Carolina Work Boots vs Red Wings-Which one is Better?

I’ve been wearing Carolina boots for years. They’re my go-to winter footwear because they keep my feet warm through snowstorms, rain showers, and even blizzards. My newest pair of Carolina boots are the most comfortable yet! The soles have a rubber base so you can wear them outside all year round without slipping or sliding on slippery surfaces. Plus the back is designed to give your ankles extra support so you don’t get tired as easily when walking long distances in these bad weather conditions.

Why you should buy Carolina boots

There are a few reasons why you might want to buy a pair of Carolina boots. One reason is that they’re insulating, so they’ll keep your feet warm in the winter and your feet cool in the summer. They also protect your ankles from bumps and bruises, which is great for someone whose job involves lots of walking or on-site work. And lastly, they come in such a wide variety (nearly every color) that there’s bound to be something for everyone!

Why you should buy Red Wings

I have been a loyal customer of Red Wings for over a decade and my personal experience with the product is that it actually stops deterioration in leather. When I used to work in construction, my drill bits would get wet from the water sprinkled on the ground by sprinklers or from going into a wet basement at work.

Since then, I’ve only had my drill bits ruin once because they got rust spots on them from being soaked too long when they were wet before I could cover them up with oil again – which was their original color anyways!

For about 1/3 the cost of a typical set, you can purchase a pair of classic Red Wing boots that can last up to 10-12 years and look great. When you factor in the time saved and the money saved it’s like getting 1/2 off!

And since they’re so tough to wear out – typical wearing on concrete will improve leather by adding character lines – you should be able to pass them down for generations.
What makes this such an amazing offer is that 99% of other shoes shop at stores across America don’t even last 2 years let alone 12!

Pros and cons of both shoes

Carolina Work Boots are the slightly cheaper option. While both brands are known for comfort and durability, Carolina offers more color options for boots, but not as many shoe styles. The main reason to buy Red Wings is because they offer more styles in their shoes than Carolina does.

For example, while these two brands have a couple of dress boots that come in different colors, Carolina just has one boot that’s brown while Red Wing offers three different dress boots in grey/tan/brown, with brown being the most popular option out of all three colors.
Carolina Work Boots might win the price competition by trading off style choices so you should also be up to date on which style best suits your needs.

Carolina Work Boots:

  • Durable and will last. + Simplistic and can still look cool despite being for work boots. + Wide range of available colors.
  • Might require a break in period due to the stiffness of the leather used. – Like all boots, not comfortable with formal occasions so best worn on halloween parties, hiking, camping etc with a great deal of walking involved or anytime your feet want to breathe from being trapped most of the day at work or with heavy activity that requires both air flow and protection.
  • And since most days you’re wearing these shoes entails running around doing errands it’s not too bad if they’re just used as purely casual wear with no real weight.

What the average price is for each shoe?

Less than $100. Carolina work boots are a good, affordable option for people who need a sturdy, durable pair of shoes to get the job done. They last you more than one season and feel comfortable from day one.
Red Wing Boots: Between $285-395+. The Redwing company makes some of the best boots on the market today.

Their boots are known for their quality materials and construction, ensuring that they’re going to hold up in tough conditions for decades to come. If you want a boot that will last you a lifetime and be something you can pass down from generation to generation this is your best bet–although it’ll require a bit of investment up front!

Where can I purchase these shoes from online or in store

You can purchase Carolina Work Boots or Red Wings from Amazon.

Redwings are very pricey whereas carolina boots are much more affordable for the quality leather. The Redwing boots are probably 1st best time spent money wise but you’ll be glad if you end up spending that money on a pair of Carolina shoes too with there being 2nd best time spent money wise.

Get them both :)! Technically, if the lifespan of your feet wasn’t an issue then it’s not too shabby to get both pairs with all future possible scenarios.
2nd option is to shop at a local store and go try out some boot sizes with their insoles in order to find out which would most likely fit your feet well for a good.

Which one would be better for me, based on my needs and budget?

That’s a tough question! How much money have you got to spend, and what are your work needs? Carolina Work Boots will likely give you a cheaper shoe with more comfort and better grip on slippery surfaces – but Red Wings offer a stronger construction that is need if you’re constantly walking on uneven surfaces or getting into water often enough to justify the cost difference.

Which one do you prefer in terms of aesthetics? Request more details from the questioner in order to help them make a decision, because there’s nothing either of these brands can definitively teach us about their relative merits without a little context.

It’s hard to compare Carolina boots vs Red Wings because of their different offerings. However, one thing that both brands have in common is the importance of breaking them in before wearing them for long periods of time.

