15 Best Women’s Work Boots of 2023

Women’s work boots are designed to be comfortable, durable, and made for the tough conditions of the workplace. They’re tough enough to stand up to your job, but soft enough for you to wear all day long. With women’s work boots, you’ll have the comfort and support you need to get through your day without foot pain or blisters.

With features like steel toes, waterproof lining, and cushioning in the sole, these boots are made to keep you safe and comfortable on your feet. There are many reasons why women want to buy work boots that are specifically designed for their needs. Whether it is because they have a high arch or need to wear orthotics, there is a woman’s work boot for them.

Why Work Boots Matter?

Work boots are an essential part of any workman’s outfit and should be taken seriously. They protect your feet from sharp objects like glass and needles, and they protect you against one of the most dangerous and omnipresent workplace hazards: slips and falls (which I deal with on a daily basis in my line of employment).

It is fundamentally important to know how to choose high-quality footwear when it comes to safety equipment. The key points are fit, support, durability, traction, slip resistance. A good store can guide you through all aspects in regards to your specific needs at your job site or when choosing footwear for outdoor activities.

Features to Consider Before buying work boots:

  1. Consider your work environment
  2. Get the right size
  3. Choose a boot with good arch support
  4. Look for durable materials like leather or rubber
  5. Check for waterproofing and insulation properties to keep feet warm in winter and cool in summer
  6. Think about how you’ll wear them – are they comfortable to walk, run, or stand all day long in these boots ?”

How to Choose Women’s Work boots?

Most women’s work boots will come up and over the ankle. Boots that go up to or just below the knee are sometimes prescribed for women with lower leg issues such as arthritis, varicose veins, or circulation problems.

Boots below the knee can be safer than taller boots because there is less likelihood of accidentally catching a toe in an opening and getting your foot caught which could result in spraining or breaking your ankle.

If you’re looking for something that won’t absorb water and dirt like sneakers, these might not be best choice either. Which presents another option: hiking shoes! Looks like you’ll also need a sturdy pair of lace-up (or zip) hiking shoes and socks–these may be all you need!

Well, just because you’re female doesn’t mean that your needs don’t vary from a man’s so here are a few things to consider before you buy.

Women have a wider foot, calf and lower leg than men fostering the need for more flexible leathers in this area of the work boots. Women also have a tendency to need taller shafts on their work boots.

This is due largely to an average woman being five inches shorter than an average man meaning they require repeated bending movements when working above waist height. The combination of posing at awkward angles for long periods can cause tendonitis which can be alleviated by wearing boots with extra give in the ankle/calf region where it meets the boot’s.

Benefits of Women’s Work Boots

  1. Protect your feet and ankles from injury
  2. Keep you safe on the job site
  3. Enhance productivity by preventing injuries or accidents that can slow down progress
  4. Provide superior comfort for all-day wear
  5. Fit to your needs with a variety of styles, sizes, and colors available in women’s work boots
  6. Offer reliable protection against electrical hazards such as hot surfaces and live wires

Best Women’s Work Boots

Women Mid Work Boots

Our Women Mid Work Boots are a casual but sturdy addition to your boot collection. Perfect for everyday wear, these boots work in all weathers and come with a 2-year guarantee on how waterproof they are.

No more wet socks when you’re walking through puddles! These boots will protect your toes from the inside out minus any slippage or raininess that might occur. They’re our top choice for all-around activities, whether it be hiking in the mountains or running an errand downtown… even if its just across town in rainy Seattle! And of course, best of all is the fact they have a comfortable fit so you can use them no matter who long your day ends up.

Pros: With these boots, you’ll be able to go out without fear of having your feet wet. Built for women makes it easy to find the right size since there are so many options! Great for backpacking, hiking trails or just walking around town.

Cons: The finish is rather slick so after time this may lead to slippage. Also take caution with rain as if you step in a puddle these can leak through the seams easier than other materials due to their synthetic design.

