12 Best Work Boots for Cold Weather (2021)

Work boots are essentially the most important footwear in the winter. They provide warmth and protection for both feet and ankles, which can often be exposed to cold temperatures. The work boot is also a style statement- so it’s not just about function!

There are several options available when looking for work boots to keep your toes warm this winter season. Read on below to find out more about these options, as well as how you can choose the best ones for you!
The post title is “Work Boots for Cold Weather”. The tone of this article will be academic because it will discuss different types of work boots that people wear during the fall/winter seasons. It also discusses what kind of features one should look into before purchasing their work boot.

The most important consideration for wearing work boots in cold weather is to make sure they are waterproof. If your feet get wet, you will be miserable! The next thing to keep in mind is insulation.

You want a boot that is insulated enough so that your feet don’t freeze when they come in contact with the cold ground or snow. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is by using an insert that can go inside the shoe and wrap around your foot for extra warmth.

Lastly, it’s important to remember not only what type of work you’re doing outside but also how long you’ll be outside each day. If you’re going out on a short errand and will only be there for five minutes.

Benefits of Work boots for Cold Weather:

  1. Keep your feet warm and dry
  2. Protects from slips, trips, and falls on slippery surfaces
  3. Provide good traction for walking on snow or ice
  4. Provides support to the arch of your foot
  5. Create a barrier between you and the cold ground below you
  6. Offer protection against electrical hazards in wet weather conditions

How to Choose the Best Work Boots for Cold Weather:

  1. Work boots are a must for any job that takes you outside
  2. It’s important to choose the right work boot for your specific needs
  3. Consider what kind of weather conditions you’ll be working in
  4. Think about how long your commute is and what type of shoes you wear on a daily basis, as these factors will affect which work boot is best suited for you
  5. There are many different types of boots to consider – from rubber boots with insulation, to insulated winter boots with steel toes, or even waterproof leather boots with removable liners
  6. Read through our buyer’s guide below and find the perfect match!

Best Work Boots for Cold Weather

XPETI Men’s Thermator Mid-Rise Non-Slip Outdoor Boots

You might be thinking “These boots look pretty rugged and utilitarian, I’m not sure they look comfortable at all!” but that would only form part of the opinion formed by those who take a quick glance.

A closer inspection will reveal just how well these shoes are designed for everyone from skiers to hunters. Let this product description give you an informed idea:
For Hunters: You need a lightweight boot with breathable insulation and aggressive grip soles so you can chase down your prey in style and avoid slipping on snow or wet leaves to get them! These boots will let you handle any terrain, as well as provide much needed relief from sore feet after walking miles out there in nature.

The XPETI Men’s Thermator Mid-Rise Lightweight Hiking Insulated Non-Slip Outdoor Boots are inexpensive because they will not withstand the test of time and there is no guarantee that your feet will stay dry or comfortable after experiencing these for any length of time (now if you really do want lightweight and affordable, we recommend looking at other brands).

These boots make sense for budgeting college students living off pasta rations who need their whole pantry to afford them; but we urge you to consider wearing something more durable.

XPETI Men’s Thermator Mid-Rise  Non-Slip Outdoor Boots

Carhartt men’s Cmc1259 10″ Pac Boot-m Construction Shoe

You don’t want to work a construction site without wearing the right gear. This is why we make boots for people who engage in heavy labor day after day, and Carhartt Men’s Cmc1259 10″ Pac Boot-m Construction Shoe/ Brown Oiltan is a top-of-the line product that will keep you comfortable and working hard. Find out more about this trusted brand today!

Carhartt mens Cmc1259 10″ Pac Boot-m Construction Shoe: The pros outweigh the cons with this durable shoe that helps keep your feet cool and comfortable on hot days. What can we say — sweat happens when you’re cutting down trees all day long! But despite an appropriate amount of arch support.

Anyone who does work on their feet knows that there are two things of equal importance, comfort and durability. The new Pac Boots from Carhartt are designed for those needs with a Gore-Tex waterproofing membrane lining to withstand the shoddy weather of Autumn winter.

