Best Work Boots for Bricklayers

10 Best Work Boots for Bricklayers UK (2021)

When it comes to work boots, the more protection the better. Bricklayers are exposed to all kinds of conditions that can cause injury or illness. That’s why safety is paramount when selecting a good pair of work boots for bricklayers.  With so many options on the market today, what do you need to consider?

When you are a bricklayer, you wear work boots that can stand up to the abuse of having rocks and bricks thrown at your feet. These boots need to protect your feet from mortar, cement, and other hard substances.

They also need to be comfortable enough for long hours on your feet. You should look for steel toe options as well as ones with great arch support if standing on uneven ground is your daily routine. Finding the right pair of work boots can make all the difference in how much pain you experience after a day’s work versus comfortability during it.

Benefits of Work Boots for Bricklayers

  1. Protect Your Feet
  2. Provide Stability
  3. Prevent Slips and Falls
  4. Offer Protection Against Electrical Hazards
  5. Work Boots Help You Reach Higher Heights
  6. Lessen the Impact of Heavy Lifting with a Good Pair of Work Boot Linings

Tips for Choosing The best work boots for Bricklayers

  1. Consider the environment where you’ll be wearing them
  2. Choose a style that fits your foot best
  3. Make sure they are well-constructed to withstand the job’s demands
  4. Ensure they provide comfort and safety for your feet
  5. Look for boots that have rubber soles, steel toes, and good arch support
  6. Find out if they will cause any problems with your legs or back when walking around on uneven surfaces all day long

Why work boots are important for bricklayers?

You’ll be required to walk on wet, uneven cement – even straight down into the grout between two pieces of brick. Walking slightly below the surface means you practically audition your work boots for this job. Water wears away at any sole, but our composite soles are designed to take shocks and provide support for hours without wear or tear. With these reinforced soles, your feet will feel strong every step of the day.

-Safety boots offer protection from injuries such as gas and electrical burns, falls or nails on the feet.
-Most construction workers find that they need a sturdy pair of work boots with good ankle support for standing and walking all day.
-Construction workers often need to move fast on job sites and, therefore, work boots should be lightweight and flexible.
-Workers who spend their days on their feet may appreciate low cut boots to encourage better blood circulation or those with soft soles so as not to transfer too much vibration through the foot.

How to Find the right size of Work boots?

Finding the right size of work boots is a little easier than one may think. Measuring for work boots is done by giving your weight and height!

If you want to find out which a specific size would be best for you, you need two measurements from the chart below.

Take those two measurements from the table below and match them up to see what size range will fit each measurement.

Not every work boot on our site has this interactive sizing chart, but we’ve listed sizes as A-B-C in case your preferred make doesn’t have this feature!

Things to consider while buying work boots for bricklayers

  1. When buying work boots for bricklayers, it is important to know the weight of the boot
  2. The height of the boot may be too tall if you are not used to wearing them
  3. It is important to have a good grip on your feet when walking across wet surfaces
  4. You want sturdy soles so that you can walk through mud without slipping or getting stuck in puddles
  5. Make sure your toes are able to move freely within the shoe and there’s enough room at the front of your foot for movement
  6. Brands to consider
  7. Price range
  8. Durability
  9. Safety features
  10. Comfort level
  11. Fit and style of the boot

Why wear separate boots for bricklaying??

It’s necessary to differentiate the foot surface from the sole surface of a boot because objects can get caught between them. When working on a construction site, the floor is likely to become uneven and surfaces may include wet cement, metal rods, nails or protruding screws, all of which could potentially get caught in boots that have both hard soles and hard foot surface.

Best Work Boots for Bricklayers

Men’s MAXSTEEL Work Safety Shoes

Smart work boots that have been carefully designed with a lot of thought put in to them for you! Say goodbye to your sore achy feet and hello to the joy of wearing these trusty work shoes.

With reinforced steel toes available on all six pairs, breathable quality leather uppers, and cushioning mid soles, they will be sure to make any project seem easier than ever before.

In addition, due to their slip resistant technology they really WILL help you out on wobbly stairs or marble floors. A list of smart features that will provide all sorts of benefits both at work AND when you’re off at home too!

See the MAXSTEEL Work Safety Shoes – excellent for working in when you need to keep your feet secure and supported.

The steel toes provide all the power of protection when meeting with heavy objects, so that you can maintain stability and balance during work hours. The non-slip soles and synthetic material make them great for outdoor or indoor settings, and they’re water resistant too, which is a big plus!

