15 Best Metatarsal Boots in 2021

Metatarsal boots are a type of footwear worn in cold weather. They are designed to be worn over socks and provide insulation for the feet, toes, and ankles.

The metatarsals are the bones that run from your toes to your ankle, hence the name “metatarsal” boot. Metatarsals can be found on either side of the foot when wearing shoes or boots with laces up each side.

These types of boots were originally made for military use but have now become popular among civilians because they allow you to wear multiple pairs of socks while still being able to tie them tightly shut at the top without any excess fabric bunching up around your leg area.

Metatarsal Boots are an alternative to traditional steel toe boots. They offer the same level of protection but with a more comfortable fit.

They are designed with comfort in mind, so they do not cause discomfort or fatigue on your feet and legs like regular steel toe boots can over long periods of time.

Metatarsal Boots also allow for better traction than their steel toe counterparts because they bend at the metatarsals which allows you to walk on slippery surfaces without slipping as easily as you would in shoes that only cover the toes.

Metatarsal Boots are recommended by podiatrists and orthopedic specialists because they provide extra padding around the ball of the foot, heel, ankle area and sides, which helps reduce fatigue while standing on hard surfaces.

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Best Metatarsal Boots

WOLVERINE Metatarsal Boots

The wild-side of the Logan clan is pretty much unstoppable. All those times he conquers one challenge after another, shredding bad guys as he goes, it makes you think that there’s no situation that could find him at a loss for words or outmatched. We can’t give up our mantel.

But if we must fight this battle with dignity and honor worn loosely, we may as well wear it in style and do so knowing we’ve made the right call by choosing Wolverine boots for Metatarsal duty.

Pros: They are perfect for people with narrow feet. When wearing this boot, the pressure on your ulnar nerve is decreased by up to 34% due to their compression. It helps improve dorsalis pedis pulses and give you a feeling of less heaviness in your lower legs.

Cons: The laces can be challenging at times because they would often break before first signs of wear and tear began to show up, which reduced our water resistance.

You will need some tools and experience as not all shoe companies offer laces that fix those issues even if it’s something as simple as gluing them back together or using shoelaces from another shoe brand for these boots only.

WOLVERINE Metatarsal Boots

KEEN Utility Men’s Detroit XT Low Steel Toe Metatarsal Boots

Do you want protection but can’t get your feet into steel toe boots? The KEEN Utility Detroit XT Low Steel Toe Men’s Boot gives you the protection while being easy to put on. These rugged men’s work boots have a rubber sole, EVA midsoles for comfort, electrical hazard resistance, and metatarsal guards – all while still being sturdy enough for tough jobsites or handling walkways.

Pro: This is a sturdy shoe that can withstand the toughest of conditions in the workplace. They are made to saving your feet from any hazards in the work place, whether it be sticky liquids or endless grease stains! Not to mention they come with level 2 steel toes for extreme durability.

Con: These boots are not waterproof and make you super hot when wearing them on warmer days – not great if you need to run outside.

You also have difficulties fitting these boots over thick socks without revealing too much of your foot’s blood circulation.

The only leather parts are around edges near openings for shoelaces, which will wear down quicker than other materials throughout months of use.

KEEN Utility Men's Detroit XT Low Steel Toe Metatarsal Boots

Oliver 65 Series Metatarsal Boots

If you’re in need of rad vibes, but can’t handle the shoe game, then this is for YOU!
This boots are perfect for the everyday man that needs to hit it hard.

They offer 8 inch height. I doubt they’ll disappoint anyone because it offers up all day comfort and warmth. Impress your lady friends with these stylish heeled footwear-donned feet in style!

No matter whether you’re working in a warehouse or on your feet all day, these heavy duty boots offer unmatched protection.

The 8″ leather shaft is not only durable but resists abrasion and offers incredible protection in all the right areas like the above-mentioned steel toe.