When heat retention becomes an issue due to the damp cold, these boots have you covered with thermo-insulated insulation. All day comfortable treads make it easy to walk around your job site while steel toes keep hazards at bay.

These Pac Boots do not come with laces which is great because they will never snap or fray! And for quick clean up if something nasty gets onto them just hose them off!

Carhartt men's Cmc1259 10" Pac Boot-m Construction Shoe

WHITIN Men’s Winter Shoes Snow Boots Outdoor

On the one hand, our WHITIN Men’s Winter Shoes Snow Boots Outdoor Trekking for Cold Weather Warm Work Insulated Fully Fur Lined Nubuck Leather Muck Water Proof Waterproof Anti Slip Wide Width Construction will keep your feet warm and protected from the cold. On the other, they’ll slip all over when you walk on wet metal surfaces.

Pros: Warm, water-proof, cost effective.

Cons: Not warm enough for extremely cold weather. Slightly uncomfortable after wearing all day long. Seem to have an odor that fades over time but not before the smell is unpleasant upon first use.

WHITIN Men's Winter Shoes Snow Boots Outdoor

Carhartt Men’s 8″ Rugged Flex Insulated Waterproof

In polarizing times, when there’s a sense that things are going from bad to worse in an effortless manner, you’ve got to keep your cool. These Carhartt boots will come through with fly kicks of iced water for your weary soul against the unrelenting heatwaves. Faux-fur lining keeps feet happy and hydrated, even when they’re locked up in these leather work boots all day long.

Men’s boot in brown with a safety toe from Carhartt. Built for longevity and quality durability, they come in an 8″ shaft height with biker heel. Made out of synthetic leather upper and full grain nubuck leather lining, these boots will keep feet dry and comfortable while working on the job site all day long.

PROS: THESE BOOTS HAVE A SAFETY TOE! Great work boots that will last for years – of course we’re trying to get you some new ones every year because we care so much about your toes, but still… Have you heard of any accidents lately? We probably do better than most people at keeping these shoes safe AND comfortable!

Carhartt Men's 8" Rugged Flex Insulated Waterproof

Rocky Men’s Blizzard Stalker Boot

If you’re looking for the ultimate hunting boot, look no further. These are more than just a pair of boots to step out in style- here’s why our Rocky Men’s Blizzard Stalker Pro Hunting Boot is your match made in heaven: -hundreds of colorways to choose from-double zip closure on back flap-sturdy soles for high traction and stability with slip resistant rubber outsoles -flexible comfort ankle collar for easy wearing-ankle height that will be perfect on all terrains

Take on this Fall season with some power! With these 8 inch long hiking boots sporting sturdy waterproof leather uppers with added lace loops, you can’t go wrong.

Whether you’re stalking your prey in the woods or out shoveling snow, this hunting boot will keep your digits toasty.

Pros: They come with unmatchable warmth, depth and dampness protection, and durability.

Con: This much freedom can give toes all the room they’ll ever need to wriggle around.

Rocky Men's Blizzard Stalker Boot

Kamik Men’s Nationplus Snow Boot

There’s nothing better than a perfect winter day, and for these guys, it’s an everyday thing. The Kamik Men’s Nationplus Snow Boot is made with durable leather to protect your feet from the snow and ice all while keeping you fashionable and warm at the same time! I’m not sure if they’re waterproof; please do your research before purchasing this product.

Reviews say that they’re great when temperatures are in the 20s Fahrenheit (I like my winters like I like my piñatas: frozen). And well, because life isn’t complete without style—they make me look taller! Who doesn’t love feeling good about themselves?

Pros: Great for the outdoors

Cons: Huge and bulky
Looks like a giant clumsy grandma would wear it.

Kamik Men's Nationplus Snow Boot

Columbia Men’s Fairbanks Omni-Heat Snow Boot

You need them when it gets cold out, and if you’re going to get cold feet then Columbia Men’s Fairbanks Omni-Heat Snow Boot is right for an active lifestyle! When storms come, the weatherman says “show me a storm trooper,” and your shoes become a mighty tool in conquering Mother Nature’s wrath with these boots.