They’re also tough enough to help protect your ankles from high kicks or any other possible accidents on site. With such good traction on most surfaces, these boots are your best bet if even one step means safety – because there’s nothing worse than having sore feet (except maybe slippery ones).

Men's MAXSTEEL Work Safety Shoes

BARGAINS-GALORE Men’s Safety Trainers Shoes Boots

Do they have a steel toe cap? Yes! Well then come on in, they’re going to last you a lifetime. Especially when you consider the deals we’ve got going on here at BARGAINS-GALORE Men’s Safety Trainers Shoes Boots for Bricklayers.

You might be wondering what work boots are so great about this store. What makes them different from some other chumps selling overpriced shoes and boots down the street?

So you’ve been working in construction for a while now and have decided to take the leap from flip-flops to work boots? Well, congratulations! But whoa there buddy, if you wanna keep your feet safe, don’t just buy any old boot.

Make sure you get one with steel caps on it so when normal shoes wear down over time, these will still have that extra protection. Sure they may be a little more costlier up front but think about how much pain and suffering they could save- not just in your feet but in your back too! Who knows maybe you’ll even meet a guy named Bob out there somewhere.

BARGAINS-GALORE Men's Safety Trainers Shoes Boots

Scruffs T51446 Men’s Switchback Safety Boots

Are you tired of having cracked heels? From the ground to the sky, Scruffs has your all-inclusive safety boots. You can find Scruffs Men’s Switchback Safety Boots Yellow in sizes 7-14 at any brick and mortar store near you!

Manufactured for people on their feet everyday, these work boots come with a ton of features including: waterproof leather uppers; full welt construction; extra padding around toe box and heel counters for ultimate comfort and protection and reinforced sides and shanks to help protect against stone punctures.

Look no further than the T51446 Men’s Switchback Boots from Scruffs as they have everything that a worker needs so they can do what they need eagerly awaited.


  • Scruffs men’s switchback safety boots are made to order for bricklayers. Sewn with strong, friendly leather and durable rubber soles, these boots take on the toughest jobs you can throw at them. All weather work boot protects feet against everyday hazards–perfect balance of insulation and breathability so your feet don’t feel overheated or wet when the hot days turn cold. No longer will you have to be restricted in what type of clay to handlay/chop because this Level 5 footwear is oil resistant! Made to last but still gently flexible enough that if you need a lot more mobility than most styles allow then this steel toe is perfect for you! The classic styling also makes it look great.
Scruffs T51446 Men’s Switchback Safety Boots

Caterpillar Gravel 6 Inch Men’s Black Safety Boots

You know, it’s pretty rough being a bricklayer all day. Your feet are taking the weight of the world on them every time you walk. Why not give your most important body part – your feet- some support? If you’re looking for good work boots to take care of those tired puppies, these Caterpillar Gravel 6 Inch Men’s Black Safety Boots are right up your alley.

They have the highest safety rating in their category, are made with quality materials to last long and resist corrosion for years to come, and they’ll make walking easier, warmer, and more enjoyable for both you and everyone within earshot!

The Caterpillar Gravel 6 Inch Men’s Black Safety Boots are perfect for work that requires rugged protection. This product is designed to hold up for working conditions that involve long hours of standing on hard surfaces, high exposure to abrasives, as well as wet weather and grease leaks.

These boots also offer excellent traction and grip in all conditions. What’s the downside though? Well they’re not great for those looking to squeeze into tight spaces or who want a shoe with an inch more material at the top of the shaft!

Caterpillar Gravel 6 Inch Men's Black Safety Boots


Bricklayers are only as tough as their work boots. And if you want to do tough things, you need rugged protection—which is why Grafton Boots’ line of men’s safety work boots were designed with the strength needed for hard labor.

When hardworking guys like yourself step into our wide fitting black leather boots, you’re getting all the comfort and durability that’s guaranteed to protect your feet day after day.

Workers aren’t just workers; they’re people too! That means these kindhearted souls deserve a leg up every now and then from those who believe in them. So we created a special program where lucky customers will get 3 months free on Grafton Boots—so find out what true strength feels like with this.

These are for when you’re on your feet all day, but still want to look good. Some guys like their boots really tight-fitting with the top of the boot pressing into their skin, but if that’s not your cup of tea then try out these Grafters.

It is made of leather and won’t stretch as much as those plastic ones you can pick up at Target or Walmart; those crack too easily and make fixing brick easy peasy! And don’t fret about them getting dirty either because they clean up real nice (leather) without shedding like those other cheaply made pairs do (plastic).


