10 Best Socks for Work Boots (2023)

Wearing boots to work is a great way to add some extra comfort and protection from the elements when it’s cold outside. But, if you’re going to wear your boots all day long in the office, you need a good pair of socks that will keep your feet warm and comfortable! .

Socks are a big concern for people who wear work boots. The right socks can keep your feet dry, help prevent blisters, and keep you comfortable throughout the day.  The wrong socks can result in hot spots that lead to blisters or leave you with cold and wet feet at the end of the day.

Socks designed specifically for work boots will be made from high-quality materials like wool and will have extra cushioning where it’s needed most – around the heel and toe area.

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Benefits of Socks for Work Boots:

  1. Socks for work boots are comfortable
  2. Socks can prevent blisters and calluses on your feet
  3. They keep the inside of your boot dry, which prevents odor
  4. Wearing socks with work boots is a more hygienic option than going barefoot or wearing slippers
  5. Wearing socks with work boots helps to avoid cold feet in winter months
  6. They come in many different colors and patterns so you can find something that matches your style!

Disadvantages of Socks for Work Boots:

  1. Socks are expensive
  2. They can get dirty and smelly, which is not ideal for work clothes
  3. You have to worry about them getting caught on something or falling off your foot while you’re working
  4. The material of socks does not provide the same protection as a boot’s rubber sole
  5. They don’t protect your feet from sharp objects like screws or metal pieces that could cause injury
  6. If you wear shoes with socks, there is always the risk of sliding around because they do not grip well on smooth surfaces

Tips on How to Choose Best Socks for Work Boots:

  1. Know your work boots
  2. Consider the environment you’ll be working in
  3. Choose a sock that fits properly and is comfortable
  4. Choose a sock made of moisture-wicking material to keep your feet dry and cool
  5. Wear socks with arch support if needed
  6. Pick a sock in the right color for your needs (i.e., black, navy blue)
  7. Finish off by wearing socks that are appropriate for what type of work you’re doing (i.e., dressy or casual)
  8. Make sure they don’t have any holes or runs in them!
  9. And lastly, make sure they go up high enough on your leg so they don’t fall down when you walk .

Best Material for Work Socks

  1. Cotton socks are warm in winter and cool in summer
  2. Wool socks offer the best insulation of all natural fibers
  3. Acrylic is a good choice for work because it’s strong, durable, and inexpensive
  4. Polyester is also an excellent material for work because it has excellent elasticity and resists wear well
  5. Nylon offers some protection against electric shocks while still being lightweight and comfortable to wear
  6. If you’re looking for something that will keep your feet warm on cold days but won’t make them sweaty or too hot on warmer days, then look into wool-blend socks made from wool mixed with acrylic or polyester (or other synthetic fibers).

Socks for Work – why are they important?

Socks are an important consideration for work. They should be comfortable enough to wear all day, even if the shoes are difficult or have poor ventilation, because you’ll have them on your feet so often.

If they are not balancing things out properly with what you’re wearing, it can exacerbate pain in your feet and legs later on for sure.

Opting for socks made of natural materials will provide more breathability and wicking properties to help keep foot temperature regulated which is very important when temps vary!

How can I make my boots fit better?

If your boots are too loose, you can stuff them with kleenex or paper stuffing inside to make them fit better.

Filling in the gaps with a cheap and easy makeshift heel cushion will help keep your feet from slipping and sliding within the shoe. Alternatively, if they’re too tight, cut off some of the inner lining of leather at the point where it presses and rubs against your foot so that there is more room for movement.

This would also apply when making new shoes look old – swell up used shoes over night in hot water then dry them out again until they’re pliable enough for shaping into a desired shape. It creates an effect of old worn out leather!

Best Socks for Work Boots

Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything wrong with your shoes Max. But hey, they do say the devil is in the details and most importantly… your socks. You probably wouldn’t be so skeptical if you tried Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack for yourself and experienced their unmatched comfort.

With a moisture control system that leaves them feeling dry against sweaty feet, these crew socks are meant to not only look good on your feet but feel even better! With an extra cushioned sole, these pack of six socks will keep you comfortable all day long under any weather condition or terrain no matter what color shoe you decide to wear while world domination happens beneath your thoughtful eye.