This lace-in zipper boots also resist chemicals with their big neoprene rubber soles that are waterproof so you stay dry no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Big benefits get bigger when combined with the tough stitched leather uppers for an overall wearability unlike anything else out there!

But don’t take our word for it – click below to read more about this awesome solution to your work woes!

Oliver 65 Series Metatarsal Boots

Carhartt 8 Men’s Waterproof Composite Toe Internal Metatarsal

To give you the best qualities of both sheepskin and rubber, this boot is lined with wool that will keep your foot warm even in bitterly cold weather. The outsoles are also made from synthetic materials to ensure they’re resilient to any type of condition, including water.

We recommend wearing these boots when you have upcoming construction or gardening plans so the quality workmanship can be on display for all to see.

Another advantage of these boots is their versatility—they transition seamlessly between different types of terrain without issue so you don’t have to worry about getting rough hands due to sore feet.
Yet another perk is that these shoes are easy enough for walking around town in but tough enough for anything you throw at them,

The PROS: these work boots are comfortable, sturdy and protect your feet while still looking stylish;

The CONS: we only recommend them to Colder regions that don’t get extreme heat because the outer layer can melt.

Carhartt 8  Men's Waterproof Composite Toe Internal Metatarsal

Thorogood Men’s 804-4488 8 Metatarsal Guard I-MET2 Boot

The Thorogood Men’s 804-4488 8″ Metatarsal Guard I-MET2 Boot is a great fit for your feet and ankles – if you can get it on.

Twice as hard to put on than any other shoe because the design forces the wearer to struggle to zip them up, these boots didn’t seem like such a good idea until we told ourselves that breaking in new shoes was always so painful.

This same awkwardness will save us from meeting our doom: If we’re wearing these big bulky things and trip over something, they’ll catch us and prevent further harm!

The 804-4488 Thorogood Men’s Metatarsal Guard I-MET2 Boot has a traditional 8 inch shaft, with a slight arch support and an additional metatarsal guard to protect the foot from harm.

For those of us who can’t just wait for winter, this boot is great for day to day use as well as being waterproof which makes it suitable for all seasons!

The rubber sole provides good grip on icy surfaces and the insoles provide cushioning during longer walks. This style does run about a size large so make sure you try it on before purchasing if possible.


Comfortable footwear;

Easy to slip on but stays in place securely

Thorogood Men's 804-4488 8 Metatarsal Guard I-MET2 Boot

KEEN Utility Men’s

The KEEN Utility Men’s Mt Vernon 6″ Steel Toe Metatarsal Guard Work Shoe is a durable and high-quality work shoe designed by KEEN utility footwear. While the steel toes may be hazardous to your toes, they also provide up to 30% more shock absorption.

The tough exterior pairs well with the rubber outsole for great stability and traction on any terrain you encounter while walking through your workplace: from slippery floors to rocky ground.

And if your shoes get dirty? No worries! Just turn them inside out and wash them right in the sink at home or in a washing machine which will provide long-lasting longevity of this versatile design.

The KEEN Utility Men’s Mt Vernon 6″ Steel Toe Metatarsal Guard Work Shoe has plenty of features like gore tex waterproofing and an athletic fit that give you the perfect balance between performance and practicality.

It’ll take some time before anything can penetrate the fabric lining, making them ideal for all kinds of water conditions. And with their steel toe and metatarsal guard, these things provide plenty of protection in the workplace: there’s nothing worse than being injured on-site.

KEEN Utility Men's

Reebok Work Men’s

With engineered cushioning and a Metatarsal protector, work is as easy as 1-2-3 with the Reebok Work Men’s Sublite Cushion Work RB4143 Metatarsal.

Soft breathable mesh upper provides maximum comfort and support for all day wear, but it’s the full width padded tongue and PU sockliner that really makes this shoe worth your money!

The durable rubber outsole offers traction well into those final few minutes of work or any SWEATY sports you might play!

This shoes are a must have for any workaholic. When the going is tough, they never quit or complain. Though hard working isn’t all this shoe has to offer.

