Best Cowboy Work Boots

Cowboy work boots are a type of boot that is typically used for ranch or farm work. They offer extra protection and durability due to their thicker soles and heavier weight. What makes them so durable? Cowboy boots are made from thick leather, with the top part of the boot being comprised of cowhide. The uppers have been known to last up to 5-6 years!
The material that comprises cowboy boots also ensures they won’t crack in cold weather like many other types of footwear will. If you’re looking for a sturdy pair of shoes perfect for your lifestyle, these may be it!

Cowboy work boots are made of leather, sometimes more than just one layer. They have a rubber sole that is good for wet or slippery surfaces and they can be water resistant to keep your feet dry on rainy days.

The uppers are usually made of cowhide but not always. There are different types of cowboy work boots, some laced up and others with zippers, some higher cut at the top and others lower cut.

Cowboy Work Boots come in various sizes from 8-13 depending on the type you choose to purchase. Some brands offer extra wide widths as well as half sizes if needed, so make sure you know what size boot will fit best before purchasing them online or in person!

Benefits of Cowboy work boots:

  1. Cowboy work boots are made from the finest materials
  2. They’re durable and can withstand any weather condition
  3. They offer superior comfort and protection for your feet
  4. Cowboy work boots come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to suit everyone’s needs
  5. The price is affordable for anyone looking to invest in quality footwear
  6. They’re durable and comfortable
  7. The boots are waterproof and breathable
  8. You can wear them all day without your feet getting too hot or sweaty
  9. Cowboy work boots come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to fit any need
  10. There’s no break-in period with cowboy work boots – they’ll be comfortable right away
  11. You can buy them anywhere, including online retailers like Amazon or at local stores like Target or Walmart!

Disadvantages of Cowboy Work Boots:

  1. The boots are not a good choice for work environments with slippery floors
  2. It can be difficult to find the right size
  3. They take up more space in your closet than other types of shoes
  4. They’re expensive and only last a few months before they need to be replaced
  5. You have to wear socks with them, which is uncomfortable in hot weather or when you’re wearing shorts
  6. If you wear cowboy boots without socks, it’s easy for dirt and bacteria from the ground to get into your shoe
  7. The boots are heavy, making them difficult to wear for a long time
  8. They’re not good in cold weather because they don’t insulate well
  9. The soles of the boots wear out quickly and can be hard on your feet when walking around
  10. One size doesn’t fit all – some people find that they need to buy larger or smaller than their regular shoe size to accommodate the extra space for wider toes or narrow heels
  11. It’s difficult to get cowboy work boots wet without ruining them, so you have to take care not to spill anything on them while wearing them outside

Tips for Choosing Best Type of Cowboy Work Boots:

  1. The type of work you do will determine which type of work boots are best for you
  2. Steel toes protect your feet from sharp objects and falls, but they may not be suitable if you’ll be working in a hot environment or standing for long periods of time
  3. If the work is dirty and wet, waterproof boots will keep your feet dry
  4. For warmer climates, insulated boots with removable liners can provide extra warmth during cold weather months
  5. Consider how much support you need – high arches might require more cushioning while flat-footed individuals might prefer a lighter boot that doesn’t have as much arch support
  6. Finally, check out the quality to ensure that the boot will last through all sorts of conditions

Things to Consider Before buying Cowboy Work boots:

  1. What type of cowboy work boots do you want to buy – lace up, pull on, or slip-on
  2. Do you have a budget in mind for your purchase
  3. Consider the materials that are used to make the boot – leather vs synthetic
  4. How much will it cost to ship them to your house if they’re not available locally
  5. Will you need a size larger than what is typically sold at stores near where you live
  6. Make sure that there’s enough room in the toe box and heel area before buying them online or from an unfamiliar store

When Should you Buy Cowboy Work Boots?

Cowboy boots are great. They last longer, have more support, and are sturdier for heavy-duty work environments. You can feel confident in them out on any job site bottling around in what would otherwise be uncomfortable shoes.

Another advantage is that you no longer need to worry about clunky long pants when the wind kicks up your pant leg or blows away your shirt because of the boot cuff design. A final reason they’re worth it is that cowboy boots are typically reflective of a person’s personality, so if people see your hat and leather boots together they know you really enjoy life’s pleasures – living faster and harder with an untamed spirit is something all haters will envy.