Women Mid Work Boots

Ariat Women’s Canyon II Work Boot

The Canyon II work boot is the most popular of its kind. With over 50 years experience in making footwear, Ariat knows what they’re doing when it comes to outdoor boots. They insist on creating high-quality products with unbeatable craftsmanship and prolonged durability.

The top two features of these boots are the Goodyear Welt Construction and 100% waterproof sealed seams for all types of weather conditions… But you might not be aware that this style originally started out as a farmer’s shoe before becoming an all-season outdoor work or basic clothing item for many people in Europe, Asia, South America, Central America, Namibia, Russia and more!

Ariat offers a large range of work boots for women that are stylish, tough, and built to last. The Canyon II is attractive with its distressed brown leather upper and the boot will get you through your toughest work days. However, there’s no denying these boots were made for heavy-duty use so don’t expect them to be comfortable from day one.

Ariat Women's Canyon II Work Boot

Skechers for Work Women’s

Skechers for Work Women’s Workshire Peril Boot, Dark Brown. Skechers is a go-to in the footwear market and does not disappoint in their high quality shoes designed specifically for work.

Their brand new line of sleek boots are perfect to dress up or down with any outfit, from slacks and dresses to black jeans. A few possible cons when wearing these cool looking shoes: they’re bulky, heavy, not the most comfortable if you have to stand all day at your desk job – after walking around a while there can sometimes be pressure on your arch that may cause some pain behind your toes if you don’t break them in well enough beforehand.

Pros: durable rubber soles offer good traction without feeling too hard on the ground

Skechers for Work Women's

TimberlanD Women’s White LeDge MiD Ankle Boot

The only thing more classic than the TimberlanD Women’s White LeDge MiD Ankle Boot is your favorite jeans. With a lace mid-ankle design, these boots are made with high-quality leather and designed with durability in mind—perfect for any woman who walks confidently into her jog on a sunny morning.

There’s something about this specific style that sparks the kind of adventure that you’re looking for, while remaining classy. If it’s not already clear by now, we love these boots so much because they are perfect for all occasions.

The Timberland Women’s White Ledge Mid Boot has hit our top 10 list of best women’s winter boots because this boot is extremely versatile.

Positive: Regular lace up ankle boot that’s best for wearing in the winter or fall.
Makes a statement with its thick white leatherette side and pronounced woodgrain texture on top.

Double row of seams creates a refined look, while generous stitching around the details engrave sophistication. The soft leather layer at the back prevents from scratches if you have to walk barefoot or slosh through puddles.

Tiny black detail at tip of toe will get toned right down because it hides completely below your jeans cuff so it won’t show when you don’t want it to! Buckle enclosure has two adjustable hook and loop fasteners for perfect size adjustment.

TimberlanD Women's White LeDge MiD Ankle Boot

Lugz Women’s Grotto II Fashion Boot

A boot that’s not only durable and beautiful, but also fashionable with drawstring cording detail on the shaft of the boots for a sleek modern look. The lug sole provides hefty traction from slippery surfaces to keep you glued no matter what you encounter as you go about your day.

Pros: These boots are loaded with high-performance, top-of-the-line features that make your time worth while. The heat resistant lining keeps you warm without ever starting a furnace in the winter, while the patented bottoms protect you from slipping on icy surfaces.

Look great all year round thanks to rugged suede leather construction padded for extra comfort around the foot. And it doesn’t even end there!

Lugz has its very own patent pending three step lug sole system which delivers unbeatable traction against anything wet or slippery! If these features aren’t enough to convince you guaranteed durability will seal the deal — and who’s kidding, unconditional lifetime warranty?

Durable, Fashionable, Transports easily thanks to side lugs. Handmade in America! Take care of livestock or walk around town – these boots won’t let up on their grip anywhere on Earth!
A Lugz exclusive product that offers unmatched support and stability for all-day comfort, safety and style. Available in a variety of colors so you can mix them up until they’re tough enough for any temperature or terrain.

Lugz Women's Grotto II Fashion Boot

Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track

Our Skechers for work women’s sure track trickel slip resistant work shoes provide extreme protection against slips, spills, and falls while also providing comfort with its contoured memory foam insole.