Once you’ve selected which brand to buy, it’s important that you give your new pair ample time to break-in or adjust – which can be anywhere from two weeks to six months depending on how high quality the shoes are and what materials they’re made from.

Try not to wear your boots all day if possible and let your feet take a break whenever they feel too sore or uncomfortable, then return at a later point in the day when they might feel better.

Carolina Work Boots vs Red Wings

Carolina boots are more affordable

Red Wings are often pegged as the high-cost alternative to Carolina boots, but in reality Carolina boots are much cheaper. You know what makes a shoe expensive? The cost of production!

And here’s why it costs more to produce Red Wings shoes. Carolina is able to manufacture their workboots for less due to their close proximity to North America’s largest rubber producer and because they have over thirty years of experience in this industry.

Carolina boots are a good cheaper alternative to Red Wing – but only if the boot in question is going to be used most of the time for less extreme purposes that won’t place heavy demands on it. This includes less rigorous construction jobs, children’s ankle boots, and light work environments where moderate protection from water and dirt is all that’s needed.

In contrast with Carolina boots, Red Wing company offers cover full spectrum from casual dress shoes up to rigorous work environments – so there will always be a perfect pair available for whatever purpose you can think of! Many people who go through life’s rounds carrying gear with them agree that when you find something good in one category.

Red Wings have a better reputation for durability and quality

I would personally agree with the answer because I’ve heard that Red Wings do last better and even “outlast” other boots. I believe it’s because the materials they use are of a higher quality and therefore don’t break as easily.

My only hesitation, though, is whether or not those other brands offer comparable comfort for those people who can’t afford to buy expensive quality shoes.

We should combine all these factors such as cost (quality x price), durability, and comfort to make an informed decision about which company has a better reputation in the end!

Legend has it that, in the early 1900s, a gentleman from North Carolina who worked as a profession logger called John Hancock decided to use leather from his work boots as an inexpensive yet durable material for making footwear.

He named his line of work shoes “Carolina.” In 1933, Carolina introduced its first steel-toed boot and adopted a new logo that was eventually registered as a trademark. Then in 2005 Carolina Workwear was acquired by Wolverine World Wide Inc., which is now one of the largest brands names in American footwear.

Carolina boots provide good traction and ankle support, which is important when working on uneven surfaces or climbing ladders

Carolina boots may provide more ankle support, but they cost considerably less and are just as functional.

Carolina Work Boots are good for people who don’t need the steel toe because they only do occasional work in factory settings. The Carolina boots are based on standards set by the National Safety Council, which is an organization that oversees workplace safety.

The standard was developed for levels of foot hazard, not performance or fit – these are designed to keep your feet from slipping through a hole and covered with heavy metals – not to help you if you step on something dangerous like a nail.

Red Wings fare better when it comes to comfort because they’re lighter weight and have more arch support. They use a softer fabric rather than hard leather that can cause blisters and abrasions.

Red Wings offer a wider range of styles to choose from than Carolina Work Boots do

Carolina Work Boots, while more expensive and less durable, are a more fashion-forward option with a wider range of styles to choose from.

Red Wings offer only one type of work boot but have been around for much longer and have earned themselves a loyal customer base due to their better durability and cheaper price point.

In the end it’s really about personal preference for what you want your boots made out of – either leather or rubber – both depend on how they’re going to be used, so it’s hard to say which is “better.” It just depends on what matters most. If you want high fashion over good quality then Carolina Work Boots would be the way to go.

What are the differences between these two boots?

Carolina boots are cheaper and less sturdy. Usually made of synthetic materials, these boots will wear out fast and not be as insulative or comfortable as Red Wing boots. Red Wings were founded in 1905 to make shoes for workers like farmers, miners, and railroad employees who needed tough-wearing quality footwear with metatarsal guards to protect their feet from the harsh working environments they faced every day.

The company acquired its first US patent in 1916 for a steel shank reinforcement protecting the arch of the foot. They have remained leading innovators across other areas too – introducing vibram soles for greater traction in 1947, leather welting along the seams inside the shoe to prevent chafing during long work shifts.

How to take care of your shoes for both brands?

One of the biggest threats to a shoe’s life is water. So first, I suggest cleaning your shoes after every use. There are many ways you can go about doing this. Here are just a few suggestions for those of us who don’t have the time or desire to actually do any manual labor!

Buying a shoe dyer from Amazon will serve as an all-purpose solution that saves you time and gives you complete control over how much heat your shoes get – it also has pockets inside designed specifically for shoes – so no more worrying where they’ll dry. The excess heat energy dries out almost any nasty bacteria growing in there, and once it cools down again, these sneaky microbes won’t be able to live in.


Which Red Wing leather is best?

The reason for the variations in leather quality can be explained by examining the tanning process. There are two main methods of meat tanning, vegetable tannage and chrome-chrome sulphide.