Best Cowboy Work Boots

ARIAT men’s Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boot

Well, here’s the issue with ARIAT mens Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boot. Now I’m not sure what my end game is, but these are probably the best boots for subpar days. The design is classic and timeless; pairs well with most work clothes or even jeans too.

You’ll love their comfort due to reinforced insoles and cowhide leather uppers that stretch with your foot over time- so they mold perfectly to any shape! And if you’re wondering about these shoes’ durability.

No two things could be more different than the never-ending world of fashion and cowboy work boots. But what you actually want from your boots is probably a lot closer to what you want from your pants: comfort, warmth, protection, and durability.

We understand that philosophy here at ARIAT so we designed our Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boot with these standards in mind! Unlike most men’s work boots on the market today made overseas or mass-produced by just a few brands – ours are made right here in America by expert craftsmen who know how to build something tough enough for this country’s changing environment. The durable leather upper resists moisture better than any other material out there.

ARIAT men's Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boot

WOLVERINE men’s Rancher St Work Boot

These dark brown leather cowboy work boots from Wolverine are tough on a day of mucking stalls and love on a Sunday night. It’s an 8 inch height, so if you’re looking for some blisters after breaking in these boots they’ve got what you want!

There is no added sole to this boot but with the heels being 3 1/4 inches high, walking through puddles or muck can be difficult. These Wolverine Ranchers have been made with great comfort and function, which means they’ll probably start looking better as you break them in because liquids tend to bead-off them better than other full grain cowhide products available.

“You smell like the old time, with your dark brown and rust. You were made for working and we’re done with messing around.”

It’s got eyelets with speedhook lacing to help you get ready for work or play in no time flat. Built on a 1″ square toe last that provides balance over all terrain while offering stability at high speeds.

Features include breathable mesh lining, removable orthotic insert inserts made to provide comfort during long days on your feet, tough DuraSole rubber outsole designed for excellent ground gripping capabilities without sacrificing shock absorption or durability – keep this shoe by your side when you need it most!

WOLVERINE men's Rancher St Work Boot

Ariat Men’s Sport Patriot Western Boot

Better than regular boots and name brands for half the price, this is a deal you can’t ignore. These Ariat Men’s Sport Patriot Western Boots offer durability and style in one great boot. Practicality meets good looks so we’re offering these shoes to you today–get ’em while they last!

If you don’t want to miss out on such a break, take advantage of our CowBoy Work Boot sale where tons of different styles can be found. Paired with these rugged yet modern Cowboy Work Boots from Ariat, not only will your feet be kept comfortable but your ensemble will feel just as fashionable!

Pros: Comfortable, high-quality leather, rugged rubber outsole for underfoot stability.
Cons: These boots are heavy—as in over 6 pounds heavy. So much so that they have their own weight class in the National Cowboy Boot Championship where you win by simply carrying your boot across a line. My personal favorite? The Roper Boots which weigh less than three pounds yet still do the job!

Ariat Men's Sport Patriot Western Boot

Irish Setter Work Men’s Work Boot

Built to go the distance, these steel toe work boots are up for anything. With 4-inches of traction-enhancing rubber at the sole and a gentle 10 ounces of weight (a pair), they’re perfect for any job that takes you outside.

Waterproof uppers offer protection from rain or snow while making sure your feet stay warm and dry no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. As an extra edge, we’ve even added reflective Scotchlite material to help keep you visible in low-light conditions – just another reason why Irish Setter’s Work Men’s 83912 Marshall 11″ Pull-On Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boots are as tough as it gets.

“Do you work in an office or labor-intensive environment? The Irish Setter Work Men’s 83912 Marshall 11” Pull-On Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot is for you! With a DuraFresh mesh lining to eliminate odors and antimicrobial treatment, these boots are perfect for any job. 11 inch pull-ons provide the easy on/off convenience that is so important in hectic working environments.”
11 Inches of Cushioning Protection – Simply pull on when they’re new and off when they’re worn out—that couldn’t be easier.
DuraFresh Mesh Lining – Eliminates odor with awesome moisture wicking properties, which means your feet.

Irish Setter Work Men's Work Boot

Twisted X Men’s Steel Toe Lite Western Work Boot

Twisted X Men’s Steel Toe Lite Western Work Boot – Crafted for the cowboy. Shaped by belts and saddles, tough enough to be worn hard during cattle drives. Built with comfort, quality and durability in mind.