Stylish looks that most definitely will have your coworkers JEALOUS of you, it also has breathable material and elastic cord at eyestay for extra comfort!

The only downfall these pull up laces create is getting caught in them when pulling them tight – but if you take your time while tying it’s no issue at all!

Reebok Work Men's

KEEN Utility Men’s Louisville 6 Steel Toe Internal Metatarsal

The KEEN Utility Men’s Louisville 6″ Steel Toe Internal Metatarsal Guard Waterproof Work Boot will make your days more enjoyable no matter how hard you’re working. Built with the famous Keen utility uppers, it features a KEEN.

Dry waterproof liner to keep feet dry all day long. For increased safety, this boot has an internal metatarsal steel toe that feels lightweight and allows for better balance over cement or slippery floors.

Laces are built into this shoe so if they break, you’re not left without any way of gripping your shoes for added protection against falling objects or accidents at work!

Pros: Durable, waterproof, and breathable boot. For those looking for a work boot that will last through tough days or those that build their own shoes from steel or felt.

Will protect toes from nail guns as long as the toe isn’t jammed into something really hard at close range. If your company is ISO compliant then you should use this product to maximize efficiency by following safety standards.

When nothing else will cut it then this product is perfect! Now available in black too, just like dad’s old ones!

Cons: This sneaker has no skate protection so not good for kids who skateboard – or ice skaters even though they are outdoors people too because of how cold it gets outside during winter months.

KEEN Utility Men's Louisville 6 Steel Toe Internal Metatarsal

Dr. Martens, Men’s Ironbridge Met Guard Heavy Industry Boots

These boots are the perfect balance of rugged and refined. These workhorse ankle boots are built with met guard reinforcement, which guards you against water, dirt, oil, and salt getting into your boot to keep feet dry all day long by forming a protective barrier around your whole foot.

Keep in mind that these might not be sturdy enough for construction or other rigorous environments – but they’re great if what you need is a sturdy shoe with beautiful craftsmanship to do anything else with.

Dr. Martens is a name most people know and love—if they’re not wearing them already. These heavy-duty boots are definitely pricey, but for those looking to spend a fortune on their tough steel toes, you’ll have the perfect pair at your disposal.

“Extreme protection” is the marketing term used by Dr. Martens to describe these boots, as it would take a lot of damage before damaging any part of the boot itself!

While this model may be expensive, its durability can’t be beat thanks to Dr. Marten’s commitment to only sourcing from reliable sources with high standards for quality.

Dr. Martens, Men's Ironbridge Met Guard Heavy Industry Boots

Iron Age women’s Ia5016 Ground Breaker

This shoe is 100% designed for adventurists. No longer will you be worried about tripping over rubble, slipping on mud, or throwing your back out carrying heavy loads to the construction site.

Made with steel shanks and toe-caps so sturdy they could withstand a kick by RoboCop. The breathable mesh upper keeps feet cool and dry even in Louisiana heat! These shoes are also built tough so can handle 8 hour days of swinging hammers all day long!

Ground breaker shoes for women by Iron Age are perfect for the woman on the go. Made of all-black leather with high water-resistant waterproofing, these construction worker boots offer protection against manure and mud while still boosting your style.

These hard wearing, classically styled work shoes are designed to be both practical and chic–perfect for any job at home or abroad!

Iron Age women's Ia5016 Ground Breaker

Timberland PRO Men’s 53530 8″ Metguard

Whether you’re looking for a work boot, hiking adventure, or just something heavy-duty to keep dirt and debris out of your socks (smart), man up and buy the Timberland PRO Men’s 53530 8 Metguard Steel-Toe Boot.

You’ll never need another pair of boots again thanks to its high factory testing standards and warranty. Plus, it looks darn near impeccable wherever you wear them; from construction sites to those hikes through the rainforest (probably not as common as it seems).