No one likes soaked, smelly socks. Neither do we. That’s why Dickies has designed men’s Dri-tech moisture control crew socks with a breathable weave and reinforced heel and toe for durable protection against blisters and rubbing discomfort caused by hot leather boots, motorcycle gear or walking on dirty floors all day long. Enjoy the next level of comfort that lets feet breathe and look slick in these lace up powerhouses!

Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks

Wrangler Men’s

Wrangler Men’s Riggs Workwear Over The Calf Work Boot Socks are the perfect work boot socks! Made of performance-enhancing materials, these comfortably stretchable socks provide maximum ventilation to avoid sweaty feet while supplying four pairs in each pack.

Wrangler MEN’S 4 PAIR PACK OF OVER THE CALF WORK BOOT SOCK has everything you need for tough workplace conditions. So put on your best boots and get to work – you can’t be late because of your shoes dragging along the ground!

Too busy with work to stop and change out of your boots? Got a big meeting coming up? Can’t be bothered managing two pairs of socks all day long, even though it’s easier for everyone, most importantly yourself? Meet the premium solution for keeping your feet dry without the hassle – Wrangler Men’s Workwear Over The Calf Pack Keeps You Dry And Comfortable Socks.

These are exactly what they sound like: wrangler men’s sock that go over your boot so they don’t slip down now matter how active you are on the job site or just walking around town.

Wrangler Men's

Fruit Of The Loom Heavy Duty Reinforced Men’s Crew Socks

For those of us on the go, whether it be a long day at work or a hard-working weekend with some hard hikes, our feet always seem to need a little more protection. These Fruit Of The Loom Heavy Duty Reinforced Men’s Crew Socks are perfect for those who wear heavy steel-toe boots every day and have been looking for some serious abrasion resistance.
There aren’t many options on the market that can match this sock’s performance features without taking up too much space in your bag. Steady Grip Technology is integrated around the foot to help keep socks from shifting inside shoes which provide an extra layer of protection against dirt and debris getting inside – not enough people know how important this actually is!

Creative: Socks that will do the work for you! Available in multiple colors. The fabric is strong enough to handle heavy impact, while keeping your feet feeling dry and comfortable.
Funny: Looks like Fruit Of The Loom surprises us again with another revolutionary innovation for foot protection! Heavy Duty Reinforced Men’s Crew Socks are here to save the day! Keep doing all of those tough jobs…we got this one covered.
Witty: People think they’re made to last? They sure don’t know anything about living on their toes at hard labor. Get these forgetful owners girls some socks already if they’re not going to get them themselves; nothing better than getting a hold of these.

Fruit Of The Loom Heavy Duty Reinforced Men's Crew Socks

Sox Town Moisture Wicking Work Socks

Do your feet tingle just thinking about the 20 miles on an unshod horse, or do you cringe at the thought of walking on hot rocks barefoot? We understand! Our Sox Town Moisture Wicking Performance Steel Toe Work Boots Heavy Cushion Crew Socks Men 10 Pack is here to save the day.

Wearing hiking socks with shoes whilst sitting around campfire = benediction for your family members’ noses and a reward in getting to smell what they smell.

Bare feet – it’s sad how many men have been sentenced to this cruelest form of punishment since before 1800 AD, but we’ve got a solution: our Sox Pride work crew sock line will give them their freedom back.

Sox Town Moisture Wicking Work Socks are the ultimate in durability with a breathable lining to help keep your feet fresh.

While most traditional work socks have an elastane ribbing, these use moisture-wicking polyester insulation for invaluable protection against blistering.

For added comfort, Sox Town Work Crew Socks are reinforced at the heel with rubberized traction strips for slips and falls on slick surfaces.

Sox Town Moisture Wicking Work Socks

GKX Men’s 10 Pairs Cotton Moisture Control Heavy Duty Work Boot

You know when your feet hurt because you forgot to wear socks? Well forget that! Your days of uncomfortable, swampy shoes are OVER after wearing these fantastic work boots! Slip on these comfortable cotton socks and enjoy ultra breathability in your work boots. They’ll help regulate moisture so you’re not sneezing all day.