Designed to take on tough projects but still comfortable for hanging out at the local ranch bar or four-star dining spot after a long day of work. When you want uncompromising beauty that doesn’t compromise protection this is your go-to boot!

Pros: The Twisted X Men’s Steel Toe Lite Western Work Boot has a traditional and classic design that will keep feet dry and comfortable.

These boots also can help improve your work performance, as they weigh just over 20 ounces and have supportive lugs to prevent foot fatigue.

You’ll love the wide top opening, not only because it gently accommodates your instep but because you’ll always feel like you’re wearing roomy boots instead of snug ones. Plus these features make this boot perfect for any season!

This twisted iron outsole is durable too – so back to back days on hard terrain won’t wear down or break them down quickly – which could spell disaster if you depend on these during a busy work week.

Twisted X Men's Steel Toe Lite Western Work Boot

Ariat Patriot Western Boot

The ornate details give the boot an authentic, historic vibe. With classic stitching and durable molded rubber soles, these boots are designed for rugged western adventures.

Product description: Style that’s too good to pass up! The Patriot Western Boot features soft antique-mocha brown suede with a rebel flag printed on the outer sides of its shaft.

Fine brass snaps decorate the sides of this decorative style. Durable outsoles provide stability on rugged trails or natural surfaces while three way toggle lacing ensures proper fit each time so you can look your best doing it all day long or night after night!

The Ariat Patriot Western Boot is not just any old boot. For years, American cowboys have been choosing the finest quality footwear for their rugged, unpredictable lifestyle to keep their feet warm and dry all day long.

The Patriot is crafted with Antique Mocha Washed Suede leather, genuine cowboy endurance construction upper material, beautiful antique brass zipper hardware – because success takes practice too – and western comfort-rated soles for a more comfortable walking experience.

As an added bonus to make these boots fully ‘American’, they are made in America by Americans! The only way you can stop these bad boys from getting anywhere near your adorable little cowboy’s footsies is through tap dancing shoes! They’re comfy as heck!

Ariat Patriot Western Boot

Roper Boy’s American Patriot Western Boot

Boots are the quintessential part of any cowboy’s uniform. They keep your feet warm even when they’re wet, or maybe it’s just that smell – who knows? Let them know where you stand with these boots whose “swoop” is perfect for making their lefties turn right.
A pair of brown American patriot boots that will make sure to show ’em how America runs straight down the line!

Pros: Made of quality leather and synthetic materials. Durable and tough enough for boys who need some hard-wearing shoes. Witty women will be frightened to cross the street in these boots.

Built tough as Jimmy-Juhjaw’s construction company. Some say Roper is just a cheap knock off of Tony Lama but we think they’re both high quality products with different price points so it really depends on what you can afford or want to buy on impulse at the moment without doing intensive research first.

Roper Boy's American Patriot Western Boot

Twisted X Men’s Steel Toe Lite Western Work Boot

The Twisted X Men’s Steel Toe Lite Western Work Boot is the best choice for working cowboys. These work boots are lightweight, comfortable, and durable while giving protection against horse kickers and other dangerous objects you might encounter while out in the pasture around cattle or while cleaning up after grain spills.

Tone of voice: Personable & Engaging The perfect balance between form and function! This saddle bag by Jollys Country Manufacturing has just enough space to take along your essentials without having an overbearing bulk to carry with you which would get old really quick. It’s made of quality materials.

These cowboy boots might be old-fashioned, but they’ve been updated with modern materials so you can wear them all day long. The seam-sealed waterproof breathable liner means you don’t have to take any breaks on the job site.

Use their steel toes for protection or not if you want extra movement in your foot area. These work boots are even light enough to bring on mountain trails so you can stay comfortable through whatever tough terrain is ahead of you… whatever the difficulty, these cowboy boots will still tell time!

Twisted X Men's Steel Toe Lite Western Work Boot

Ariat Men’s Sport Wide Square Toe Western Boot Black

Ariat boots are outfitted with a rubber, shock absorbing sole that prevents slipping and has good grip for wet surfaces. The waterproof leather upper is lined with comfort features like cushioning to ward off blisters and help ease foot fatigue.

