber. Comfortable, durable, and long lasting– these boots are worth every penny!

They outlast all other often used materials like cotton duck canvas workwear because they’re made with high quality camo nylon mesh material! On top of that, they’re built extra tall to protect your ankles from impact injuries; you can’t be sure of this level of protection in most other brands.

These boots are the one weapon you’ll need against morning dew, uneven ground surfaces, debris on surfaces like dirt or gravel (rust inhibiting soles will help keep heels safe), wet asphalt or concrete sidewalks.

Carhartt Men's Ground Force 6-Inch Black Waterproof Work Boot

NORTIV 8 Men’s Work Boot

The Carhartt Men’s Ground Force 6-Inch Black Waterproof Work Boot is a premium work boot that can be worn during all seasons.

They’re built with an oil and slip resistant rubber outsole, so you won’t have to worry about any dangerous slips and falls outside in the rain or snow! They also have a leather upper to keep your feet nice and cozy, so don’t worry about wearing uncomfortable boots while out on the job.

This is because of how these boots utilize 100% waterproofing technology: they use 2 layers of watertight construction with innovative seam welding for complete protection from both inside and outside elements.

These boots also come equipped with reflective taps on each side for enhanced visibility at night or when working near traffic.

Pros: Waterproof, black boot with yellow stitching

Cons: Loose, uncomfortable fit

NORTIV 8 Men's Work Boot for plumbers

Thorogood 804-3238 Men’s V-Series 8″ 400g Insulated Waterproof

The best of both worlds? You got it. Get the extreme warmth and waterproof protection you need in a durable boot that won’t weigh you down!

There’s no talking about priorities when we’re plumbin’ in some fresh to your doorstep, and wherever else that hot water needs pourin’.

When the back end gets grimier than ever – because somebody misses drain joys when they should send for divine intervention – there’s nothing like having a sturdy, insulated defense to keep you from overthinking pipe breaks.

But when winter starts dragging out another turbulent time with disappointment, or when somebody might try callously teasing at their pipes to make one last unnecessary trip before finally calling in an expert.

Every pipe in your house is clogged and shutting down. You’re sweating bullets, trying to figure out what you can do next.

The last thing you want to think about is your winter attire — but the only way to get this job done is getting them on QUICK! Only these Thorogood 804-3238 Men’s V-Series 8″ 400g Insulated Waterproof Composite Safety Toe Boot Brown Crazyhorse Boots for Plumber will take you where no shoe has gone before: under pipes and sinks without a bit of harm or distress!

Thorogood 804-3238 Men's V-Series 8" 400g Insulated Waterproof for plumbers

KEEN Utility Men’s Braddock Mid Soft Toe Waterproof Work Shoe

Feet have been evolving for over a hundred million years. So it’s only fitting that they should give you a shoe with a matching last name. Good thing our Braddock is designed to reflect all the features feet hold dear: safety, durability, and comfort.

Add in KEEN’s Vibram Shock Absorption Zone technology and the high-quality water seal seams – because your workday might be wetter than usual – and you will feel even before you take these on callus how truly long lasting the Braddock makes us out to be.

With style, durability, and exceptional comfort at the forefront of our making process, these waterproof work boots are offered to those who risk their jobs daily by stepping in perilous liquids.

Whether you’re a plumber or an electrician on-the-go, your KEEN Utility Men’s Boots will help keep your feet dry that will not only give you peace of mind but assurance that you’ll still have that job tomorrow.

Durable leather materials with frayed malevich welts look great with blue laces

Goodyear Welted construction equals infinite water resistance with seam-sealing closures for quick pulls

Architectural footbeds provide arch support yielding more productivity on rough wintry days 7 mm thick ankle protection.

KEEN Utility Men's Braddock Mid Soft Toe Waterproof Work Shoe for plumbers

Vasque Men’s Breeze LT GTX MID ​Boots for Plumber

Perfect for any occasion, these waterproof boots are lightweight and resistant to all types of weather. Velcro straps at the top make them easy to put on and remove with one hand, while adjustable velcro closures ensure a snug fit even without laces. If you haven’t found your perfect pair yet, give this incredible value-priced option a try; you won’t be disappointed!

This Vasque Men’s Breeze LT GTX MID Boots for Plumbers will give you the comfort and reliability you need when working long hours on your feet. This men’s hiking boot is designed with waterproof Gore-Tex to keep water, debris, or slop out of the shoe so that your feet are dry even if they get wet.

The boost in traction ensures that everything feels solid as it should be when walking around on dangerous surfaces. And last but not least, these boots are entirely odor resistant to make sure that walking around all day doesn’t smell bad by the end of a shift.