Sometimes you’re too tired to be creative, and there is nothing more off-putting than an unbalanced use of imaginative descriptors. Here’s the thing: we all get it, time for work!

You need a pair of socks that can withstand your rigorous standards so your boots don’t get ruined – and vice versa. With GKX Men’s 10 Pairs Cotton Moisture Control Socks For Work Boots, you’ll feel like you’ve got heavy duty armor on that will never quit even during the toughest battles.

Switched into battle mode? Find out why these moisture controlling cotton blend socks steal the show: wicking and insulating materials help keep feet dry by pulling sweat away from skin and trapping air in cushioned foot.

GKX Men's 10 Pairs Cotton Moisture Control Heavy Duty Work Boot

ONKE Cotton Moisture Wicking Athletic Work Boot

ONKE Cotton Moisture Wicking Athletic Work Boot Heavy Cushion Crew Socks Men 10 Pack is specially designed for maximum comfort in work boots with extra cushioning, stability enhancement, breathability and water resistance.

ONKE Cotton Moisture Wicking Athletic Work Boot Heavy Cushion Crew Socks Men 10 Pack. If you’re on the go all day and looking for comfort, these socks are perfect to use under or over your work boots. The men’s ten-pack of high cushion cotton classics comes with varied sizes for running around town.

Cheap, durable socks that will last for months on end without losing its color or shape. Extreme comfort for breaking in new shoes (trust us – it sucks getting blisters). Our cotton fibers absorb moisture like a sponge while keeping the top of your feet cool enough to stay comfortable throughout the entire workday.

These Crew Length Athletic Work Boot Socks are thick enough to cushion from rough terrain yet thin enough to wear with work boots without adding bulk underneath your foot or around your ankle. In fact our single layer knit is so breathable you won’t even know you’re wearing them until someone points out how comfy they look on you.

This product allows you to be more comfortable in your work boots while wearing athletic socks. Less friction on the boot means less blisters, so it’s good if flexibility of your shoe is an issue.

However, this doesn’t get rid of the odor-causing aspect of sweaty feet, so it may not be favorable if you have a foot condition or obtrusive foot odor. Additional pros are that they’re very basic and universal colors which don’t change anything about someone’s professional appearance after making these changes to their apparel.

Pros: Quality fabric is combined with superior breathability to keep feet dry and cozy; intense padding is ideal for long hours standing up at work or driving a car
Cons: Unusual design

ONKE Cotton Moisture Wicking Athletic Work Boot

Ortis Men’s 4 Pack Merino Wool Moisture Control Heavy Duty Work Boots

Do you need your feet to be dry, comfortable and energized at the end of a long day? Are they feeling sore after 8 hours on them (most offices)? Then these are for you! With specially engineered merino wool interior designed to regulate moisture. If this sounds like something that would work for you, check out our selection below…

No, these aren’t socks people typically wear with their Oxfords or Chuck Taylors (though I wouldn’t rule it out). These specialized socks are made exclusively with 40% more cushioning than regular hiker’s shoes/socks. We crafted these specifically to help relieve some of the pressure your foot is put under during rugged activity.

The Ortis Men’s 4 Pack Merino Wool Moisture Control Heavy Duty Work Boots are the ultimate in rugged life and work-appropriate footwear. Rugged brown leather or black pigskin uppers can be found with tough nylon lacing and stitching that will last overtime and beyond.

Comfortable soles molded from high density rubber provides stability while keeping its weight to a minimum, making it easier to take long strides without feeling weighed down by your shoes.

Leather lining keeps moisture away from feet at any given time leaving them cool, dry, comfortable throughout 12 hours on the clock without break time.

Ortis Men's 4 Pack Merino Wool Moisture Control Heavy Duty Work Boots

Darn Tough Hiker Boot Sock

Most importantly, these socks are fully cushioned with some rockin’ wool blend yarn that’s guaranteed for life. You also get reinforced heel and toe areas to guard against abrasion so you can keep the miles coming back.

When it starts getting colder out there, you’ll know your feet are dry because of handy moisture management so they stay warm in any climate.