Each boot comes equipped with a durable steel shank along the bottom of the sole which provides stability while you walk or work on difficult terrain.

With these Ariat Men’s Sport Wide Square Toe Western Boot Black, you’re guaranteed to look like the best cowboy working in your band of cattle. These work boots are made of quality materials that will last for years and years (literally).

Plus, they’ll make you sleeker than walking on stilts. They feel like walking on air because they provide firm support but still give you the flexibility of riding a horse or dancing with your bride-to-be at your reception bash!

Ariat Men's Sport Wide Square Toe Western Boot Black

Laredo men’s Western Boot

Laredo men’s Western Boot, made with the finest leather and rubber, these boots will help you get to your destination in style. After a long day on horseback or driving cattle, slip into these all-purpose work boots for exercise or socializing. They’re comfortable and stylish enough that you’ll be happy wearing them every day.

What we like: These impeccable western boots are perfect for casual wear and riding horses alike! But remember: don’t bring any rain back inside! Just grab an umbrella when it starts storming out there so your house remains dry and clean. Don’t forget to clean off those mud stains after getting home either; they can come right off with some warm water and soap!

The Laredo Men’s Western Boot will instantly get you job offers. Wheeling, dealing, and ranching are easy in these boots….Unless you have something against being the male sidekick of Rina McPhee. The 12″/13″ Western work boot has a 100% full-grain leather upper with 1¾” heel for added stability while cowboying all day long.

Laredo men's Western Boot

ARIAT men’s Heritage Toe Western Boot

The Ariat Heritage Toe Western Boot is incredibly lightweight and breathable, perfect for days when you need to be on your feet all day. But the boot doesn’t stop there with features.

It also offers a classic design that can take from morning until night from Sunday coffee to Saturday night ballin’. The comfort in this boot means you won’t have to worry about blisters or sore toes at the end of a long day.

The ARIAT men’s Western boot is a classic. As far as work boots go, it doesn’t really get more old-school than the Heritage Toe Western Boot from ARIAT. Whether you’re riding horses or driving forklifts, these bad boys will keep your tootsies warm and dry all winter long. Just make sure you wear plenty of wool socks—those lizard skins don’t breathe too well!
Since the heritage toe only comes in full sizes, half sizes may want to size up a full size for a better fit inside this tough cowboy icon. If there’s one pair of boots that stands out among all the other “weird colors” trending now.

ARIAT men's Heritage Toe Western Boot

Irish Setter Work Men’s Boot

The Irish Setter Work Men’s 83912 Marshall 11″ Pull-On Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot may not be as expensive as the other work boots on this list, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice durability for a lower price tag.

This is one of those “why pay more?” deals which will save you a lot of money in the long run. But if it doesn’t seem like a good choice for your needs, there are plenty more options here!

Pros: These boots are made of suede leather which is durable and dependable, making them perfect for the harsh weather conditions. With its steel toe protection your foot is not only kept clean but safe as well!

The work boot has an oil resistant mesh lining that helps with wicking away moisture to keep feet dry against stress. Rubber soles provide traction against slippery surfaces, meaning you can even wear these on the ice without fear of slipping off.

Cons: You might want to size up if searching for a comfortable fit. Men’s shoe sizes vary depending where they are bought (Country A vs Country B), so it’s important to measure before buying–especially when looking at small details like length and circumference in US sizing measurements.

Irish Setter Work Men's Boot

Ariat Hybrid Rancher Brown Oiled Rowdy

Do you want a boot that offers comfort and versatility? Leave your old heels by the door, because Ariat Hybrid Ranchers are whooping up on them! These boots offer superior traction with their four-pin configuration and sound grip.

Wearing these boots provide optimum durability. Need we say more about how wearers will be tootin’ all day long in these masculine leather beauties?

Cowboy up all day, feel good about it. With these heavyweight chukka boots you can do anything! Made of brown water-resistant oiled leather with a 10″ shaft and 100% rubber outsole, these devilish yet dependable boots are perfect for any lifestyle or occasion.

These Ariat Hybrid Rancher Brown Oiled Rowdy boots will last you a long time and let everyone know your status as an outdoorsman.

Pros: The Ariat Hybrid Rancher Brown Oiled Rowdy has a lower heel and built-in stability making it a comfortable, sturdy shoe. You’ll be able to wear these all day long at the job site or for your weekend activities without feeling tired.