  1. Tough time getting on and off? Bark to Barking Mad! Timberland has you covered with a side zipper for easy entry and exit after the day is done.
  2. Tired of grandmas petting your feet while visiting their place? For animal lovers, there’s the Timberland PRO Men’s 53530 8 Metguard Steel-Toe Boot featuring a full length rubber lug outsole giving traction on wet surfaces, great for outdoorsmen who need protection from hazards!
  3. Patent protected microfiber fabric liner keeps water from migrating into boot interior – ever been stuck with wet socks before? Gross. Enhanced air flow control means no more clogged up airflow creating less sweat, plus the removable innersole provides added.
Timberland PRO Men's 53530 8" Metguard

Ariat Men’s Workhog Wide Square Toe H2O Metguard

Pros: Durable, steel and composite safety toes provide protection against impact and compression.

Multi-tasking side zip for easy on/off with pull tab helps to prevent catching laces in the zipper. Breathable waterproof construction provides dry feet all day long.

Metal eyelets help keep feet cool and comfortable. Ideal for casual everyday wear, including work environments (must be covered by pants).

Steel shank ensures bounce-free underfoot support; lasts longer than leather thanks to sealed seams that don’t absorb water or sweat nearly as bad as traditional boots – which means your boot will last 50% longer!

Cons: This work boot is so popular you likely won’t walk a hundred feet before someone buys it from you.

Ariat Men's Workhog Wide Square Toe H2O Metguard

Timberland PRO Men’s 40000 Met Guard 6′ Steel Toe Boot

This is the boot of a lifetime. With stain free leather and performance mesh lining, you can wear this boot for years to come. I’ve been walking on hard surfaces with these bad boys 4 miles a day and they haven’t let in any dirt or debris!

Pedallers will love them too: slip resistant rubber outsole for traction and stability when cycling-no matter the terrain’s features! If you’re about that life 24/7 then purchase Timberland PRO Men’s 40000 Met Guard 6′ Steel Toe Boot now while supplies last.

East a pair of these steel-toed boots, and you’ll be damn well relieved. I’m giving them five stars not just because they have met the Timberland PRO Men’s 40000 Met Guard 6′ Steel Toe Boot standard for protection, but also because their rugged construction will stand up to any environment.

Between the durable leather upper and excellent waterproofing, this boot is going to keep your feet dry no matter what Mother Nature throws at you!

From hiking in the highlands during a downpour to fording streams through mud season, you’re going to love how steady this boot is on uneven terrain.

Timberland PRO Men's 40000 Met Guard 6' Steel Toe Boot

Timberland PRO Excave External Met Guard Work Boot

Do you have trouble keeping your balance? These boots are for you. Timberland PRO Men’s Excave External Met Guard Work Boot are literally the most stable work boots on the market!

They offer a safety met guard, which prevents objects from penetrating into your boot or shoe. With this amount of stability, now there really is no excuse to not stay balanced—whether its holding onto a ladder at work, getting up after an injury, or personal projects around the house…you name it!

On top of all these great features, they also come with lightweight synthetics and breathable nylon mesh upper that can take plenty of high-impact wear and tear before they break down.

Timberland PRO Excave External Met Guard Work Boot is a steel toe work shoe perfect for all levels of professional work. This rugged boot features ultra-durable

Goodyear welt construction, Timberland PRO exclusive external met guard that provides protection against the hazards you might encounter on your job site, and an ergonomic design that maximizes stability for comfort with every step.

It also has Pro-Tec compression molded EVA midsole which offers cushioning to keep feet feeling fresh throughout long days at the office or long hours on your feet without sacrificing toughness.

The North American gazelle leather upper provides durability and breathability while protecting them from water or liquids like oil; the Kiltie detail at back make this style worthy.

Timberland PRO Excave External Met Guard Work Boot

Reebok Work Men’s Metatarsal

The Reebok Work Men’s Sublite Cushion Work RB4143 Metatarsal is the perfect on-the-job shoe for those on their feet all day. Its mid cut provides excellent ankle support and comfort, while heels are both protective and shock absorbent to keep you on your game during that first coffee break.