The Lowa outer shell has been steam formed so that the product becomes impervious to water for extended periods of time. It protects from mucking about in slushy conditions or battling through snowstorms while still maintaining breathability that keeps warm air from escaping without compromising comfort or traction.

These Columbia Men’s Fairbanks Omni-Heat Snow Boot in Black offer a warm and comfy winter solution with lightweight insulation and durability. These boots are perfect for the person looking for an affordable, but dependable investment in their feet this season. With specifications such as these, it is hard to understand why they’re not your new favorite shoes!


  • With minimal weight and durability, you’ll be pleased with how uncomplicated these boots will feel when on your feet all day long
  • The only footwear that has reflective stripes at the top of each boot which work well in dark weather or trips inside buildings during your commute
  • These waterproof boots help you keep both liquids and heat out of the shoe so there’s no foot.
Columbia Men's Fairbanks Omni-Heat Snow Boot

AMIDEWA Men’s Snow Ankle Boots

Pros: Warm, lightweight, and comfortable. Durable for a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, camping, backpacking, target shooting. Lined with fur from Ural lynx that can survive temperatures as low as -70C to measure about 36 inches long making them the warmest boots on the market. The soles are solid rubber treads designed for traction and protection against both dirt and weather conditions.


Expensive compared to other products in this category which we think results from the four layers needed instead of two which is more standard issue for this type of boot given its durability level and features above-mentioned qualities).

You need to break them in before use, which will take some days doing if they don’t fit immediately from purchase.

AMIDEWA Men’s Snow Ankle Boots

Timberland Men’s Anti-Fatigue Waterproof

For the reader on the go, this two-toned boot will get you places in all weather. These Timberland boots for men are waterproof and warm to help fight fatigue while keeping your feet happy. Made of high quality materials with durable stitching, these boots offer great traction on wet surfaces, too.

The boot is easy to take on and off with non-metallic hardware that won’t be affected by airport security or steel detectors at office buildings. Uniquely designed with an asymmetrical stitch line up the back keep toes more relaxed than ever! Great for several types of foot shapes–please call our customer support team for sizing guidelines if needed.

-The world is tough on your feet, but Timberland’s Men’s Anti-Fatigue Hiking Waterproof Leather Mt. Maddsen Boot can withstand anything you throw at them
-When you’re out there hustling hard–working your butt off to get ahead of the game–this boot will be right by your side, putting an end to fatigue and soreness once and for all
-Just one break in these shoes will make it feel like you walked 400 miles up 12,000 foot peaks with nary a bite or bruise
-Besides preventing unrelenting pain (we all know how great that feels), this boot features premium leathers with Gore Tex lining to keep rain, snow, sleet, everything

Timberland Men's Anti-Fatigue  Waterproof

Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera Mid Waterproof for Cold Weather

Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Bone/Brown/Mustard:
The Interchangeable Soul. These boots are named for the popular trekking moonscape, but the name could not be more fitting for what you will experience with these boots!

With such a versatile product, these Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots give you great support and protection on any type of terrain to explore and roam free.

You’ll find that nothing can stop your creative expeditions as you sail through colorful land without getting stuck in mud or bogging down to keep traction on slippery ice patches!

Pros: These boots have a really great grip that will keep you from falling off rocks and slippery hills. The leather accents are rugged which means they’re built to last through the toughest of adventures.

The good reviews say they’re breathable, so your feet stay nice and cool even in warm weather! And because these boots have ruggedness but also have a sleek look – everyone will know this is a shoe for someone with skills to match their style.

Cons: Some reviews said the size ran small so it might be worth ordering one size up if you want those extra few minutes of wearing them before doing any outdoor activities like hiking or particularly steep climbing; can’t adjust laces as easily as other shoes.