And most importantly, the deep cushioning provides phenomenal comfort through even the longest hikes or slogging work day after another without blister or discomfort anywhere on your foot!

These are just some of the reasons why Darn Tough HIker Boots Socks were recently voted our favorite boot sock by Outside Magazine!


  • -Made of soft, strong wool that is naturally wrinkle resistant
  • -Knit with a fine gauge of 2.5±1% to create an extra-fine fabric
  • -Wool fibers are naturally cushioning and regulate temperature better than any other natural material
Darn Tough Hiker Boot Sock

KMM Cotton Sock Work Boot

The KMM COTTON HIDE-PLATE socks are designed for comfort, stability and ankle protection when you’re wearing boots. Knitted with 15% natural cotton in the heel area to soften the shock of being on your feet all day, they give added insulation in cold conditions preventing numbing elements from reaching your feet.

  • Built-in arch support is lightweight but rigid enough to prevent foot strain
  • No more plastic or rubber socks rubbing against your skin causing discomfort or itching so you can be more focused on making money rather than scratching away at blisters!
  • Formed using a denser material that won’t hold sweat like cotton will; these socks look great and stay fresh.

-Cushioned for comfort and cooling
-Extra layer of cushioning in the heel and ball of the foot
-Moisture wicking material ensures your feet stay dry during those long days on your job site.

KMM Cotton Sock Work Boot

Dan Post Dan Work Boot

Dan Post Cowboy Boots are tough to beat. Constructed with high-quality leather, their durability is unparalleled. The treads on the heels protect your feet from slipping indoors or outdoors.

You’ll also love how they insulate in cold weather and stay cool in warm weather, thanks to the Hush Puppies patented technology called ACxion Mold System.

And if comfort is key for you, look no further than their famous Reggiano Palm Leather lining that’s used throughout the design process of all DanPost Boots for maximum cushioning while remaining durable and stylish.

Pros: Dan Post Dan Post Cowboy Certified Over the Calf Socks 4 pack are high in quality, comfortable to wear with heavy boots, and keep their shape well.

And when you’ve four pairs in your sock drawer you won’t have to worry about running out of socks for a boot!

Conventional cotton socks can stretch out too much when wearing them with work boots.

These all-cotton over the calf socks are designed to stay up on your legs. You don’t want ratty rat holes in the back of your ankles while at work do you? If so then these awesome white cowboy boot manufactured 9Socks might not be for you!

Dan Post Dan Work Boot


Socks for Work Boots are a great product to help you keep your feet warm and dry at work. They can give you more comfort on long shifts or cold days which means that you will be able to concentrate better on the task at hand.

However, socks may not fit well with all of your shoes so make sure they are compatible before purchasing them. If this is something you need, we have several options available in both men’s and women’s sizes!

The last thing you want to do is wear those smelly, gross socks home after a long day at the office. This product solves this problem by providing an innovative way of keeping your feet dry and smelling fresh while still being able to use your favorite pair of slippers or shoes from home as well as keep them clean too!

But don’t forget about the other benefits these socks have either- they also provide support for plantar fasciitis, reduce friction on sensitive areas like heels, absorb moisture which could cause blisters and corns if left untreated.


What type of socks should I wear with work boots?

Be sure to consult the instructions on your work boots, but in general it might be a good idea to use trouser socks.

Before deciding on what kind of SOCKS you should wear with work boots, it’s important that you first find out if they require a certain type. Fortunately that information is available in the documentations for most types of work boots!

Trouser socks are usually recommended because they tend to be lightweight and provide some insulation from the cold ground or metal surface. However, some people prefer hiking style socks because they offer different levels of grip on different surfaces such as ice and snow so feel free to try whichever types you like best!

Should you wear thick or thin socks with boots?

When it comes to wearing boots, you should wear heavy socks if the boots are going to be tight on your calf, and thin socks if the boots will not be tight.

The need for a thicker sock arises from two factors: 1) having a tight fitting boot that might cut off circulation and 2) thickness of the sock itself. Thinner socks may feel a bit looser because they’re made with thinner fibers, but these fabrics can’t withstand as much friction as those used in making thick socks. Thick or thin, both have their uses – so don’t do too much thinking about this decision! Pick one type of sock and go with it!