Pros: They say it’s designed for people who spend a lot of time on their feet and need to remain comfortable while also maintaining safety.

The shoes are available in bronze, black, and brown leather color options with attractive leather accents. It appears that they’re insulated and waterproof- which is nice- because we all know what happens when rain finds its way into poorly protected footwear!

Cons: One reviewer was disappointed to find the sizing suggestions did not match reality, so you’ll either have to go size down or order two different sizes and try them on before making any commitment.

That said, he does concede that the discomfort of mismatched socks may outweigh this issue for some customers.”

Skechers for Work Women's Sure Track

Timberland Women’s Waterproof Ankle Boot

If you are looking for a sturdy, waterproof boot that will handle anything Mother Nature throws at it, the Timberland Women’s Nellie Double Waterproof Ankle Boot is perfect. This versatile shoe can be worn with skirts or trousers for outdoor activities in all kinds of weather. The boot fits true to size, so double check the size chart before purchasing!

he design of this women’s boot was inspired by Southern beauty like azaleas and magnolia blossoms with hints of fiery passionfruit. Reckless red wine spills days after it comes into contact; but not these!

They’re resilient because they’re completely waterproof- seam sealed to protect you against the tough stuff. Equipped with UltraDry Wool lining to keep your feet warm and cozy even in the coldest conditions (approx -13° Celsius). Honeycomb traction sole grips no matter how uneven or slippery your surfaces are, for added safety during icy conditions.

Pros: Durable with waterproof and lace-to-toe construction, the Timberland Women’s Nellie Double Waterproof Ankle Boot provides your young one with protection from the rain and cold weather.

They’ll be able to trudge through snow or walk in puddles without their feet getting wet or cold. The energy return footbed helps to keep them feeling energized all day long.

Cons: With an $110 price tag, these boots may seem a bit expensive for most parents – even if they’re children’s footwear!

Timberland Women's Waterproof Ankle Boot

Clorts Women’s Work Boots

The perfect blend of fashion and function! Clorts Women’s Work Boots are water-resistant, breathable, high traction, lightweight shoes with great grip to power you through the toughest workdays.

The downside is that they can only be worn for four hours at a time before needing to air out. Also if your feet sweat like mine do then this product may not be very comfortable because its stiff leather upper could cause blistering under the strap.

Pros: You are guaranteed to have an adventurous ride with these shoes. They are waterproof, breathable, and high-traction grip, making them perfect for any terrain you come across. The boots are comfortable too!

These were designed by women who work in harsh environments so you know they offer maximum comfort! Not only that but the rubber soles provide a great deal of stability when walking or running. If there’s one pair of shoes your closet needs it is these labor-saving work boots from Clorts Women Men’s Shoes Co., LTD!

Cons: It can take up to 14 days for this product to ship which means that if you order then rush orders will still be needed during season changes or time constraints.

Clorts Women’s Work Boots

Salomon Women’s X Ultra Mid CSWP Boots Work

These Salomon boots are perfect for day to day use. They’re stylish, sturdy, and waterproof – just what any smart person needs when braving the elements!
*We know that many of you love these boots, but depending on your work environment they may not be ideal.

For example, if you work in an office with no manual labor required of you (dont worry we know it’s tough out there) then these might not last long. The sole is relatively thin which means they wont help protect your feet from things like shards of glass or rocks; stray nails could injure them too! And while they’re very stylish and cute (you’ll get compliments!), sometimes beauty isn’t all it takes to do a job well done.

You’ll be pleased to learn that they have a vulcanized rubber sole, which is lightweight and durable. They also have an air-injection midsole technology with ADIPRENE® Greenback shock absorption in both the heel and forefoot areas – these modern features make them comfortable while still being just as functional.>

Since this product contains real customer feedback from customers who have used it before, you can trust that these actually meet your requirements just when expecting them to!