Buckler BAZ Safety Trainer Boots in Honey 

Solid foot protection is paramount for Bricklayers. You don’t want to spend all day balancing on thin brick, only to turn around and slip off the trowel! For this reason, safety should be your main focus.

Buckler BAZ has taken an innovative approach with Safety Trainer Boots in Honey by providing ankle support at its best. It’s no wonder these are our most popular boot selection for professionals.

They’re designed to withstand tough obstacles, yet flexible enough that you can move seamlessly through any situation without compromising your safety or strength! What makes them really stand out though? If you’ve ever seen a working Boot before then you know they’re notorious for looking like nothing more than sweaty hobo-chic, so Fashionable.

Pros: A sturdy, well-made sturdiness. Small expense considering the long use you’ll get from them. They’re water resistant and will keep your feet dry no matter what season it is.

The flexible cushioned footbed will provide comfort all day, while protecting your toes where steel toe caps cover the whole of the forefoot for protection against impact or overuse injuries like stubbing your toe on something heavy like a scaffolding block.

For further relief these safety boots come with an arch correction plus spacer which ensures better posture for any wearer; all in all they are versatile products that can be worn easily by anybody who works construction jobs making them great value for money.

Buckler BAZ Safety Trainer Boots in Honey 

Black Hammer Men’s Safety Boots

Our men’s safety boots are the perfect blend of form and function. With emphasis on protection from a steel toe cap, workers can work up to 12 different hours a day in these tough new shoes for an impressive price.

The new factory rubber sole grip will provide traction all while there is some promise that the waterproof lace area prevents some water from going into our shoes while we work.

The Black Hammer Men’s Safety Boots are stylish, comfortable work boots for professionals in construction fields. They have steel toe caps so no matter what the unpredictable situation is, you won’t be unprepared.

The all leather material will eliminate any distractions because it provides protection from outside issues when you need to stay focused on your primary task at hand. Besides durability and safety features, these amazing work boots also offer fashion! Get yours today and show off how hard-working you are with these shoes!


-Steel Toe Cap that offers protection for unpredictable situations

-All Leather Material that eliminates distractions by providing an added level of necessary protection against external problems like debris or hazardous material

-Stylish look allows different professionals in Construction fields.

-Protection from steel toes
-Durable performance on rough terrain
-Waterproof lace eyelets!

-Sizing might sometimes be tricky to adjust right away

Black Hammer Men's Safety Boots

Elten Joschi GTX ESD S3 CI Unisex Winter Warm Boots

The Elten Joschi GTX ESD S3 CI Unisex Winter Warm Boots are a perfect October purchase. Thanks to the aluminium cap and PVC outsole, these winter warm boots by Elten offer excellent electrical conductivity while shielding you from moisture build-up.

The polyurethane midsole provides long-term comfort for up to 1 million steps, while the GORE-TEX lining reduces water absorption and keeps your feet dry in wet conditions.

The Elten Joschi GTX ESD S3 CI Unisex Winter Warm Boots is a heavy duty, work boot designed for the tough and long-lasting demands of bricklayers. Weighing in at 33 ounces (935 grams), it can withstand anything from steel to water.

Made with safety in mind, the boots are insulated and fire resistant; save your toes from falling off when you’re pouring molten lava into that kiln! For your little problem feeties, we recommend these torture devices that will have you walking on clouds by just putting them on.

Reviewers Thoughts: Overall great looking shoe sheds mud easily. Great support even while doing lots of walking around on concrete all day while wearing concrete shoes too!

Elten Joschi GTX ESD S3 CI Unisex Winter Warm Boots


The ELTEN ALESSIO XXW Mid ESD S3 Men’s and Women’s Leather Shoes Heavy Duty Blue Steel Toe Cap is a great boot for any profession or trade. If you want to be tough while still being stylish, this is the best pair of work boots around!

Easily grip your toes on any surface, slip resistant soles up to 700 degrees which can handle boiling water and other potentially hazardous conditions without damaging the leather uppers.

Won’t rust or corrode because it’s been treated with a protective finish from head to toe. Wear them all day long without experiencing soreness in your feet from their anti-fatigue comfort features, including an extra inch of insoles that cushion every step just right.

For years, ELTEN has made work shoes for people who need them to be durable. Helping constructors keep their footing on the jobsite is our specialty, but when you’re in this industry, it doesn’t much matter what your job is–you need boots that are surefooted and tough. And that’s where we come in.

Every day at work sees us running across heavy objects like bricks and cement blocks, so safety gear is crucial when you’ve got footwear this rugged. Our steel-toe caps ensure protection against injury or damage while remaining comfortable enough for an all-day shift so you can concentrate on the task at hand instead of wondering if your feet will make it through unscathed.