Are thick socks better for boots?

Thick socks will help to reduce the stress on your feet, so it’s better than thin socks for boots.

With thick socks, there is less stress on your feet which lessens any pain or soreness. There also won’t be pressure points because of too much rubbing on high-pressure areas like where the shoe rubs against your heel or where your big toe rubs against the front of the shoe. Thin socks can trench or cause bulk from bunched up material from sweat and make a mess in boots by sliding around and bunching.

Why are Darn Tough socks so good?

Darn Tough socks hold up well and come in a variety of styles.

I like to hike, which has put my expensive clothes line into not-so-good shape because I’m constantly getting wet or muddy. Worried about ruining more of my apparel, I decided to look for better quality and found Darn Tough and haven’t looked back.

Now, even the most casual outfits enjoy an extended lifespan thanks to these durable socks! They don’t rip or run either so I can throw them in with the rest of the clothes when it’s time to wash them! 10/10 would recommend as they’re both affordable and effective!

Are bamboo socks good for work boots?


According to one site, Bamboo socks are made of bamboo fibre which is an extremely soft fabric that provides friction-free pressure relief along the foot and toes.

It absorbs moisture quickly too so there is no need for you to worry about your feet perspiring in the shoes all day which could lead to unpleasant odors.

If you have problems with inflammation at your joints, consider wearing these socks as it has been found that bamboo socks are capable of relieving arthritis pain!

At this time, I cannot say if bamboo socks can protect us from injuries or accidents while on our jobsites but considering them couldn’t hurt.

Do cushioned socks work?

Cushioned socks work by providing an extra level of protection against foot irritation or rubbing. However, I can’t say it will help if your skin is sensitive.

Wearing heels is very tough on the feet because your muscles and joints in your feet have to support a much higher load than when wearing flats – this weight transfers from the heel through the ball of the foot when you walk.

Shoes with built-in foam lining can change that somewhat, which is why they come in handy! The padded sole absorbs some shock when you take a step and makes it feel more like you’re walking barefoot.

The only issue is that if these shoes are too small for wide feet then they may create friction instead of alleviating it!

Do you need special socks for boots?

Depends. I know Nike has some socks designed to be worn with their boots for additional support, but if they’re like the other running socks I’ve seen, they won’t offer much in the way of warmth or protection.

Personally, my favorite brand of wool blend boot socks are Thorlos – they’re thick enough to keep your feet nice and warm on cold days outside, but thin enough that you can wear them with or without shoes — meaning that they work just as well whether you’re wearing sneakers or hiking boots! Of course these aren’t strictly demarcated “boot socks” so… it depends on what you mean by “special.”

Why do people wear thick socks with boots?

Wearing thick socks with boots protects you from frostbite, and helps prevent wet feet.

By wearing thicker socks, the bottoms of your feet are better insulated or protected by your shoes. This will reduce the risk of getting frostbite on cold days if they are exposed to snow or ice for extended periods of time without having a chance to warm up.

By wearing thicker socks with boots, you also avoid sitting in puddles on the wet ground after walking through snow or post-rain weather, which can ruin leather shoes.

How do you wear work socks?

Beneath a pair of dress trousers or slacks, the easiest way to keep work socks from being visible is to have a pair of shoe extensions. There are many different varieties available, but they’re usually about as high as the wearer’s ankle and partway up the calf.

They’re usually constructed either as a panel that can be pulled on over shoes or boots, or as an elastic band that wraps tightly around the clothing just above both foot and lower leg to hold into place under boots or shoes.

Some brands even have subtle piping along their bottom edge so it’s not immediately obvious what they are when seen peeking out from beneath suit pants.

Are boot socks thicker than regular socks?

Yes. Boot socks are made of extra insulating material that provides your feet with more warmth and protection from the cold and rough terrain that they will encounter when wearing boots.

Compared to regular socks, boot socks offer a thicker fabric on the exterior which helps hold in heat for those who live in colder climates or give their feet an extra layer of protection for those who wish to adventure through harsh conditions such as snow or ice-covered trails or mountain slopes.

