12 Best Work Boots for Sweaty Feet (2022)

We all know that feeling of wearing our work boots for too long, even if they are not heavy duty. Your feet get sweaty, and it can be uncomfortable to walk around in them. But did you know there is a way to make your feet more comfortable?

You can buy work boots with special insoles designed for these purposes! The soles of the shoes absorb sweat and help reduce moisture. This will keep your feet much cooler so you can stay on top of your game at work!

The average person can lose 10,000 liters of water through sweat daily. There are many factors that contribute to this: hot weather, physical activity and hormonal changes in women and men alike.

This means that whatever shoes you wear will eventually become wet with sweat and cause discomfort. A good pair of work boots is essential to keep your feet dry and prevent infection or bacterial growth on your skin from all the bacteria that’s been building up in your shoe since before you put them on today.

To help you find a suitable boot for working conditions such as these, we researched extensively to bring you our top five recommendations for shoes that won’t make your feet feel like they’re melting!

Benefits of Work Boots for Sweaty Feet:

  1. Work boots are much more durable than dress shoes
  2. Work boots allow your feet to breathe and stay cool in the summer
  3. Work boots protect your feet from sharp objects on the ground, such as nails and glass
  4. You can find work boots that match any style or color of shoe you already own
  5. Shop for work boots with a wide toe box so they don’t squeeze your toes together all day long

How to Choose Work Boots for Sweaty Feet:

  1. The most important thing to consider when buying work boots is the type of environment they will be in
  2. If you are working in a factory, wet environment, or outdoors, choose waterproof boots with good grip
  3. If you are working in an office like setting, then breathable shoes that offer cushioning and arch support would be best
  4. Choose shoes that fit well for comfort; if your feet hurt after wearing them for an hour or two, they’re not right
  5. When trying on new shoes make sure there is plenty of room at the toe box and heel area to avoid blisters
  6. For winter wear or extreme weather conditions choose insulated boots with water-resistant properties

Best Work Boots for Sweaty Feet

Caterpillar men’s Second Shift Work Boot

You might be thinking, “Why should I spend a little more money on Caterpillar work boots when there are cheaper ones out there?” Wear resistant rubber and leather? Thick padded foot beds to keep the cold from seeping in through your aching feet?

Good looking enough for business casual environments while kicking ass at construction jobsites – that’s why. With this boot you’ll have all day comfort with security of knowing it won’t let go, even after days of mud slinging, shoveling gravel and being submerged under water without mercy. The soulful brown color looks good on anyone too.

This work boot is made for those who cannot quit, and their feet can tell. The Caterpillar Second Shift Work Boot has a durable rubber lug sole so you don’t have to worry about lift off with your lift up.

You’ll be well guarded from sharp objects or burns as well as non-slip slip resistant traction on all surfaces such as wet concrete, wet steel, and more because of the protective toe box design. Not only that but these work boots boast water repellent leather upper construction which means they’re not just waterproof – these boots repel moisture too.

But sometimes protecting yourself isn’t enough: Sometimes you need protection from other people instead to avoid nasty accidents like getting kicked out due to how dirty your feet are.

Caterpillar men's Second Shift Work Boot

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot from Merrell is a surefire bet for complete comfort and positive ankle support. They’re waterproof to keep your toesies happy all the way to the top of those treacherous cliff faces, stylish enough that they could work as tough little dress shoes, and take you through practically any terrain with ease.

No wonder they call these men’s hiking boots “THE industry standard.” And since this Merrell boot has been made in Europe for over 25 years, it’s no surprise that every one of them is guaranteed against any defects in materials or workmanship until 2020.

When you feel like both your toes and your soul are frostbitten, it’s time to slap on some boots. These Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots were designed for not-so-gentle terrain. Bring the salt so you can deal with this slippery slope in style.

They’re sturdy and reliable just like that one friend who always has a drink in their hand and whenever they do things go wrong — but in the best way possible! They’re also comfy just like when someone makes fun of how many earrings you wear because everyone needs an extra sense of humor every now and then.

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Carhartt Men’s 6″ Rugged Flex Waterproof Breathable Composite Toe Leather Work Boot for sweaty feet

Who knew the most important part of steel toe footwear is water resistance?
With its waterproof rubber shank, this durable boot heel is perfect for working in wet conditions.

The one-piece leather upper stands tough against abrasions, and deep lugs provide traction so you can keep your footing on challenging surfaces. Say goodbye to slipping or lost tools with full length outsole ribs that keep gravel from entering the next time mud season hits your home town.