Ariat is known for their quality workmanship and you can count on this pair of boots coming through even in hard weather conditions!

Cons: This style offers less ankle protection than other styles due to its relaxed shaft. If you need more support around your ankle area, we recommend looking at our high cut models instead.

Ariat Hybrid Rancher Brown Oiled Rowdy

ARIAT Circuit Proud Naturally Distressed Brown/Distressed Flag 

The leather is supple and pliable, but not too soft. You can stomp around in these all day without them taking the form of your feet or giving you blisters. They’re also stitched to last, with reinforced seams for maximum durability out on the dusty rodeo circuit.

Eco-conscious customers will be happy to learn that this belt machine was created with sustainable practices in mind. The calfskin used in manufacturing doesn’t require heavy metals like polyurethane or chrome tanning chemicals which are responsible for increased ground pollution and toxic waste generation while leaving the environment less than pristine for future generations of ranchers who want to carry on their ancestor’s legacy.

PROS: Stylish way to wear your patriotism on your sleeve. These western-inspired boots are perfect for the children of the great American west. They will chase their dreams all day long in these tough, yet stylish lace-ups!

CONS: There’s only one color option, they’re not good for riding bulls, they may need water repellant spray after wearing them in wet conditions, and the distressed flag design is actually digitally printed onto the leather rather than appliqued like it says.

ARIAT Circuit Proud Naturally Distressed Brown/Distressed Flag 


Cowboy work boots have been a part of the American West for over 100 years. They are tough, hard-wearing and comfortable to wear all day long. But what do you think about cowboy work boots? Do you love them or hate them? We’ve compiled some pros and cons so that you can decide whether they might be right for your line of work.

Pros include being durable, affordable, protective against chemicals and able to withstand extreme temperatures from -40°F to 120°F (-40°C). Cons include not looking great with jeans or khakis because it has large square toes which make anything other than a boot look out of place on your feet.


Are cowboy boots comfortable to work in?

Cowboy boots are traditionally designed to be comfortable work footwear. However, some people may find them uncomfortable for sitting or standing for long periods of time, so it’s worth looking into the specific features of these types of boots before including them in a purchase.

The first thing to consider when searching for a new pair of cowboy hardwear is comfort. It should have good arch support and be made from materials that can provide all day comfort without causing excessive pressure points on your feet.

Thread count also plays a role in longevity and durability – higher thread counts help increase flexibility and prevent seams from busting out sooner due to friction which comes into play with constantly flexing the shoe during various activities such as running, yard work etc.

What brand of boots do real cowboys wear?

There are many brands of boots for cowboys, but the best kind are ones that can withstand long hours of work and stay waterproof.

Some popular boots are Lucchese Boots, Justin Boots, Doc Martens Boots, Montrail GTX Lady Cowgirl Boot. These boots are often reinforced with steel toes to protect against heavy objects sliding off their shelf – which is especially useful when working in loud environments like mine sites.

The bad news is that these types of shoes can cost up to $300 or more per pair. The good news is there’s help out there for people who need it. For instance, organizations like Oxfam provide poverty relief by providing items like water storage containers and mosquito nets.

What boots do most cowboys wear?

The cut of the boot depends on what you’re using them for as well as personal preference. For those who work outdoors, it will typically be a traditional cowboy boot. This style is known as a “cut out” and is made from light-weight cowhide leather with fleece lining and no insulation.

There’s also the mid-calf and field styles which are insulated to keep feet warm in cooler weather; these boots don’t normally have the rounded toe like traditional cowboy boots do. Lastly there’s smallback riding or hunting boots which feature a lower top around the calf area to provide protection against injury during horse riding.

Are cowboy boots bad for feet?

It’s possible that your feet may not be used to getting the support and compression they need if you’re wearing cowboy boots, and this is what could lead to foot pain.

There are some simple solutions I’ve listed below for people who want to wear their cowboy boots more often without pain, but it’s best to try them out before rocking them day-in and day-out.

Best practices include avoiding any heel or sandal with a smaller than 2″ platform; wearing sneakers with arch supports; always investing in good quality shoes regardless of whether you work at home or on your feet all day.

How high should cowboy boots be?

The height of cowboy boots varies depending on the personal preference of the purchaser. However, for functionality purposes, most cowboys find them impractical past the knee.