Boot socks also typically come equipped with a durable seam at the toe so there is no chance of blowouts occurring if shoes rub together while walking, running, trekking, etc.

Should boots fit tight or loose?

Boots should fit tight so they don’t pull and there’s room for socks and insoles. They will still be snug after breaking in the leather and lining, but not as much as when new.

Boots that are too big will need to be cinched up with laces or a drawstring; those that are too small may cause foot problems such as blisters, bruising of the feet, nerve trauma around the ankles (and other lower leg issues). The best is to buy them close to your size now and wear them for a few months before they stretch out any more than necessary.

Why are my feet sliding in my boots?

Sliding in your boots is a pretty common problem. Luckily it’s one of the easiest things to fix!

Since most people wear their foot on the inside of the boot, you could try wearing thicker socks or changing your sock position outside-in. You can also try punching a hole from the foot area from beneath the tongue of your shoe and notching up and around with scissors to provide more snugness against your toes.

Finally, there are some scuff guards that fashion most likely sell that can be placed in front of your heal for additional comfort and snugness against sliding. If these don’t work we’re sorry! Keep us posted on how they work out.

What do I do if my work boots are too big?

  1. Try on the boots with a pair of thick socks to see if they fit
  2. If your work boots are too big, try wearing them around the house for a few hours to stretch them out
  3. Try using shoe stretchers or moleskin insoles to help with any tight spots in your shoes
  4. A new pair of work boots may be necessary – make sure you get ones that are comfortable and fit well before you buy them!
  5. Consider getting fitted for orthotics inserts at your local pharmacy or doctor’s office
  6. Talk to an expert about what kind of work boot would be best suited for you and your job; this will help ensure more comfort while working!

How many days can you wear Darn Tough socks?

Darn Tough hiking socks are made to withstand significant washings over time. As recommended, when the socks show any sign of wear, they’re ready for retirement. This is estimated at about 400 miles of walking or about 6 months time in regular use.

Areas prone to higher levels of abrasion may see a shorter lifespan than this e.g.: toes, heel and ball area where thick padding provides impact protection in active hikers).

The sock’s PH level won’t change in quality performance until mid-lifecycle which is why we provide an unconditional lifetime guarantee to manufacturing defects in store bought products so you can always be confident that you’re wearing high-quality equipment that will perform across the board after any given distance or duration.

What are tactical socks?

Tactical socks, as opposed to running or dress socks, are made explicitly for tactical or emergency gear. These include SWAT team officers, first responders and military personnel whose work heavily focuses on outdoor and/or wet conditions.

Tactical socks typically have a reinforced foot and calf area with extra cushioning for comfort without bulkiness. They also offer protective relief from blisters; this refers to the top band of the sock where the outer strands rub against your skin.

The material is also woolen which provides temperature regulation additionally prevents moisture build up because it’s breathable like mesh lining at the toe area soaked feet can cause since it wicks away sweat and dries faster than cotton socks does.

Are bamboo socks better than cotton socks?

Even though bamboo cotton sock is more expensive, it lasts longer and is better for people who have skin sensitive to most materials.

Firstly, they are easier to care for because they are made of material that can be washed with any temperature water. Secondly, they’re also warmer in cold weather due to the higher thickness of the fibre.

While these socks may not be as absorbent as cotton socks when wet, they are cooler when dry thanks to their natural high moisture-wicking properties.
Lastly, bamboo has proven antibacterial properties so it’s much less likely your feet will get smelly!

Are bamboo socks worth it?

I’ve done quite a bit of research on the topic and bamboo is indeed an important fiber. It’s naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, sustainable, has natural actives to fight odor, wicks away moisture so your feet stay dryer longer – it’s actually amazing! Some people get bothered by the way they feel against their skin but there are lots of new socks on the market designed with comfort in mind so it shouldn’t be your only deterrent if this bothers you.”
Bamboo is becoming more and more common in some fashion lines like Johnny Was. The company manufactures tops that range from 100% organic cotton to 95% bamboo viscose/5% lycra sportswear.

Do bamboo socks stop your feet sweating?

First off, cool air can get passed through it more easily than cotton fibers, which means that bamboo will dry much faster than cotton-based fabrics.