Salomon Women's X Ultra Mid CSWP Boots Work

ARIAT Women’s Boots

Tired of waiting around for your muck boots to get ready to head outside again? ARIAT offers women’s Barnyard Side Zip boots that are waterproof, lightweight, and stylish. The Waterproof upper construction features a high quality water repellent leather on the toe area while the suede finish helps prevent any scuffs or marks from occurring while you wear them.

Arborlace lacing is strong enough to last through some chilly winters while still being flexible enough to break in over time with use. A removable insert on these Boots can help add an extra layer of insulation over time when it becomes necessary instead of wearing socks underneath them every day!

These boots are a great choice for any woman because of their durability and comfort. You don’t even need to worry about rain because these boots will keep you dry. They’re perfect for female ranchers, hunters, or outdoor enthusiasts.


  • -Durability with comforts
  • – Takers care of your feet
  • – Guaranteed waterproof qualities
  • – No more wet socks! Temporarily disabled shoelaces so they don’t tangle in the mud.

Cons: There is no way to tie them together on top of your foot like other oxford shoes so they can be slightly difficult to put on with the zipper down around your ankles.

ARIAT Women's Boots

Timberland PRO Women’s Work Boots

This TB PRO Women’s Titan Waterproof Boot, brown. 9 M US is for “covering it all”; perfect for any surface! This boot comes with a waterproof nylon upper that covers the zipper to prevent water from seeping into your feet while you walk or work in wet conditions.

The material also protects against oil and chemical spills – just don’t wear them in the shower! Gardening enthusiasts will appreciate this lace-to-toe design because it additionally provides protection from dirt and debris when kneeling down in the garden. So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to get going on those winter projects so order these Timberland PRO Women’s Titan Waterproof Boots today before they disappear!

Quality, waterproof boots are a must for any job. So what can you do if your feet keep getting wet? Get the Timberland PRO Women’s Titan WaterProof Boots! These work boots have leather uppers and high tops that go to just below your knee.

They’re made to be comfortable all day without any pinching or rubbing on sensitive areas. The outsoles offer great traction so you won’t slip up even in slick conditions like snow or rain, but they’ll still protect against stinging puddles of water when the ground is soaked with it.

Timberland PRO Women's Work Boots

Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Mid Work Boot

We’re looking at the Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Mid Work Boot for you ladies. This long-wearing work boot features a padded tongue and collar that provides support and stability, heel protection to reduce back pain from standing or walking all day, an aggressive lug pattern for durability on tough terrain with excellent traction, lightweight EVA midsole cushions your foot against impacts. Also ideal for agricultural jobs like feeding livestock–you’ll never again have to worry about getting turned over by a cow or stepped on!

Features of note include: leather/synthetic upper materials that keep this durable boot light without compromising it’s weight; reflective piping on shaft supplies enhanced visibility in low light conditions.

The handsome leatherwork of this boots is rugged and stylish at the same time thanks to its asymmetrical zip-top design. Yet despite its rugged look, these waterproof boots are breathable thanks to mesh vents on their outer side panels–making them more comfortable on warm days. So hang up those dress shoes for now and get comfy in some outdoor footwear: you’ll feel like you’re walking in luxury wherever work takes you!

Merrell Women's Moab 2 Vent Mid Work Boot

KEEN Women’s Presidio II-W Work Shoe

This show is a favorite among nurses and other professionals in the health care field for its durability and comfort. The KEEN Presidio II-W Work Shoe features stress-resistant nylon mesh with an adjustable synthetic strap, padded collar, nonmarking rubber outsole, steel shank insulation to protect your feet from cold air or ice buildup on floors, contoured heel support pad for optimal balance, textile lining treated with Ergonomic Fit Technology™ to reduce foot fatigue from prolonged standing or walking.

The pros of this shoe are that they’ll keep you comfortable at work, while the cons may be that it doesn’t have a waterproof membrane which might make your feet wet if it rains.