Vasque Men's Breeze LT GTX MID ​Boots for Plumber

Carhartt Men’s Traditional Welt

Traditional Welt is a work boot with a stiffer sole and heels. This provides excellent abrasion resistance for worker’s on heavy duty construction sites. Due to this boot’s steel cap, it should not be used as protection against objects coming down from above (more like protection from below).

The traditional welted leather upper shoe wraps tightly around your feet, taking the shape of every contour which allows good flexibility in any situation; all without jeopardizing its durability. It also has an EVA shock absorbing midsole that will help to lower foot fatigue after long hours of use.
The pros are that they offer greater support than basic low-cut boots and take much longer before drying out.

Pros: Durable, comfortable, affordable
Cons: Too heavy for some , maybe offer different colors

Carhartt Men's Traditional Welt for plumbers

Rockrooster Woodland – Men’s Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boots

Rockrooster Woodland Boots are perfect for any high-risk job with no compromise. They’re reinforced with waterproof protection against the elements, have non-slip outsole, steel shanks to prevent arch collapse, and composite toe for impact reduction.

These boots are crafted from premium leathers – Vibram Gumlite rubber soles, Weatherlock membrane exterior protection layer – so you stay dry in bad weather. Rockrooster is durable enough for jobs that require maximum durability on a maximum budget!

The Rockrooster Woodland work boots for men, with a composite toe and waterproof quality, provide the protection and stability needed by those in construction or maintenance. Constructed of lightweight materials these durable shoes offer unrivaled support to your feet during heavy duty use. Available now in black, brown, gray and tan colors!

Rockrooster Woodland - Men's Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boots

Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

As a plumber, you know that your job is dirty and there’s no other way to get it done safely. That’s why Caterpillar designed these Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boots the best footwear for the jobsite or on-the-job work.

You need boots that have welded steel toes for foot protection from electrical currents and oil spills that can reach up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit – because you won’t find any better at this low price! These waterproof full grain leather boots are all day comfortable so get your pair today.

These days, a day at work is a lot of standing around in a warehouse or office building that’s kind of hot and sprinkly, which means your feet are going to be wet. And they’re not just going to be wet with sweat–they’re going to have all sorts of dampness sloshing around between ’em. Take pity on your feet-weary self and grab one of these ill bitches for when you clomp up the stairs tonight!

Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot, Dark Brown for Plumbers
Pros: Welded steel toes to trap in dirt from high powered vacuums

Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot for plumbers

Timberland PRO Men’s Work Boot

You work in all sorts of nasty conditions. The worst thing is when the rain’s coming down, so you need to grab these Timberland PRO Men’s 8 Inch Rigmaster XT Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boots for Plumbers before it starts–or else risk getting caught out in freezing or boiling water without the protection you need. This is what we do at Footwear Unlimited Incorporated!

The Timberland PRO Men’s 8 Inch Rigmaster XT Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot is the perfect men’s work boot for plumbers! This boot has a duel density rubber outsole that more effective on slippery surfaces, an embossed lug pattern with grooves which provide good traction.

The cushioning pad in this shoe provides all day comfort and more shock absorption. This waterproof shoe also contains TPU heel caps to protect the heel from cracking and Achilles tendon relief patches at the back to combat heel pain.

Boots will come in black or brown as well as size 10 – 12 which range about $210-240 at retail value as of September 2017 as per Google Trends list shows .

Timberland PRO Men's Work Boot

Under Armour men’s boots for plumbers

The Valsetz is designed with an increase in back stability, has a welded sole that resists punctures and chemical spills, patented precision drain channel for quick water evacuation, high/low calf-height options, integrated drainage ports with molded tongue channels to prevent bacterial build up.

It’s also made of antimicrobial mesh lining to resist bacterial growth inside the boot. The Tactical Boot has all these features too but also includes reflective tabs on top for safety/vision at night and instep security wraps around the insteps provide excellent support for demanding work conditions.

Being a plumber means you need to be all about the sewers and making sure that everything is going well below ground level. You can’t have clowns ruining your job, but with these Under Armour Men’s Valsetz and Tactical Boots, you’ll come in tall and keep it together no matter what happens down there.

If you’re looking for something great-looking with great traction underfoot, don’t worry about it! These boots from powerhouse Baltimore company Under Armor are perfect for staying sexy on the job while also keeping your feet protected – rain or shine, come hell or high water…or even if they scamper down drains. It doesn’t matter because when you wear these genuine leather boots that feature a lightweight synthetic lining.

