Can Steel Toe Boots Go Through Airport Security?

The short answer is no.

Long Answer: Steel Toe Boots go Through Airport Security if they are below the limits on certain metal ingredients such as steel, titanium, and forged aluminum. Usually the boots must be under 3/8 of an inch in length so they will not set off metal detectors.

If you do not want to send your Plain Toed Boots home without you consider putting them in your checked-in baggage with other items that are not considered hazardous materials.

The best time for this is when you check your bag at the gate before departure or after arrival at a destination airport terminal because security staffs are less likely to question whether passengers need footwear while travelling since shoes are usually necessary for travel these days.

What are steel toe boots and why do they have to go through airport security?

Steel toe boots are a type of work boot with a special sole capable of shrugging off extreme conditions. The steel on the toes is one way to help prevent punctures from sharp objects that might be encountered in certain professions.

The TSA does not recommend bringing these through security as they can set off the metal detector, causing delays for what’s usually already a hectic experience flying. In addition, they’re also heavier and bulkier than other shoes which you’ll have to carry around airport grounds.

But don’t worry! If you forget them at home, there are always shoe stores tucked away near many airport terminals where you can purchase a pair before your next flight!

Can I wear my steel toe boots on the plane?

Unfortunately, most airlines have a strict policy against wearing steel toe boots on the plane. If you want to keep your shoes on during the flight, please contact the airline to let them know about your concerns.

Believe it or not there is a lot of debate about this! A lot of people say that anything that requires laces should be taken off for security purposes, whereas others say that as long as they’re untied and inside their bag they can make it through security.

Either way we recommend doing some research before going with either camp – best bet is usually to go with whatever’s easiest for you and what makes you feel more comfortable.

How can you pack your steel toes for travel?

I find taping the toes to my shoes is usually enough protection. Other people have found they are able to pack them in their suitcase’s shoe compartment if the soles are protected with packing paper or brown paper ripped into scraps.

And, lastly, for those of you who like travelling light and without liquids, fear not! There is a product on the market which allows you (it was designed for this VERY express purpose and it works) to dip your shoes directly into hot water before racing down to airport security; still wet and dripping – but totally through – no opening plastic bags – beautiful!

There are a few things to think about when packing your steel toe shoes for travel. First, does the airline allow them? If not, then don’t worry about it. Second, is your destination going to be tremendously hot or cold?

If either of those is true then you need to take precautions either way with a way to cool yourself off if they’re hot and a good pair of thermal socks under insulated boots in winter. Third – try and pack clothes for both climates so that you can remove insulation in winter or cool clothes in summer so that they stay cool longer.

What should you know about wearing them in airports?

You should know that wearing a head covering in an airport does not make you safer. Here is the ACLU article on this topic.

It’s understandable why some people might want to know how to “dress appropriately” before entering security, given all the media reports about threats of violence and terrorism at airports. But what kind of dress code applies? And does it matter if you’re Muslim or not?

The Department of Homeland Security doesn’t provide any guidance on appropriate attire for travelers, but they do say, “If your clothing makes another traveler uncomfortable for reasons unrelated to race, ethnicity or religion then you may be asked by TSA staff to change into something more appropriate.”

We do not travel with our carry-on bags, as they are screened after we check them at the gate. You can put them under your seat or in the overhead compartment. We recommend keeping all electronics, such as laptop computers and tablets, in their original containers and carry them on to avoid problems with airport security. If you need assistance during a screening process at Security checkpoint line, please ask for assistance from one of the officers and they will help you through this process.

How can you avoid getting stopped at security with your shoes on?

I always do a quick check of my pockets in the morning before I leave. If there’s any chance that a metal zipper or a belt buckle could show through from the front, I put it in my bag so nothing will be poking out when I get to security.

Wash your clothing regularly with color safe bleach to keep any lint from pulling out and clogging up the screening machine. If you have access, wear plastic or rubberized footwear– they can’t be scanned because their material doesn’t create x-rays when going through airport scanners.


Steel-toe boots, especially those with an equally thick sole, are not good to take on flights.
Not only are boots annoying for other passengers because they can’t fit their feet under the seat in front of them well enough to unlace the boot and put it on the floor, but airlines have certain limitations that must be met before boarding will permit a passenger to fly.

If you plan on carrying them aboard, make sure they are wrapped securely in several layers of tinfoil or another opaque wrapping material so any type of explosives cannot be detected through metal detectors.

Otherwise, leaving them behind would be much simpler option. Remember that baggage rates could increase if this is your chosen method of packing your steel shoes.


Will steel toe boots set off a metal detector?

The question is unclear about what equipment is being used for the kold scan. That means it’s vitally important to not rely on this answer since if, for instance, you are about to be scanned with a huge old-school detector then yes that metal detector will produce a clear signal.

Turns out most military collectors use hand-held gates that don’t read anything at all in the frequency range where metal detectors work – which makes them useless when they’re right next to somebody wearing steel toe boots.

Steel-toed shoes will not typically set off a metal detector because they’re made of steel and insulative materials like foam, rubber, and leather. Typically the conductive material inside the shoe would need to be metal (like brass or copper) for it to set off a metal detector.

Are steel toe boots safety shoes?

Yes, not only are they safety shoes but they’re even more durable than usual safety shoes because the steel toe makes for an extra thick rubber at the toe area. The bonus is that this greater durability ensures that your footwear will last longer, making it a good investment.

The alternative to steel-toe boots is a boot with a special PVC or Nitrile synthetic material in the sole and in the heel to protect from injury when kicking things or falling on your feet or feet stepping onto sharp objects such as nails. But these materials offer less protection from falls and being hammered against an object.

Can I wear boots to the airport?

It is unlikely that boots will cause you any problems at the airport.

Boots are less likely to set off alarm bells because they are not as often associated with terrorist or terrorist groups, so customs officers may overlook them too. Keep in mind it might not be wise to wear them on some flights.

Sometimes TSA doesn’t want anything on your feet, so better safe than sorry. But, there’s no reason why you couldn’t wear shoes made of metal instead of plastic onto the plane then change into your boots before deplaning!

Can you wear boots through TSA PreCheck?

You are limited to 3.4 ounce or less of liquids, aerosols, gels and creams in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint.

Everyone is screened by TSA agents before getting to the gate area. So most likely – yes. If you have any doubt about what can or can’t be brought through security check points, feel free to contact your airlines ahead of time so they know your story and don’t hold up the line for everyone else while they ask you all sorts of questions!

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