  • Durable, sturdy rubber outsole provides sure footing on slippery or uneven surfaces.
  • Abrasion-resistant toe protection guards the toes from harsh impact.
  • Lightweight and flexible for all day wearProvides a neutral return to balance while carrying loads.
  • Ventilating Ortholite insole supports arch while regulating temperature

Cons: Fit is available in one width only – wide widths not available

KEEN Women's Presidio II-W Work Shoe
KEEN Women’s Presidio II-W Work Shoe

Hi-Tec Women’s WN Logan Mid Waterproof Work Boot

Everyone loves the Hi-Tec Women’s WN Logan Mid Waterproof Work Boot. The tongue is made of genuine sheep skin for that luxurious, soft feel that never gets tired. They’re not just pretty though; they protect your feet with high-tech innovation and design. Professionals agree these are some tough boots!

For nearly 40 years, Hi-Tec has been pushing the innovation of work boots. It understands that safety is an important part of footwear, but there are many aspects to consider when wearing them all day in addition to working in extreme conditions.

With their latest iteration on the Logan Mid Waterproof they’ve built a boot that’s ultra lightweight and breathable while also protecting you with waterproofing throughout its entire design.


  • Unbelievably light weight, at only 11 ounces
  • Breathability due to upper material layers
  • Two ways to wear upper lace up for stability or slip-on convenience
  • Outsole made of durable rubber provides good traction when needed during tough jobs.
Hi-Tec Women's WN Logan Mid Waterproof Work Boot

Bates Women’s 8 Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip

Get the right fit with Bates Women’s 8″ Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip, Black. These boots will keep your feet dry when you traverse the wet terrain of the backwoods, and provide comfort with their soft lining.

It is made out of tough-yet-lightweight materials so you don’t break your back while trekking through heavy brush in search of that perfect elk to shoot for dinner tonight.

The side zippers make them easy to put on, even with limited dexterity in cold mornings when you’re all bundled up! And for just $79.99 per pair, they’re cheaper than a BOGO sale price across town at other outfitter stores!

The Bates Women’s 8” Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Boot is a lightweight boot with an eye-catching design. While not made for serious snow and ice, this boot is ideal to use during the next rainy weather condition because it will keep your feet dry all day long. For foot protection that won’t weigh you down, we recommend purchasing these boots.

The pro: no weighty bootie – making it great for short trips around town or in light rain conditions
The con: does not provide substantial insulation for icy and snowy environments

Bates Women's 8 Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip

AX BOXING Women’s Work Boots

AX BOXING Women’s Work Boots is a pair of fuzzy, squashy boots that are stylish and gorgeous. You’ll be stopping traffic with these beauties around your feet! They’re sturdy and durable to withstand even the toughest day on the job. Plus, they have great arch support.

But one thing you should know before buying these shoes: they leak funky odors from time to time. So make sure you wear socks all the time or whenever possible when wearing these boots if odor is an issue for you!

AX BOXING Women’s Work Boots are up to date of the times with its style meeting all of the requirements that a modern worker has. These work boots feature an easy on, easy off lace-up clasp.

They are also waterproof and slip resistant on wet surfaces, making them suitable for walking through beverages or on slippery tiles without falling down! Plus, they have good ankle support so you can be comfortable throughout long days standing or walking. You’ll love these great women’s work boots made by AX BOXING!

AX BOXING Women's Work Boots

Under Armour Women’s Work Boots

Boots are the only thing you wear on your feet, so make sure they’re comfortable and look fashionable. Under Armour Women’s Micro G Valsetz Mid Work and Tactical Boot is great for work because it has a water resistant ozone lining that will not allow any spills or seep into your boots.

The 25% recycled content in the material is environmentally friendly. If you do enjoy wearing them outside of work, this boot is perfect with its gripping treads (and 25% less weight) for even slippery surfaces like ice.

This product also features an OrthoLite® sockliner to keep your feet at ease through long hours of wearing their workwear.”

Con: We all know you’ll really want to wear these boots on your off days too. But they’re tactical boots, so unless you work in an office someplace crazy like ISIS headquarters, I’m guessing it’s not gonna happen.