If you’re feeling active or just need a little extra muscle relief, the firm arch won’t let you down as it offers some serious stability to help you work toward your goals!

Unlike most shoes that are heavy and clunky, these Reeboks work like the name would suggest. The cushioning has made this shoe not only comfortable but also supportive while maintaining an athletic feel for someone working on their feet all day long.

Some cons to these shoes is they narrow at the back which can make it difficult when you need to grab onto anything like tools or cables in tight environments. This product does run small so please keep that in mind when ordering (note: Nike makes a close runner-up).

Reebok Work Men's Metatarsal

KEEN Utility Men’s Mt Vernon 6″ Steel Toe Metatarsal

If you’re looking for a great work shoe, the KEEN Utility Men’s Mt Vernon 6″ Steel Toe Metatarsal Guard Work Shoe is just that. You can go all day at your job without being uncomfortable or breaking these shoes in. If you have to be constantly on your feet all year around, I would definitely recommend these shoes to take care of your feet after a long day. There are many things I love about this product! Let me break them down for you:

  • The uppers are made with water resistant nylon Lycra four way stretch fabric and polyurethane coated leather which will make it hard for anything to penetrate this shoe
  • There’s an oil/tear resistant rubber toe

A one tank, 50 gallon bomber from WWII. Designed with a steel toe to make you sad face less often and a fashionable brown Oxford upper for those construction crews who don’t want their work boots to be out of place during happy hour.

KEEN Utility Men's Mt Vernon

Timberland PRO men’s Gravel Pit 10 Inch Steel Toe

If you’re looking to work in a rough and tumble environment, then these boots are for you. The industry-leading design of these boots provides durability from ankle with its steel rods that can withstand anything. Wearing these boots will advertise your skills as a team player! But is it worth it?

They can take a lickin’ and keep on truckin. Durable, versatile work boots, made for all-weather days in rugged conditions. They protect your feet from the harshest environments when you’re working hard from above or below ground.

With a steel toe protection to handle any tough terrain, these boots are proven to last! But if they ever give out on you, Timberland offers a lifetime guarantee…What questions do you have?

Pros: These WILL keep your feet dry and ridiculously protected from water, heat, flecks of metal…you name it. We’ll admit they look clunky but they provide maximum protection so who cares if they have do little pizzazz on the outside!

Just think about what’s going on inside those bad boys–canvas upper lining combined with 10mm stack height along the heel area assures both.

Timberland PRO men's Gravel Pit 10 Inch Steel Toe

Iron Age Women’s Steel Toe

At Iron Age women’s we know you want a steel-toe shoe with great safety features and the looks to go with it. If you’re looking for strong, dependable shoes then these are just what the doctor ordered: Steel Toe!

Constructed of tough fiberglass and synthetic leather materials, our shoes will keep your feet safe whether running heavy machinery or on site construction sites.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve thrown in leather overlays and toe protection made of PU which is solvent resistant so they resist oil and fuel spills along with quarts/natural gas leaks.

Let the job bring your feet to you. Flexibility and versatility in a stunning Iron Age women’s Ia5016 Ground Breaker Industrial Construction Shoe, featuring deep Lugged outsoles for traction and anti-scuff traction pads under each foot. Bring me home today!

Iron Age Women's Steel Toe

Georgia Giant Revamp Steel Toe Boot

Do you work out in wet conditions and need a steel toed boot? Searching for a protective shoe that will keep your feet protected but also new? We have just what you’re looking for.

Georgia Giant Revamp Steel Toe Internal Met-Guard Waterproof Work Boot is designed with welded seams and water resistant materials, so your foot never has to come into contact with damp environments.

This product not only protects against rain or puddles on the floor, it’s able to withstand anything from some moisture near an ice machine to complete immersion in water while feeding cows!

The lightweight boots are comfortable enough for all day wear, plus they are durable because of their strong reinforced toes.