Hi-Tec Men's Bandera Mid Waterproof for Cold Weather

SOREL – Men’s Buxton Lace Waterproof Winter Boot

The look of your boot is versatile. Sorel Men’s Winter Boots are able to be worn with casual clothing, formal attire also in the urban vibe. The modern appeal in this one includes polished high abrasion rubber parts which is resistant to ice and debris…

With the innovative crampon-type lugs on the outsole provide traction when walking on ice or slippery surfaces -The design was approved by Flyweight World Champion Valentin ‘Valin’ Kalika whose ability to keep his balance while moving erratically earned him that distinction

The SOREL – Men’s Buxton Lace provides all the warmth and comfort you need to stand up to a Canadian winter. Made with a Leather upper and a rubbersole, the boots provide protection from slush, water, snow and ice with their waterproof leather construction.

The high-comfort cork/latex footbeds have been designed for long days on your feet or tucked under your desk at work. In addition, metal hook lace closures allow you to customize the footwear for personalized fitment so that it is comfortable from day one!

SOREL - Men's Buxton Lace Waterproof Winter Boot


Why is this so versatile, you ask? We feel it’s because these boots are made to do anything. You can wear them for snow-covered towns or freezing offices. They’re waterproof and comfy enough that they’ll be your go-to shoe for all seasons!

Protect your ankles from the cold, wet slush this winter by investing in a sturdy boot. The Monte Bootie has a rubber sole for an easy fit and plenty of warm toasty padding around the foot. This is not your average flip-flop that you’ll see all over town; our boots will last for years with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Simply wipe them down after each use with soap and water, let them dry completely before storing them away! You can also bring your boots into us for us to clean or repair any minor tears or holes. Now go out there and kick up some snow (cause we know we can’t do it without you)!


Sorel Women’s Winter Boot

This boot is the perfect balance of style and practicality! They’re cute and stylish, but not too flashy like many other brands. Plus, they make for ultimate warmth because of their 3M Thinsulate insulation.

This lining also helps protect them from getting wet in the snow or water; great protection against cold winter mornings! One negative thing about these boots is that they can’t be worn on colder days because you need socks with them: glad we thought to mention that in advance–they won’t do much without a pair of warm socks to go under them!! Pros: fashionable while still being high-quality and durable Cons: your feet will get chilled easily without some good thermal wear inside

This waterproof boots are cozy and durable with high-quality sole material for excellent traction on snow and ice. The faux fur lining keeps your feet from getting too cold in colder weather conditions as well as making them feel more comfortable.

The New Year brought new changes as well as our frustration of losing our favorite shoes or boots due to backpacks tossed into closets without care or memories boxed away like old relics. And if it comes across an enemy encounter of wet grounds, fear not friends because this precious boot will get you through anything Mother Nature can throw at us!

Sorel Women's Winter Boot

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid for Winter

The White Ledge Mid Waterproof boots from Timberland is a stylish yet functional pick for any winter day. This boot offers a waterproof leather upper with a breathable mesh lining and Dri-lex non irritant sock liner that will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

You can even adjust the lacing system to customize the fit of this foot covering! However, these great features do come with some downsides as Kewlioi has experienced.

The white color sticks out like a sore thumb on dirty snow where it’s easy to lose footing due to ice buildup near dark afterwards.

With only 4% rubber material use in constructing this product, there is also less protection from hazards such as ice chunks or sharp frozen ground icesmall rocks.

These are heavy-duty boots. They’re made with leather, rubber, and suede. The boot is waterproofed to make sure your feet stay warm and dry even in the snow! But you need to be careful not to wear them every day because they can cause foot strain if you don’t give your feet a break now and then.

Pros – Timberland’s best-selling boots. Good for hiking or working outdoors in cold weather.
Cons – Snow isn’t the only thing that these boots will keep out of your house! They can make a terrible mess on wooden floors and carpets, so try not to wear them indoors too often, if at all!

Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid for Winter

STQ Winter Snow Boots

Your new favourite winter boots come in a variety of colours and even styles! These STQ Winter Snow Boots for Women Waterproof Cold Weather Women Duck Boots (aka rubber boots) will keep you comfy and warm through the cold days ahead while protecting your feet from snow, slush, salt, and ice.