One problem with wide feet? Not anymore! This style accommodates plenty of width thanks to an extra depth inset layer at the vamp area for a more custom fit. You’ll swear skyhooks are installed just for you–no matter if they’re fixed or adjustable height jobs.

This tough, manly boot is durable for all your needs. The Carhartt Men’s 6″ Rugged Flex Water Resistant Leather Work Boot CMF6380 Black can handle anything you throw its way. It has a hybrid leather construction with waterproofing for whatever conditions come your way.

This boot will keep all your feet dry while still not preventing breathability due to the water resistant exterior. For style this product has a rugged oil tanned appearance that will never go out of style!

Carhartt Men's 6" Rugged Flex Waterproof Breathable Composite Toe Leather Work Boot

Reebok Work Men’s Tiahawk RB4555 Work Boot

Some ask if the Reebok Men’s Tiahawk is worth the price tag. It’s a tough question, but one thing’s for sure: this classic work boot has been in production the longest and will still be in circulation when at least 10 other brands have stopped making theirs.

That versatility is partly what makes it worth its weight in gold. Sure, these classics can’t do everything their fancier descendants can, but they’re just as crush-proof and water-repellant with a longer wearing life than anything else on the market today.

These Reebok Men’s Tiahawk RB4555 Work Boots provide performance-focused design that is durable enough for serious work, but the comfort features make these boots perfect for someone who spends their day on their feet.

The uppers are made of full grain freshwater leather – if you want to get technical (they call it “No MLC” or Non-Dura Lifted). You can wear them in all weather, even when they have a Durable Welt Construction with 303 Protectant that prevents shoes from getting wet at the construction site. These boots have an EVA Midsole with AHAR+, which means your feet won’t be clammy while you’re busy working at your construction site without disruption.

Reebok Work Men's Tiahawk RB4555 Work Boot

Skechers Men Relaxed FitWork Boot For Sweaty Feet

It’s a tough call. With so many boots to choose from, you have got to make the right decision. And it isn’t just about picking the best footwear for all occasions – this is something that has to be practical and go with everyday life too.

And then there are other factors to take into account as well: color, size, design or material? No one ever said being an adult was easy! It takes time and effort just to walk out of the door looking presentable – let alone warm at night-time in winter! But if you want your feet happy too, Skechers Men Relaxed Fit¿™ Relment’™ Pelmo Chukka Boot is the boots for you.


  • Get the style, but not the hassle. – There’s not a single sign of sweat on my socks when I wear them to work! – With these comfortable boots, my feet are in heaven!
  • They’re so easy to put on and take off. No need for laces tying in knots anymore.
  • The cushioned insoles always provide me with some much needed relief when they hit the woods midday after 10 hours of cutting wood outside in the heat all day.
  • It’s like I’ve got an extra pair of socks inside each boot’s shoes that keep my toes never feeling sore at night after pulling logs around all afternoon.
Skechers Men Relaxed FitWork Boot For Sweaty Feet

LARNMERN Steel Toe Boots Men for sweaty feet

This heavy duty, steel toed work boot will protect you from things like nails, screws, and any other small bits of metal. When your toes are crushed by something sharp, this sturdy pair won’t give way- instead it’ll be the offender that will feel pain for once!

It also features a waterproofing treatment that ensures these tough boots can stay up to everyday wear and tear without faltering.

The material is puncture proof which means it’s even great against knives! They really thought of everything with this oh-so badass pair of shoes.

These boots are the best options to keep your feet safe and dry on those wettest days. Made with tough, long-lasting materials designed to withstand abrasions. SAS-TEC protection against punctures means these boots can take anything you throw at them without damaging your toes or soles!

These LARNMERN Steel Toe Boots will help anyone wearing them feel confident that they’ll be able to walk confidently through any treacherous weather conditions

Pros: Durable, water resistant/proof, breathable fabric lining

LARNMERN Steel Toe Boots Men

Skechers Women’s Squad SR Food Service Shoe

The Skechers Womens Squad SR Food Service Shoe, Black Flat Knit is a service shoe featuring the patented Superga® U.S.A. rubber outsole, synthetic uppers and Toe Shift™ for heel placement guide to rotate forefoot inwards so shoes fit more securely at ball of toes when walking or running toward customer with large gifts in arms.