Have you ever found yourself wishing your shoes were more accommodating? Wished they just let up and conceded to your size so you could wear them on the job site with ease? Meet The Georgia Giant Revamp Steel Toe Internal Met-Guard Waterproof Work Boot.

It has plenty of room, is safe and comfortable and it won’t cost a fortune… at least not as much as some other work boots! Its low price combined with its superb comfort makes this one of our most popular items all year long.

Georgia Giant Revamp Steel Toe Boot

Timberland PRO Men’s Ascender

The Timberland PRO Men’s Ascender 6″ Internal Met Guard Alloy Toe Industrial boots are the ingenious solution for everyday work. Made with a Rubber lug outsole, you’ll stay stable and comfortable in any work environment.

The rugged heel design protects your feet from injuries and accidents that can happen on the job. From everything to one hard day of labor to driving yourself into exhaustion, these shoes will keep you doing anything pain free until the very end!

With an EVA cushioning system and nylon mesh lining, getting through your day is easy breezy when wearing these boots.

They also feature a Protective ROLL-X Steel Plate Bootie (a patented technology) which provides unmatched safety in both wet and dry conditions.

The Timberland PRO Men’s Ascender 6″ Internal Met Guard Alloy Toe Industrial is a light-weight boot that has an internal met guard for added protection. You’ll find the Boot tough and long lasting, with a steel toe tray to protect your feet against heavy objects.
One thing though, you probably won’t be getting any fashion points for this classic rugged look.

Timberland PRO Men's Ascender

MICHELIN Men’s Toe Industrial

The MICHELIN Men’s Toe Industrial steel toe brown boots are engineered to be fashionable, comfortable, and durable. Wear them with casual jeans or your suit pants for a perfect match. If you want durability at an affordable price point, this is the boot for you!

-Steel toe is great for durability, but terrible if you already have knee problems.
-High cut helps with ankle support, but also increases chances of getting frost bite.
-Lightweight means it’s easy to walk around in these all day long, even when they’re hurting your feet!

MICHELIN Men's Toe Industrial
MICHELIN Men’s Toe Industrial

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is metatarsal safety boots?

Metatarsal safety boots are specially designed footwear, worn by workers to prevent them from slipping or having their feet crushed. They can also be used (along with less heavy duty work shoes) as daily wear for those who need to protect themselves against foot injuries.

Standard safety boots are much heavier than what you would wear on a regular day because they offer protection for much harsher situations.

Metatarsal safety boots, on the other hand, offer much less protection than standard boots but are much lighter and don’t offer as many restrictions in movement or walking ability – making them better fit for daytime use when the wearer might not be encountering any harsh conditions that could lead to accidents.

What does metatarsal boot mean?

Metatarsal boots provide extra support for the metatarsal bones in order to help heal broken or fractured metatarsals.

It is unclear whether wearing these boots will reduce long-term pain, including return of pain at night (nocturnal leg cramps), unless they are worn continuously for prolonged periods of up to 12 months following injury.

However, they may be effective in reducing short-term post-injury pain and inflammation. There is also some evidence that break provides an placebo effect; however, there’s no evidence that the boots themselves provide this effect unless it’s paired with other treatments like acupuncture or gait training.

How do I know if my boots are metatarsals?

The location of the plurality of metatarsals for each foot is similar to the Eastern Orthodox Cross which has four vertical elements and one horizontal.

One such element is located between the tendon and muscle of your big toe (the first element) and behind it; then there are two elements running parallel near the toes, then one horizontal bone at its base that connects all four bones together at their tops like a Christian cross with no top-most portion (hence referring to it as a “flat”).

The metatarsal’s connection points with other parts of the foot make it an important key in determining various shoe size properties.

What is a metatarsal guard?

A metatarsal guard is a device similar in concept to a steel-toe shoe, designed to encase the front of the foot. It’s primarily used by police officers, firefighters, and rescue workers who are at risk for severe injury to their feet.