This means that while your feet might still sweat in the sock because of body temperature and environment, at least they won’t be smelly or wet to the touch when you take them off.

Another big benefit of bamboo is its antibacterial properties – it naturally contains phytochemicals (similar to tea) to kill bacteria and fungus that’s linked with foot odor problems like athlete’s foot or mold between toes; however please note that this will also affect any shoe you wear them with.

What are Dickies socks made of?

Dickies socks are usually made from fabric fibers such as cotton, acrylic, nylon or spandex.
Dickies has been a leading name in work clothing for generations and their socks have always been a reliable source of comfort and durability.

They can be found making use of a range of different fabrics, varying from cotton to spandex-like fibers that they adjust for the type of activity required. Whatever the sock you need, Dickies has got it sorted!

Dickies socks are made from a cotton-polyamide blend, which is the result of a process that blends 90% polyester with 10% nylon.

Dickie’s is innovating to keep up with customer demands, as their products now also feature spandex for increased durability and resilience. Dickies provides workwear that can take on any challenge you throw at it- be it an outdoor job site or an office.

Their wisdom shows in their Simple Seamless System™ that creates apparel pieces at just one complete joint for reduced sewing details and reduced exposure to needle holes.

They want our team members to feel supported by providing them with workwear options at all shapes and sizes so they feel confident about what they’re wearing.

Where are tradies socks made?

Tradies socks are imported; the companies may come from other countries such as China and Pakistan, or might be made in Australia.

The term ‘tradies’ first appeared in the 20th century to describe carpenters in construction who work with their hands « »and is used today for general labourers in the building industry.

There are many brands of tradies socks including Goldhawk Group (made in Australia) and Gippsland (made internationally). Navigate to your local retailer’s website for more information on where they’re made.

How often should you replace work socks?

To be more specific, it’s not about the number of times you wash them – but more how often they’re getting used. Oftentimes socks are washed after every use – however if worn for an extended period of time they can get sweaty and need to be laundered even more frequently.

Socks should be replaced every 6-12 months depending on their level of use. If worn daily, I wouldn’t recommend holding out on new socks for over eight months. But of course if it takes six to twelve months before your work socks wear thin in spots or start sliding down at the heel when you walk, by all means hold off until then!

What are the healthiest socks to wear?

It’s important to wear socks that feel comfortable and allow your feet to breath while also being durable. Cheap, thin quality socks may provide a certain level of comfort due to lack of abrasive material but can cause blisters or unsightly sores on the foot.

Socks made from a less absorbent fabric such as cotton will help for those struggling with stinky feet issues; these fabrics do not hold odor well and tend to be more affordable than other options.

Your skin is like an onion- it has layers! The outer layer helps protect against infections by producing sweat (oils) which keep bacteria at bay. Another important factor is the material used in the manufacture of your socks.

What socks do you wear with ankle boots?

In general, ankle boots are worn with opaque tights or socks. Obviously it’s a personal preference, but you’ll want to make sure your ankles are covered if you’ve got them on. For the look-at-all-sides kind of girl, maybe try wearing your fancy boots with a lace-hemmed sock and peeping toe.

Prefer an embellished dress to skinny jeans? Glam up those black ankle boots by pairing them with sheer stockings and thigh highs for ladies who can’t resist showing some skin—go sweet and feminine or sexy and sophisticated! Or keep it cozy: keep those feet toasty in wooly lined socks as late fall chills move in outside.

How can I make my boots fit tighter?

One of the most common ways to get boots to fit snug is dressing in socks before putting on your boots. Using thick socks will compress your skin, allowing your feet to compress properly into the boot. You can also buy insoles designed for women’s shoes or men’s shoes and they will help fill up any extra space in the shoe so it feels tighter around your foot.

Should you wear socks with Sorel boots?


Wearing shoes with socks is the best way to ensure foot health, as it helps to distribute weight evenly on your feet. If you find that your toes are touching the front of the boot, it’s a sign you need a bigger shoe size–you will want enough room for all ten toes in order to avoid pain or blisters later. As an added bonus, you’ll enjoy warmer feet!

Should I wear white or black socks?