Chrome-chrome sulphide is usually more expensive but also yields a better leather. Vegetable tannages are cheaper because they have lower levels of chemicals needed to remove hair from animals, so less environmentally damaging due to pollution, but weaker due to use of sodium sulphate rather than chromium oxide.

Leather created using chrome-chromium sulphide is thought to be significantly stronger and softer than those created with strictly sodium sulfate for this reason alone.

Should you size down in Red Wing boots?

Red Wing boots are made in the US only. With that, US shoe sizing is not the same as European or Australian size. For example, a standard US size 9 would be equivalent to an 11.5 Euro size.
For international orders, the best way to determine your correct boot size is by using our conversion guides located on
It’s important when ordering shoes online for this reason that you provide your exact feet measurements when whether you’re measuring in cm or inches (and use either centimeters or inches).

Are Red Wing 1907 comfortable?

Yes! Red Wing 1907’s are the most popular Red Wing’s for wingshox, and they’re also very popular because of their beautiful style.

As with all shoes, you’ll want to wear them for a bit to break them in. Once they’re broken in though, they provide excellent support and the soles are made with good construction so that you don’t have any discomfort when wearing them on rough terrain. They also come with great arch support so there is no pain at all in your feet during long walks or hikes. Highly recommend these if you know what size shoe will fit you best!

Can you resole Red Wing Weekender?

The Red Wing “Weekender” boot may not be resold. Why? This is the only one style of boot offered by Red Wing that is made with a special rubber sole. The rubber sole was designed to give it great traction on wet surfaces, but will wear down quickly over time leaving your trip’s sneakers gooey and blackened. It’s also impossible to replace if it ever gets punctured or worn down.

Red Wing Leather as a sustainable company so they try to work as little as possible, which translates to minimal waste and limited returns on products such as this one.

How long does it take to break in Red Wings?

You know what you’ll love about breaking in Red Wings? What might be the toughest thing about breaking them in will eventually become its best quality. That’s because they’ll always feel like an extension of your body, which you won’t be able to get enough of.

Initially, it can take time for your feet to adjust to the heavy sole (and sometimes stiff upper), not only due to foot size but also due to natural shoe shape and width. They’re meant for comfort when walking long distances, but that’s not always how they feel at first. The more abuse these shoes can withstand during initial break-in periods, the better– so keep on wearing them despite whatever pain may arise in order to reach full.

What are Red Wing factory seconds?

Red Wings are not factory seconds. They are seconds on their own merits.
Their “seconds” are shoes that have undergone some slight cosmetic flaw, but still meet all the same rigorous testing standards as any new shoe. So they’re just as strong, just as durable, but maybe had a little crooked stitching or something else small like this–they paid for it to be fixed up and put back in inventory for sale here at Red Wing Shoe Company outlets staffed with knowledgeable customer service people.

Who are Carolina boots made by?

For years, Carolina Boots were the only brand of boots on the market with steel toes. When there was no internet and scouting out your next pair of boots meant walking around town in public or going to a shoe store and having someone I.D. them for you, they were the only game in town for safety boots with steel toes–everybody wanted them!

But it also got to be all too much pressure on one company when everyone lined up just for their feet every fall season–sometimes customers would settle with another boot company even if it wasn’t really what they had in mind for an alternative just because Carolina wouldn’t respond fast enough.

How long should good work boots last?

The lifespan of a work boot depends on the use and wear, but usually they can last for many years. Proper care and maintenance of your boots will prolong the lifespan. A good shoe brush or stiff bristled toothbrush is ideal to clean soles and dirt build up out from between the sole and upper foot area.

Conventional wisdom says that you should replace worn-out insoles, leather pads, or heal liners before replacing shoes themselves. If using an old fashioned then rub lotion into the boot’s leather to preserve it against cracking which is common when dryer conditions are present.

Do Carolina boots fit true to size?

Each person’s feet come in different shapes and sizes, so The Carolina boot might not always fit them perfectly. However, all of their boots are designed to give off the best possible appearance for each size selected.

The customer can return their boots up to one year from purchase for a full refund if they’re confident that the boots simply do not fit them correctly, but exchanges cannot be done (they toast the leather and sizing etc.).


Carolina work boots are more affordable than Red Wings, but if you’re looking for a higher quality boot that will last longer and provide better protection, then Red Wing is the best option.

The price difference between these two brands may be worth it to many people who want to invest in something they know will last them at least ten years (and hopefully even much longer).

If you still can’t decide on which brand of shoe you prefer, we invite you to come by our store and try them on. We’ll help answer any questions or concerns about either company’s products so that when you make your decision with us-it feels like an informed one!

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