A little bit of bonus info if you do work there—spoilsports at the Pentagon already opened up a new building strictly for Under Armour Brand only, so just go with that instead.

Pro: What makes these women’s micro G Valsetz mid Work and Tactical Boots special is that they fit small sizes just as well as large! So if Big Foot or Sasquatch ever need any shoes…well looks like Small Fry here has got your size!

Under Armour Women's Work Boots

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Ariat work boots any good?

Ariat work boots are great, but there are other brands available that may be more affordable.

There are many features of Ariat work boots that make them an ideal choice for a variety of work environments. But don’t let me convince you to spend your hard-earned money only on the costlier equipment. There’s no need to do so when it comes to something as important as safety gear.

If you’re looking for a ‘good ‘ole reliable’ type of shoe, then there is no better product on the market right now than these shoes by Durango Western Company! They offer quality construction and definitely represent one of the best values in this category with respect to price per pound!

What are the most durable work boots?

The most durable work boots are steel toecap boots that offer the best of all worlds. They offer abrasion-resistant composite material with puncture protection.

The composite material uppers resist cuts, scrapes, and punctures from sharp or dirty objects. Laces are strong and triple stitched for additional strength overall, with a steel toecap enclosed sole created using vulcanized rubber underlayment. This is one tough boot!

What is a Moc toe?

A Moc toe is a form of hand stitching taken from old shoe-making traditions. It is done by making repeated small over-and-over stitches, which results in reinforcement such that the leather does not pull apart and instead creases or folds around itself for additional strength.

The “toe” portion of the name comes from the forefoot area of a shoe where one would find this style sewn to reinforce against wear and tear on the instep and toes, but it can also be used to reinforce areas requiring extra attention such as top handles or striking areas like toe caps.

How long should good work boots last?

It would depend on how often you work in wet environments. If you only use your boots for walking around the office, they should last 2-6 months. But if you were using them for construction work, then they would need to be replaced every 6-12 months or so because that environment is more harsh on them.

You could also see how old the boot looks – are there cracks? Holes? Smells strange? Break it down because these are all signs that it needs to be replace! And remember, even if a shoe doesn’t have any of those telltale signs but merely smells strange, its shelf life has likely come and gone too.

Are Thorogood boots worth the money?

The Thorogood company has been making boots for over 100 years, and their longevity verifies that they’re worth the money. People who choose to wear them rave about how comfortable and durable these boots are.

Not only will this product last you a long time, but it’ll also provide protection against slips and injury which could occur if one were to wear sneakers or flip-flops around town–because we know many of us love our fashionable clothes so much we neglect footwear! If you want a quality and reasonably priced piece of clothing that will last forever, Thorogoods are your best bet.

What’s the difference between moc toe and steel toe?

Moc toe is short for “Moccasin-Toe”, which means it has a leather, or suede, sole on top of the shoe. Steel-toe shoes are designed to protect the wearer from hard impacts.

It really comes down to the look you are going for. Some people want a polished, formal look in their footwear so they will go with moc toe shoes made of leather. Others who want more protection when it comes to slippery materials when on job site may go with steel toes so they can still be stylish while being protected from materials that could cause them injury.

Do Ariat boots have a Goodyear Welt?

A Goodyear Welt can be made to attach by sewing or stitching on the inside of the boot’s leather over the top of the rubber shell.

A pair of boots with a welted sole must also have an additional space sewn onto either side so that there is room for the welt cobbler to cover up where he has sewn in new soles. Leave 1″ inch to 3″ inches between your toe and heel when you measure and order your new, individual outsoles for this purpose.


Worth Women’s Work Boots is about how to reduce the risks of developing breast cancer. One way to not develop this cancer is by following a safer lifestyle. You can follow these steps; avoid exposure to radiation, don’t smoke cigarettes, eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. As you know you need alll of these in order for your body to stay healthy. Since Your body needs rest it needs time away from being on your feet so remember when you are standing up wear comfortable shoes or boots that give your feet lots of room.

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