You should wear black socks.
Honestly, both will do the trick. If you are wearing tights/leggings, go with what color tights/leggings you are wearing. But if not wearing tights or leggings, I recommend opt for black because it is more slimming and goes well with most outfits. Now now! Don’t give up on white socks just yet! White socks always come in handy when dressing something down to match a fancier outfit – just keep them somewhere discreet.

Are knee high socks appropriate for work?

Yes, if they match the work dress code for your office.

Knee-high socks are appropriate at work, assuming they are in line with your company’s dress code.

There is no “rule” stating knee-high socks cannot be worn at work because it’s not seen as professional attire to put them on outside of the workplace.

Knee-high socks are commonly associated only with school uniforms or sport event apparel, but that doesn’t mean knee highs aren’t allowed at the office.

As long as you’re wearing clothes that are appropriate for what’s professionally acceptable in your career field, you can wear knee highs–and anything else you want!

Are ankle socks bad?

Yes, ankle socks are bad. They are not just uncomfortable but they’re very impractical for all sorts of things- your foot won’t stay in place without a strap, there’s usually no padding or even much fabric to help with the rubbing factor, and the risk of slipping them off is so great.

Ankle socks have become popular because they look cute on young girls who don’t have to walk any distance. But these days it feels like everyone is wearing them regardless of need. I recommend staying away from anything that has less than 2″ of square toe for this reason!

What is the point of boot socks?

An important part of staying warm during winter is wicking the sweat away from the feet. Well-made boot socks offer a natural way to do that which can help you avoid foot and blister problems. Plus, they’re comfortable and easy to wear.

If you think wearing boots with no socks makes sense because it keeps your feet warmer, think again! You need enough sheets between your skin and boots to keep your feet dry since perspiration will continually make them wet (this is especially true if you live somewhere like Minnesota!). Stay warm this winter by making sure you have the right footwear for the weather too…Especially when it’s snowing outside!

How high do boot socks go?

The top of the boot usually sits around calf or knee height. When your foot is inside the boot, you should not be able to see it outside the top of the boot.

The funny thing about how high they “usually” sit- and this varies between genders and types of shoes (boots vs pumps) – is that they always seem to cover my boots when I’m wearing them!!

So, I would say take a measurement from where your toes start to where your leg meets the rest of the joint… Give yourself a good two inches either way so as not to find yourself constantly pulling them up as well as so you can tuck them into jeans comfortably if that’s an option for you!

Are wool socks good for summer?

Yes, wool socks are always worth it.

Wool socks are like sweatbands for your feet that work by absorbing moisture and distributing good air circulation. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture before feeling wet, which is key for keeping your feet cool during the summer months.

Is it bad to wear work boots everyday?

Protecting your feet from the cold and rough terrain is one of many benefits that come with wearing work boots. It can be challenging to determine if it is bad to wear work boots everyday unless you become prone to pain or other poor health states.

Oftentimes, people don’t know if they’re wearing shoes that are uncomfortable until they try on different ones; the human foot requires a specific type of shoe in order for it to feel good.

So, when someone decides to wear their work boots all day long, instead of changing into flats after 10 hours at the office, they could notice how much better their foot feels by simply taking off their boots and putting on some tennis shoes…not just for a rest break!

Should my toes touch the end of my boots?

The main factor deciding whether your toes should touch the end of the boot isn’t how much room there is in your boots, but your personal preference. Consider that people with longer feet are more likely to want some extra space on sides of their feet, while people with shorter feet are more likely wanting their toes touching the edge while walking.
If you have enough room for your toes to touch while walking comfortably without too much strain on any part of your foot, then there’s no reason not to size up for comfort! If you don’t mind some irritation or minor pain during walking or standing for an extended period of time, then it won’t hurt anything if they’re right at the end.

Why are Darn Tough socks so good?

Darn Tough socks are good because they provide the perfect balance of cushioning, moisture management, and warmth. They’re made with ultra-fine Merino wool which provides all-weather protection whether you’re in harsh high altitudes or sweltering low temperatures.

You can wear them around the clock without smells or blisters even if your feet sweat too much. And they’ll last for countless adventures before they show any signs of wear and tear–guaranteed for life!

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