They’re usually made with neoprene construction that provides shock absorption. If you have any type of job where you could be on your feet all day or doing things that put pressure on your feet then wearing these guards can help keep you more comfortable while also reducing risk of injury or unwanted amputations. They come in different styles too so there’s one for everyone!

What’s the difference between metatarsal and steel toe?

Metatarsal and steel toe are two terms for the same thing: a shoe with a steel plate, usually on the toe area, to protect it from heavy objects. This type of shoe is necessary when working in certain environments.

Although metatarsals and steel-toed shoes serve the same purpose, they aren’t always interchangeable. For example, some people who need Steel Toe Shoes for work find that regularity leather shoes feel better than those made specifically as Steel Toes because regularity Leather Shoes offer more padding and flexibility around their feet.

Are metatarsal guards required by OSHA?

No. Metatarsal guards are not required by OSHA when the employee is using approved footwear, if the employer has implemented a foot protection program, and the employee maintains good personal hygiene.

Under this provision of Title 29 Code of Federal Regulations section 1910.132, employers of workers who use protective footwear will not be found to have violated any standard so long as they implement a written plan providing for cleanliness and proper fitting of their employees’ shoes.

Employers are also required to have training available on shoe safety issues in all languages where any part of this workplace’s operations are conducted.

What are metatarsal guards made of?

It is not always easy to figure out the material of a metatarsal guard because, depending on where you are looking, you can see different materials.

The material usually seen is leather or suede, but sometimes there are other materials that cannot be seen unless they are revealed in certain positions. It may be hard to tell what you’re seeing–especially if the arm doesn’t have any holes punched into it.

Sometimes there’s something dark poking through which could be anything from pleather to plastic that covers one side of the arm up over the heel and down into the shoe.

If some sort of textile has been used for some part of a metatarsel guard, it will stretch more easier than leather would and might appear shiny.

What are Metguard shoes?

Metguard are an international brand of shoes that are designed to be durable, hard wearing, and affordable.

All Metguard shoes are tested rigorously before they made available for purchase. They’re also waterproof, so you can wear them in any weather conditions without worrying about water entering the shoe through the sole – keeping your feet dry is another way they deliver on their promise for durability. Everything else being equal, if you want a long-lasting shoe, look no further than Metguard!

How is a metatarsal fracture treated?

A metatarsal fracture can be treated in many ways, depending on the severity of the break. Some fractures heal just fine with time and protection, while others may need surgery.

The type of treatment chosen depends on pain levels, injury severity, appropriate sporting activity following healing, etc. Typically what is needed to treat a metatarsal fracture is rest and avoiding weight bearing until an x-ray confirms healing has taken place.

This may take weeks or months depending on the location and severity of injury. Pain management is important too so that healing can occur without interference from any underlying causes for increased pain sensitivity (sensory changes).

What’s the difference between composite toe and steel toe boots?

Composite toed boots are classified as impact protection because it is capable of withstanding a force of 150 pounds, steel toe boots are often used for other reasons.

A composite toe provides better impact protection than steel toes by absorbing the energy that would have otherwise been transferred to your foot or ankle.

Steel toes are typically used in more dangerous occupations due to their ability to withstand higher levels of force – one situation where this might be necessary is construction work involving materials like metal studs and nail guns.

Both are common forms of footwear for many professions though, so make sure you talk with the person recommending what type to buy about what they’ll do at work on a daily basis before deciding which to purchase.

What does composite toe mean in boots?

Toe protection is a safety standard that can be met in one of three ways: metal, plastic, or composite.

Metal toes are the most sturdy and durable type of toe protection available. Along with being stiff, they can often make it difficult to walk-in boots with wider widths due to the small steps needed for someone who has a larger foot size. Metal toe boots work best for those who spend their days on their feet working hard from their job.

Plastic is not as durable as metal but it is more so than composite materials-plastic provides some reduction in risk if you drop your boot on the toe side while walking on concrete or steel surfaces comparatively to composite materials which will break easily when dropped against these surfaces.