There is no set rule on how high nor low they should be worn because it depends on factors such as warmth and comfort preferences. Coward’s don’t usually wear them higher than the knees to maintain mobility in rough terrain since the boot will often catch under low-hanging rocks or sticks if it goes up too high.

That said, if one chooses to stand still (like at a rodeo), taller boots are favored for protection against spurs that may accidentally strike your legs or shins during wild horse riding.

Are Justin or Ariat boots better?

Ariat Boots are made to fit all feet better, so you should buy Ariat if your looking for the best. Despite this, Justin boots are still a high quality brand. They offer less customization than Ariat, but still provide the same industry leading protection and exceptional comfort.

When these two boots are compared side by side, it’s easy to see that while they may not offer all of the same qualities as one another (some advantages in one area vs disadvantages in other), they both excel when it comes to what really matters – having reliable protection for your feet that doesn’t hurt or make you uncomfortable.

What do cowboy boots say about a man?

Cowboy boots are a fashion statement, not a traditional style from any region in America. Some people enjoy wearing them because they make them feel like they have more western heritage than they really do, others think it’s ridiculous to wear cowboy boots when they’ve never been on a farm or ridden a horse.

The truth is that many of us wear cowboy boots with jeans and think nothing of it, just as we might wear winter snowmobile gear when we have no intention to ever actually ride in the snow.

The most important thing to know is this: Cowboys don’t care about their clothes – your concern about what your boots say about you shows how much you do care.

What jeans do real cowboys wear?

Cowboys wear jeans because they’re rugged and durable and last a long time. They also don’t lose their shape or stretch out too fast.

I recommend Wrangler for this purpose since they offer the perfect amount of form-fitting “good looking” style while remaining rugged and durable for you to spend all day on horseback. Levi’s can also be good, but should use caution around horses who don’t know about Levi’s constructions.

Do cowboys really wear cowboy boots?

Yes. Cowboys wear cowboy boots whether they’re riding or working. Boots need to be genuine leather, like this pair here on my desk – points to picture of cowboy boots.

For centuries there’s been no substitute for leather. It needs to breathe and not sweat, so it has perforations in the backside and around the ankle area where air is allowed in it so that it doesn’t become too moist inside.

But if you live an active lifestyle, you will most likely want insulated lined boots with a front zipper for easy access on warm days when your feet swell up.

Do Texans actually wear cowboy boots?

Most Texans live in Texas and call themselves Texans, so it stands to reason that we would wear cowboy boots sometimes. The ironic thing is that many people who don’t live in Texas also think they’re Texans just because they own a pair of cowboy boots.

Why do doctors wear cowboy boots?

The cowboy boot was originally created in 1883 by a cobbler named Albert Patrick. He was the son of Irish immigrants and his parents were both shoemakers, so needless to say shoe making ran in his veins.

It’s likely that your feet get sore when you’re doing an extensive amount of walking because they don’t have anything soft to land on while this is happening, and boots make a lot less noise than sneakers do. Doctors spend a lot of time on their feet and wearing boots can help them prevent injuries from fatigue, while also protecting themselves from the disease-causing microorganisms they encounter.

Do cowboy boots support your ankles?

Yes, cowboys boots support your ankles because most of the weight is distributed to the ball and heel.

This is not a myth. Cowboys (and cowgirls) have been walking with their boots on for centuries and it’s still going strong! Boots distribute most of the weight to the ball and heel with only a small portion making contact with your toes and front segments of your foot.

This arrangement is what prevents you from twisting or hurting yourself internally by losing balance or taking any sharp steps along rough terrain. Consider how difficult it would be to walk anywhere in cowboy boots without this advantageous design – you’d be so clumsy getting around!

Do you tuck your pants into cowboy boots?

It’s the most common aesthetic with jeans today.

Many people tuck their pants into boots, but not all people do this. This trend has initiated because it often looks good with denim pants and cowboy boots, tucking them in can make them look nicer or tighter especially if your skin is exposed by the boot.

The other thing to mention about tucking your pant legs into your cowboy boots is that it keeps you from stepping on them when you’re wearing tall shafts which are always taller than the height of a traditional dress shoe. This article should answer any other questions you have about why one might want to wear their jeans tucked into their cowboy boots!

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