This shoe has plenty of comfort features including an Ortholite® footbed that offers lasting, all-day relief from pain caused by hard floors while supporting your arches with every step you take! With this super comfy feature plus countless others that are too long to list here, you will have no excuse not to wear these kicks into work every day!

Simply put, this bra is bra-replace-a-bra. It has straps? And cups? AND it’s high impact rated with smooth microfiber compressive fabric! I don’t know about you, but my boobs are constantly in motion.

If my bras have elastic that cuts into me or there is no back closure then they are constantly either riding up or down! The straps on the Skechers Womens Squad SR Food Service Shoe are comfy and wide enough to keep them in place all day without any movement.

Skechers Women's Squad SR Food Service Shoe

Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Boot

Who wants a disappointing winter wanderlust daydream on their feet? Leaky water does not include you! The Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Boot, Boulder/Blush is a champion at blocking out the cold and damp with waterproofing that can withstand wet snow or ice.

Plus it has a cushioned collar for added comfort, lugged rubber outsoles to provide stability in any terrain, and an EVA footbed for cushiony comfort from the inside of your boot!

The one drawback: If you have narrow or size had-based feet this boot may not be ideal as the design is built more towards wide feet.

Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Boot is both fashionable and functional. Whether you’re shopping, wearing it with your favorite outfit, or running errands, these shoes will look good and feel great on your feet.

Plus they’ve got those little secret nooks that make storing things like money and keys easier than ever! You’ll never want to go back to any other type of shoe after giving Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Boots a try.

Merrell Women's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Boot

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Boot for sweaty feet

These hiking boots are designed to be durable and stylish. It has a rubber outsole on the bottom of the shoe for powerful traction indoors or outdoors, which provides stability on slippery surfaces. I’ve heard they keep your feet safe in light rain conditions but not during heavy downpours.

They also offer protection against rocks while still remaining flexible enough that you can navigate all types of terrain. To some people this might sound like an advetisement, but I think it sounds like great customer service!

Advantages: The pros about these boots start with its design – walking 2 miles into a mountain without having to stop for blisters is a thing of beauty! Another advantage is that despite being waterproof/

The sole of this sturdy boot is so tough and the materials so durable, you’ll be able to trek through mud and streams with no problem. And when all your boots and shoes close down because of the intense moisture in the atmosphere, these will stay strong! Columbia really stands out among brands for how comprehensively ugly they make their products.

Columbia  Newton Ridge Plus Boot

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Pros: Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot is a functional product for those with sweaty feet. The outsole was designed to grip on wet surfaces, and the boot is waterproof to protect your foot from cold winter rain.

The premium nubuck leather makes them stylish as well as durable. These boots are perfect for all types of work environments where you start off dry and end up wet by the end of the day.

Finally, these bad boys will send anyone who comments on your footwear immediately running towards their mouse to buy themselves these timberland gems!

Cons: These are made more of rubber than leather which is fine but makes them harder to break in and more of a challenge if they do stretch more than intended.

Because of how thick the soles are, they sometimes feel stiff when you first put them on and take awhile break in nicely like most leather does . And for some reason because it’s waterproof its also very slippery especially on wet surfaces… tread with caution!

Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Work Boots

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem here. The other day I’m outside at the park with my kids and our shoes start to feel all gross against our sweaty feet. Then I remembered those old buddies used to take us camping back in the day – FREE SOLDIER!

So now you can tell your kids about these straight out of boot camp military-style work boots… 100% waterproof for rainy days, padded soles for long walks or rough terrain, flexible enough for climbing trees or kicking cans of soda across parking lots, looks great too with many color options available – FREE SOLDIER is your military grade solution to beat the heat!

-FREE SOLDIER’s lightweight, durable work boots are perfect for the active guy who wants to look stylish. Keep your feet dry with its waterproof construction or choose from four color variations that will be sure to match your outfits every day!

-Its low profile design allows you backpacking through mud & rocks without getting stuck in any of it, so you always stay on top of even the toughest terrain. Built tough enough to take a beating but light enough not to bog you down when carrying heavy cargo.

Sporty enough for dress clothes and rugged enough for outdoor adventures–the FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Hiking Work Boots is all you need. They can take time out of their busy schedule for an outing into nature or around town.

FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Work Boots

ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men for sweaty feet

  1. We have steel toes for you fashionistas who may want to wear boots to the office or out with friends on a date.
  2. Boots are slip resistant, waterproof, and extra comfortable compared to other sneakers! With our insulated leather lining, your feet won’t sweat! Our heritage of manufacturing quality footwear assures that your feet are secure inside these work boots even if they are just “styling” it at work or lounging around on an off day.
    3) These shoes come in various sizes (8 inch, 10 inch). If kids like rocking the whole shoe game their dad has this down pat then ROCKROOSTER is sure one brand you can turn too without compromising style

RockROOSTER Work Boots for Men are great for any man, 8 inch steel toed boots with oiled leather slip resistant shoes. These high quality work boots also have static dissipative fabrics that are breathable and quick dry. Anti-fatigue shoe soles can take the stress off our feet! Hurry up to snag this deal before it’s gone!

Cons: Employees may be required to wear protective equipment or clothing depending on location

ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men

Wolverine Men’s Amherst Ii Carbonmax Work Boot

We all know the feeling, you’re halfway through your work day and it hits you like a ton of bricks. Your feet are tired, wet, dirty; they stink. You ask yourself if this lethal combination of soggy sock stench has permanently permeated your skin for good or whether there is any way to get rid of this maddening sensation?

Well luckily Wolverine Boots has come up with an ingenious solution to all of our problems in the form of the Wolverine Mens Amherst Ii Carbonmax Work Boot!

Constructed from water proof faux leather uppers that will stop every last bit of moisture entering without compromising breathability, these boots also feature mesh lined vamp lining for added comfort during warmer summer days when sweat.

Pros: Exceptionally comfortable to wear, feels like you can handle anything.
Cons: Black color is very limited, not many other colors available to choose from.
Pros: Lasts for a long time; won’t need another boot anytime soon after buying it because the boot will last that much longer.
Cons: Boots are designed for people with wider-sized feet or prefer wearing boot socks (provided); if your toes hang over the end of the shoe then they’re too small and won’t fit well at all.

Wolverine Men's Amherst Ii Carbonmax Work Boot

WOLVERINE men’s Overpass 6″ Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot for sweaty feet

Getting your feet gross and sweaty at work is not the best feeling. Unfortunately, it is inevitable for most people with jobs requiring them to be on their feet all day. But now you can avoid having to deal with that awful sensation with our Wolverine mens Overpass Waterproof Work Boots, which are constructed of full grain leather material that makes cleaning easy!

You also get molded footbeds inside the boots to ensure consistent stability- they will never come off! If these features aren’t appealing enough, check out how great these shoes look too – unlike other brands available today, we went a little less bulky and a lot more stylish!

Pros: oversized laces for double locking and breathing room, moisture wicking lining to keep feet dry and odor free, slip resistant platform construction that provides stability and protection on slick surfaces.

Cons: sizes run small, there can be a lot of break-in time before these become comfortable.

WOLVERINE men's Overpass

TimberlanD Boots for sweaty feet

Timberland invented the boot that could stand up to anything. If you want a pair of boots that will never disappoint, then these are the ones for you! Timberlands are sturdy and reliable for winter days on snowy mountainsides.

Their waterproof qualities last long into the colder months, so they’re perfect to take outside with an umbrella just in case it starts raining or snowing while you wear them!

You don’t have worry about ruining your shoes during unexpected transitions between indoor and outdoor activities this season! But if all goes well, you may decide it’s best not be out too long without dry socks…

  • Pros: Waterproof features last longer than some other brands;
  • Reliable,they’ll withstands virtually any weather condition
TimberlanD Boots

SUADEX Steel Toe Boots for sweaty feet

Not made for walking, these boots are made to work! With steel toe and military-grade durability, our SUADEX Boots give you the comfort of your favorite shoes with the safety of a protective boot.
No more worries about broken bones at work–with our guarantee, you never have to worry again. It’s time to get serious about safety with our steel toes that will last while providing all day comfort!

Pros: Durable and rugged, steel-toe protection ensures that your feet and toes are safe. Work boots for men who spend their days on their feet! The perfect shoe if you’re looking for a one size does it all everyday footwear.

Cons: Men will have to wear socks with these shoes – they’re not appropriate without them! Also takes time to break in.

SUADEX Steel Toe Boots for Men

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I stop my feet from sweating in my work boots?

  1. Change your socks to a lighter material
  2. Dab some powder on the inside of the shoe, or wear a thin sock liner
  3. Wear moisture-wicking socks that will help keep your feet dry and cool
  4. Try wearing shoes with more ventilation – this can make a big difference in how hot and sweaty your feet get
  5. Keep an extra pair of work boots at home so you have something to change into when they start getting too uncomfortable
  6. Clean your boots regularly – if they’re covered in dirt or mud then sweat won’t be able to escape from them which will result in wet, smelly feet

Do waterproof work boots make your feet sweat?