Under Armour men's for plumbers

Bates Men’s Velocitor Waterproof Side Zip Boot for plumbers

Ditch your old, leaking boots and upgrade to a pair of Bates Men’s Velocitor Waterproof Side Zip Boot. Not only will they get the job done no matter what you’re doing—they’ll stay dry, too! Your feet will thank you for it on those long days on-site. Boone Supplies also carries insulated work boots in case winter happens while you’re at work!

The Bates Velocitor Men’s Boot is the only boot geared for plumbers. It offers you style, versatility, and comfort that can handle anything urban life throws at it.

The Bates Men’s Velocitor Waterproof Side Zip Boot, Olive Mojave is perfect for rainy days. Protect your feet from water and dirt with the waterproof rubber side zip boot!

Pros: 100% waterproof, quality materials, durable footbeds and thick soles offer protection from hazardous substances.
Cons: These boots lack a side zipper so switching them on and off quickly can be inconvenient. They run small so you may want to order one size up.

Bates Men's Velocitor Waterproof Side Zip Boot

Frequently Asked Questions:

What footwear do plumbers wear?

There are many types of shoes that you’ll see on plumbers, depending on their role and function. Trenching boots are protective of the feet against water damage; steel toes keep the foot safe from impact or coming into contact with sharp objects; splash boots protect their legs from liquids flowing up the surface, but leave the foot exposed so they don’t have to pit up a boot to use a tool or manhole cover.

Outside of work, there’s nothing wrong with going for a comfy riding shoe if it can withstand your environment outside because not all materials will be conducive to an active lifestyle as well as moisture/cleanliness indoors compared to trainers.

What is a plumbing boot?

A plumbing boot is a device that attaches on to the water pipe to reduce the flow of hot and cold water.

A plumbing boot is a device, usually made of thermoplastic and rubber, with a threaded metal insert at one end and an opening at the other for attaching to the pipe. The rubber sleeve wraps around the pipe while it’s screwed on with threads or clamps.

This reduces both hot and cold water flows without shutting off either supply entirely, making it work like a shock absorber in this regard.

The point of turning down your main tap is because you generally never need full capacity from your boiler or heater; If you’re taking more than 15-20 lbs per hour then there’s something wrong.

How long do plumbing boots last?

The limit of a boot is its service life. The service life is the period of time before failure, not an amorphous number which increases over time. There are some thing that can be done to prolong the lifetime of water boots, but these methods do not affect the lifespan.

Some of these methods include increasing thickness or adding external protection. One strategy for prolonging lifespan is “renewal” in which an old boot with adequate life span is removed and replaced with a new one at regular intervals.

How do you replace plumbing boots?

Plumbing boots are an inexpensive and easy way to seal a pipe leak. When a plumbing boot has been placed, homeowners should avoid turning the water on. This is because turning the water on could cause pressure to build up in the plumbing system and burst through weaker sections of pipes, particularly joint connections.

Replacing a plumbing boot isn’t difficult, but is not something that can be done quickly or easily with one person. A homeowner must call in plumber who will open the quick-release valve for both hot and cold water connected to the pipe section where they want to replace it while it is empty of any standing water or pressurized air just before applying heat over it for several minutes with adequate ventilation.

Benefits of Boots for Plumbers:

  1. Boots for plumbers are more comfortable than shoes
  2. Boots can withstand the cold and wet conditions of a plumbing job
  3. They offer protection against slips, trips, and falls
  4. Boots protect feet from sharp objects on the ground or in drains
  5. They offer support to your back while lifting heavy items like sinks
  6. Boots provide grip when climbing ladders or stairs, making it easier to climb with less effort

How to Choose best boots for Plumbers:

  1. Boots give plumbers a safe and comfortable way to work in wet conditions
  2. Plumbers can use their boots for climbing, walking over uneven terrain, and carrying heavy loads
  3. Boots protect plumbers from sharp objects on the ground, electrical hazards, and slippery surfaces
  4. When wearing boots, it’s easier for plumbers to get up after they’ve been knocked down by water pressure or an unexpected fall
  5. The right boot can make all the difference when there is limited space to stand while working on a leaky pipe or other plumbing project
  6. Wearing waterproof boots protects your feet from getting soaked with dirty water or chemicals that may be present at a job site


The most important thing for plumber’s is to wear boots in order to avoid injuries from their job which can include things such as cuts, burns, falls and electrical shocks. In addition, there are many safety precautions they must follow in order to avoid injury or death when working with high-pressure gas lines or toxic chemicals.

However, some may disagree with needing footwear due to its discomfort and lack of mobility. Some say it limits your ability in terms of footwork and maneuverability in tight spaces like a pipe run.