They look great with any winter outfit! But if you’re concerned about shopping for something on your own: no worries. You can get them here on our store or offline at local retailers.

These snow boots from STQ are made from a waterproof, cold weather duck exterior. They feel insulated and have an extra-thick liner for longevity. The rubber outsole is perfect for excellent traction on icy winter months! Catch these boots running now, because your feet could freeze during the colder seasons if you’re not quick enough.

For visitors looking for a functional snow boot that will be stylish throughout all seasons – this could be your answer! Did we mention how flexible they are? The curved heel makes navigating through deep crusted drifts of snow easy as pie!

STQ Winter Snow Boots are great. They have a sleek style that is not too bulky, so you can finally have flattering black snow boots! The downside of these boots is that they’re not waterproof.

PROS: Stylish yet practical design – Fits almost any wardrobe. Warm but not too hot – Did we mention they’re waterproof? Fun colors to choose from!

CONS: A few people found that after continued wear and use

STQ Winter Snow Boots

Columbia Men’s Firecamp Boot

On a chilly morning, there’s nothing better than a cup of hot coffee in your hand to help you get going. Columbia Men’s Firecamp Boot Hiking Shoe has been known for its durability and style when it comes from the mind of Bill Darrin.

Columbia truly does offer some of the best quality shoes on the market! To add that extra fortitude, this hiking shoe also features an additional overlay toe that provides stability and comfort while taking on trails with dirt, rocks–you know every day life stuff!

One caveat: if you live in a warmer climate zone beware these run at cooler temperatures so be sure not to wear them in summer time or near a fire pit lest they pick up flames!

No other boot has the tactical functionality and performance of the Columbia Men’s Firecamp, Titanium Grey Steel/Graphite. The breathable GORE-TEX® lining protects you from invading moisture while totally crushing any home improvement project that dare go unfinished.

Columbia Men's Firecamp Boot

Merrell Men’s Boot for Cold Weather

Winter is coming, which means it’s time to start thinking about buying winter boots. One popular brand that many people choose is Merrell, but there are some factors you should take into consideration before making your purchase.

For starters, these shoes offer squishy rubber icespikes for grip on ice and heavy snow so you can stay safe during the coldest days of winter. These boots also pack in 400 gram Thinsulate insulation to keep your feet warm even with lacking circulation – perfect for all those long hours spent shoveling or just walking around town looking at holiday lights!

They’re durable too; the sole has been tested to withstand over 200 lbs of pressure with little wear and tear visible.

PROS: These boots are made of quality materials that will withstand the coldest temperatures. Have your feet warm, dry, and snug with Merrell’s Coldpack Ice+ 8″.

What are the CONS? Well if you’re in a hurry these may not be for you since they come up to an 8 inch height.

Merrell Men's Boot for Cold Weather

Propét men’s Ridge Boots for Cold Weather

The first time it snowed last November, I was living in upstate New York. We had just moved here from Chicago six months before, so I didn’t have any cold weather gear for these frigid winter temperatures.

One morning after the first snowfall, my lake view became a shoreline of ice slicked with frosty condensation, and I realized that my wardrobe consisted of two pairs of shorts and some long underwear. My wife threw me out to get some necessities or she threatened to take her revenge – she must have liked this place better than she thought!

Propét mens Ridge Waterproof Snow Boot is the perfect solution for winter an will protect your feet in all sorts of cold and wet conditions.

This boot, crafted from durable water- and oil-resistant simulated leather and rubber, keeps feet dry and toasty with minimal insulation. Give yourself peace of mind when you stride through snow for work or leisure in these reliable boots created by our laboratory experts.

The added height provides excellent traction on slippery surfaces such as ice, salt, mud, liquids like oils or chemicals that can cause slips if not prepared properly. Use caution when wearing these boots though–the height prevents ankle protection so don’t forget to bundle up!