Bricklayers are tough, demanding jobs. They work in all sorts of weather conditions and wear out their boots quickly. It’s important to find a boot that will hold up for the long haul while still meeting your industry requirements.

That’s why we looked at some popular brands with pros and cons to help you make an informed decision when purchasing new work boots for bricklayer professionals! Pros- These boots have great traction on wet surfaces which is highly desirable because it can prevent slips or falls on slick surfaces like ice or snow

Cons– The soles may not be as durable as other options available (such as steel toes) but they do offer good ankle support and arch cushions.


Are DeWalt Work boots any good?

It turns out that the answer is yes. I was wary of buying boots online because of sizing, how they’d fit my feet, or whether they’d be comfortable to wear – but these work boots are great on all counts.

They’re durable and sturdy without feeling too heavy; if anything they’re on the lighter side for something this size and will keep your feet light even with a full day of work ahead of you.

The straps offer plenty of support around the ankle while still making it easy to slip them off when needed; there’s also enough room so you don’t feel like your foot is being squeezed in uncomfortably or hampering circulation. They look quirky but I think that just adds to their charm!

Will concrete ruin muck boots?

If you’re using a very strong sealant to apply the concrete, then no. In fact, it should be relatively simple to paint over them afterward.

If you plan on painting your concrete seals afterwards- best not to use any other protective measures for the boots. Painting requires a lot of hard work and care in preparation for a good finish, and if the muck boots are already sealed against everything else including water- they’ll just have paint build up faster as well as be more difficult to clean after each application.

A much better idea might be to use an oily protectant such as linseed oil or neatsfoot oil, because both of those will darken nicely under ink from pens or pencils without staining clothing.

How long should good work boots last?

The longevity of a pair of good, high-quality work boots depends on what kind of conditions you’re wearing them in. If it’s a factory environment with a lot of acidic chemicals, the leather will crack and dry quickly. In that case, I would say 4 years is an optimistic estimate for how long they’ll last.

If they’re just being worn on city sidewalks or the occasional muddy job site, 6 years is still very realistic number.
A quality pair can last 8-10 years under ideal circumstances–and some yet to be invented technologies like Wolverine’s new boots made from recycled car tires ( promise up to 15 year lifespans.

How many miles are work boots good for?

It depends on a lot of things. If you take good care of them and use a waterproofing product, they may be good for up to two years.

However, if your work boots are made from poor quality materials or if you fail to take adequate precautions with water exposure, then the life expectancy can be as short as six months.

For this reason it’s always best to buy shoes that come with a protective coating that will extend their lifetime by at least one year. Without the proper treatment it’s not fair to judge how many miles they will last but at best it is going to be around 10k-15k miles, so always do what you can so read the manufactures instructions before buying.

How long are steel toe boots good for?

Steel toe boots have a lifespan of about 3-5 years, assuming they are in good condition. After that, they will start to rust and become less durable in the long term. This is a particular instance in which a newer pair lasts longer than an older one when compared with quality construction from high quality parts.

In general despite how well made your shoe is there is only so much mileage before it’s time to be retired for something new. Inherently, with any product there has been some kind of engineering optimization where the optimum price point has been reached per unit production costs! Given this, going out and buying anything beyond 5-10 year old shoes can be considered ridiculous unless you’re going for some aesthetic purpose.

Does cement eat leather?

Yes, cement can eat through leather completely in about 10 years.

This is because the chemicals in cement (ceramics) cause emulsification when they come in contact with the oils found in leather. Same thing happens to clothes like cotton and wool, but cotton and wool do not last as long as a leather jacket might.

Cement will etch away at any type of natural fibers so you should always take care to protect clothing from coming into contact with it or other harmful substances found around a construction site. Building sites need to be carefully protected so workers don’t do anything hazardous by accident that could get them hurt!

Are work boots good for concrete?

Concrete contains a lot of harsh chemicals and can be rough on the soles of your shoes, so it’s often advised to wear rubber or leather feet when working on concrete. Work boots are nothing more than a specific kind of plastic foot for use on concrete. Something like a steel-toe boot is good for added protection from any debris.

Although they’re not necessary, work boots provide an additional layer of material that can filter out some abrasive effects from the chemicals in the concrete. This might make them a sound investment for someone who does construction work frequently in buildings made primarily out of concrete, but may not provide enough benefit in all cases to be worth the elevated price tag (compared to buying high quality shoes.

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