How do I protect my metatarsals?

To protect your metatarsals, you may want to try a few alternate suggestions. Such as strengthen the muscles in the feet and ankle to improve their range of motion and stabilize the foot during movement.

Try wearing a shoe with good arch support, a stiff sole which will straighten out excessive supination or under-pronation.

Or simply by going barefoot often for increased sensory feedback from your foot that can result in better gait dynamics and muscle control through an improved connection between brain, body, motor neuron and muscle.

What type of boots protect your entire foot?

I recommend Danner Men’s Mountain 600 Cold Climate Boots, which are lined with Multi-terrain Insulation, so they can give you great warmth and protection. They’re also sturdy enough to hold up against the harshest conditions.

One of my pals who used to be in the Marines swears by these boots—they’ve saved his feet on more than one occasion.

These keep your feet warm and dry for months, even when exposed to freezing temperatures or wet snowpack for extended periods of time. They’re also easy on the wallet at $149. You won’t be disappointed!

How long does it take to recover from metatarsalgia?

Recovery will depend on the location and severity of the metatarsal bone’s injury. Typically, injuries to the ball of your foot will not take as long to heal than an injury to one of your toes–the ball is more than 3 times smaller than a toe.

Additionally, sprained metatarsals often take longer to heal than fractures.
There are many factors that can speed up or slow down healing time such as preexisting conditions like diabetes or peripheral vascular disease and smoking/chemotherapy treatments or age (elderly people tend to heal slower).

Prevention by wearing comfortable footwear with adequate arch support and supportive footgear may also help decrease healing time in some patients.

What is internal metatarsal protection?

Internal metatarsal protection is specially manufactured pairs of insoles that fit the contours of the foot perfectly.

Reduce risk of pain due to heel and ball-of-foot pressure. Relief from aching, sore feet and back soreness caused by constant standing or walking. Provides a better alignment in work environments where there’s continuous standing for long periods of time because compresses/elevates problem areas in feet without restricting blood circulation or compromising ability to walk effectively.

Does my employer have to provide me with safety boots?

Most employers offer shoe selection to employees and it’s up to them whether or not they want safety shoes. The company you work for should at least provide you with a list of policies about policies like this one, as well as how to file a complaint if you’re having issues with your employer. If that doesn’t help, there are other resources such as the U.S. Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that might be able to point you in the right direction.

What is the difference between steel toe and alloy toe?

The primary difference between steel and alloy is in the metal composition. Steel is a “ferrous” metal, meaning it contains iron in its formulation, while alloy can contain any number of metals from copper to nickel or tin.

In most cases the material doesn’t make a big difference when it comes to comfort and durability which is why most steel -capped footwear are made with either molded plastic outer parts or injection-molded synthetic plastics.

Alloy caps require more durable sides for durability purposes but also provide better protection by yielding more flexibility under repeated impacts. It’s usually down to personal preference at that point!

What protects the lower legs and feet from heat hazards?

The lower legs and feet are protected as the body is able to significantly cool these parts of the body through better blood flow, heat dissipation and surface area.

Furthermore, both sweat glands and hair follicles can serve as cooling mechanisms for the feet and lower legs respectively. Hair on the foot pads helps circulate air and sweat glands in those areas produce perspiration that will sublimate when it evaporates off skin surfaces at a rate of 75 degrees Fahrenheit, more quickly than higher temperatures thus giving even more protection.


The feet and toes are the most abused parts of our body, and walking in boots while we’re barefoot is just asking for trouble. Feet compress when we walk while walking in shoes reduces that compression.

Metatarsal boots provide padding for your foot and protects your arch from pressure. If you find things to be too heavy on the ball of your foot with metatarsals, consider wool knee socks which will add cushioning without adding bulk.

Wool also naturally wicks moisture from skin, thus helping to avoid rashes or wet spots on the underside of a boot-wearer’s feet!

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