Propét men's Ridge Boots for Cold Weather

ALEADER Men’s Duck Boots Insulated Cold Weather Boots

If you walk through the snow and ice like it’s nothing, these are perfect for you! With a luxury design and high-quality construction, ALEADER Men’s Insulated Cold Weather Boots keep you warm during harsh winters.

Wear them with your favorite sweater and don’t worry about wet socks or boots all day long. Just be careful not to slip on icy surfaces – this is an insulation boot after all. Waterproof membrane means that the moisture can’t get in so there’s no need to wear waterproof socks also!

Stomp around in style with the ALEADER Mens Duck Boots Insulated Cold Weather Boots – Waterproof Winter Snow Boots. If you are looking for something to wear while trudging through knee-deep snow, this is your best bet!

These boots are both fashionable and warm. The waterproof material will be sure to keep any water or slush from getting inside these winter boots which means no wet socks at the end of a day! Just grab some heat packs, lace up your new shoes and hit the streets. Stroll past anyone else who doesn’t have their insulation game on lock with these practical footwear components.

ALEADER Men's Duck Boots Insulated Cold Weather Boots

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best work boot for winter?

It may seem like kind of a silly question to ask, but the boot you wear is important. Different boots are designed for different environments. What’s the weather like where you live? Any snow or ice? If so, then you’ll definitely want something that protects your foot from getting wet and freezing.
Different waterproof qualities – I recommend rubber over leather, because wet leather can cause mold to form within your boot which smells terrible and looks pretty gross too!

Do composite toe boots get cold?

Yes. As a material, composite toe boots are more likely to conduct cold temperatures which means that they should be covered with something warm.

You can use any number of other items to insulate your feet from the cold ground, for example thermal socks or a pair of shoes inside your boots! But I’ll tell you what – if it’s a temperate day and you’re not walking long distances on the job, go without anything at all and enjoy being lightweight!

Are alloy toe boots cold in winter?

Yes and no.

Naturally, when you put on your boots, the inner liner will make the whole shoe warmer to varying degrees. But suede can also be too heavy for winter.

A lighter material like nylon blends in more fabric fibers with the wool felt, this helps traps in warmth and keeps you dryer during long walks in wet conditions.

Additionally, combining leather with rubber gives natural insulation which protects your feet from cold ground temperatures without compromising durability or grip on slippery surfaces.

Why do my feet get cold in boots?

The material of the boot may not be warm enough to keep your feet warm. If you are wearing socks, they may need to be wool or another warming kind of material.

You can also have an abnormal circulation in your legs that’s making it harder for blood flow to continue up towards your heart. This is more likely if there are varicose veins present in the leg with the colder foot.

Alternatively, what people call “calf-six syndrome” can actually occur when one leg has a deeper temperature differential than the other leg. Different forms of footwear could also contribute — boots often do this by trapping heat so its being prevented from travelling down into your shoe and out through your foot/sock combination.

How do I keep my feet warm in freezing weather?

  1. Wear a pair of slippers indoors – it’s easier to keep your feet warm when you’re not walking around
  2. Get a heated blanket for the bedroom and turn it on before going to sleep
  3. Put socks on before bed so that they’ll stay warm all night long
  4. Use an electric heater in the living room or kitchen, which will heat up the whole house at once
  5. Keep your windows closed during cold weather to trap heat inside and prevent drafts from coming through
  6. Don’t wear tight clothes like leggings if you want to keep your feet warm because these types of clothing can restrict blood flow and make it harder for your body temperature to regulate itself


The primary thing to be looking at when it comes to cold weather is the insulation value of your work boot. It’s usually denoted by the warmth factor, which will indicate how many degrees below Fahrenheit that they can protect you from.

Obviously, these are estimates because everyone remembers their ability to keep warm differently and in different settings, but it should give you a sense of what levels can offer protection against different types of cold. I wear insulated boots with temperatures as high as -30° F consistently and my feet don’t freeze off even if temps are lower than that.

Insulated boots with a warmth factor above 0 degree Fahrenheit will not lose any heat up through your bones or through your boots no matter what else happens.

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