Waterproof work boots keep your feet from sweating as much by protecting them from the rain and sweat which would normally evaporate. It’s a little more difficult for dampness to be absorbed so it collects inside, usually on the insole where a boot will contact a shoe.

This increasing moisture can cause some discomfort and is often accompanied by increased itchiness due to bacteria.

To reduce potential discomfort, try wearing thicker socks on rainy days or change the insole on the waterproof work boots yourself with dryer sheets placed periodically through out each day you wear them. If these attempts don’t help then consider buying water resistant but not waterproof shoes that will allow evaporation of dampness from your footwear.

Why do my feet burn in my work boots?

A common complaint that drives people into buying new shoes is the discomfort of shoe leather on the skin that rubs against your feet. However, if it’s not your shoes, try sending some relief to your toes instead by taking the break you need and wearing different types of footwear like sneakers or sandals.

If you are currently wearing boots company mandated for workwear, get advice from your boss about what would be best. If they won’t let you switch work gear or believe there is no other option then try bringing in a change of socks before changing careers because this could be one doozy of a management issue!

How do I stop my feet from sweating in winter boots?

One solution is to take a foot soak in warm water before you put on your boots.
This will soften the area around your feet and can reduce sweating by up to 60% – without requiring any additional toxic chemicals.

Another solution is to buy a pair of really well-fitting sneakers that have gone through the tanning process in natural shoe stores, which means they’re thicker in padding and allow air flow because of their pores being opened during this process.

Recycled shoes won’t have these features unless they’re specially made for it. Surprisingly, this type of shoe not only helps with temperature regulation but also lessens odor considerably!

Why do my feet sweat so much in my boots?

Feet sweat due to the mismatch of perspiration on the inside of your shoes.

There are several reasons why your feet may be sweating more than usual in boots. One is that the boots don’t fit properly and so the top of your foot rubs against them, causing blisters and more sweating.

Another reason is that you could have high arches, which means you didn’t get enough arch support when purchasing new shoe inserts – which can increase sweating because it puts pressure on your toes or balls of your feet.

Your feet also start to sweat if they’re hot because heat turns fat cells into heat generators for blood vessels near them, causing heat flow throughout body tissue – this will cause more perspiration because there’ll be less circulation.

Can you get athlete’s foot from work boots?

Work boots can lead to athlete’s foot because they are often wet and warm.

The Mayo Clinic article on prevention of Athlete’s Foot lists the following risk factors for development of athlete’s foot: “direct contact with any fungal spores.”

This includes indirect contact through items like socks, shoes or athletic gear which previously came in contact with contaminated surfaces.

So say you get wet work boots, transfer that moisture to your socks; then put your socks back on after work, voila. You’ve got fungus-causing situation at hand (one that can be transferred).

How do you stop your feet from sweating in shoes?

To combat excessive body sweat, some people recommend staying hydrated. They suggest drinking lots of water to get through the day without feeling thirsty. Others say that using antiperspirant on your feet before putting on socks can help. However always remember to not place antiperspirant or any skin care product on open or sore skin because it can lead to acne and other health problems for you!

There are also special insoles one can wear in their shoes (available at many pharmacies) which curb sweating by absorbing it back into the fabric of the inner lining of the shoe rather than pooling on your foot, allowing your feet to dry more easily even if they’re damp.

Do Blundstones make your feet sweat?

Sweaty feet are usually caused by two things, poor circulation to the skin or high humidity. Just because your shoes are natural leather doesn’t mean you’ll sweat less if they are poorly made!

You can typically choose between three types of Blundstones – Kiwi Classic, Kiwi Freestyle and Sandy Jane. There are several factors to take into account when choosing the best type for you including foot size, desired level of support and thick/thin variants etc., but many people have little trouble figuring out which one is perfect for them after trying a few on at their local store.


The solution for this problem is to wear socks with your boots, just go out and buy some thinner thinner ones that will wick the sweat away from your feet.

There are also a few other solutions that may address the concern you have with sweaty feet in work boots. Some people try changing their stride or changing the type of shoes they wear by going from a heavy duty leather boot to a lighter mesh shoe.

If none of these sound like an appealing option, it might be time to look into getting air conditioning installed in your workplace for all employees. This way, no one will have swollen or sweaty feet!

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