Frye Boots Sizing – How to Fit Perfectly

Frye boots are made with a variety of materials including leather, suede, nubuck, rubber and textile.

Leather is usually stiffer than other types of material so it’s not as easy to get on or off without having someone else help you put them on or take them off (which may be an issue if you’re wearing long socks).

The more flexible material like suede can stretch more easily depending on what type they are; some have elastic panels that allow the shoe to expand.

How do you know if your Frye boots fit perfectly? Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect sized boot.

  • 1) When trying on, don’t put socks or stockings over the top of the foot and lower calf area as this will distort measurements
  • 2) Don’t wear any other footwear while measuring
  • 3) Keep arms by sides
  • 4) Stand with heels together
  • 5) Wiggle toes
  • 6) Get someone else to measure
  • 7 )Measure both feet
  • 8 ) Compare size against table
  • 9). If in doubt, go up one more size than what is recommended. For example, if they recommend an 11W but your 12M fits well then buy a 13N for extra room.

What are Frye boots?

Frye boots are a brand of fashionably durable leather boots. They’re made in America and they’re available in sizes from 4-14.

The company started as “Charles R. Frye & Son” in 1863, with Charles’s son Charlie soon taking over for him immediately after he died and modifying the company name to “Frye and Sons” so that his six children would be involved as well – 3 boys and 3 girls.

This arrangement continued until 1920 when all rights to the Frye trademark were purchased by Harry Gordon Selfridge of London’s famous Harry Selfridge & Co. store.

Why do I need to know the size of my feet?

Feet are so hard to measure, so the best way to know your size is by measuring your footwear.

Frye Boots have an expertly designed last that’s engineered for comfort and then upsized, or downsized man-made materials to absorb predictable shape changes in order to offer a great fit with plenty of resale life. If you’re not sure of your correct size, start by measuring either bare feet or current shoes using the below method.

Men should measure both feet, adding 1/2 inch for wider pairs. Round numbers are fine – 1/8ths are “custom” orders found only at Frye upon request by phone call.

How do I find out what size my foot is?

If you are looking for Frye boots sizing, visit their website to find what size your foot is. They provide charts for both men’s and women’s sizes. After finding the chart that matches your foot length in inches, just match it up with the corresponding F or W size in order to determine your appropriate shoe size. To figure out the US equivalent of the European measurements they use, just multiply each measurement by 2.56 to get its US counterpart.

It’s a good idea to measure your feet before ordering from any website or store. In this article, we’ve lined up the results of our measurements with some Frye boots that seem to correspond with them. It might be worth checking out if their sizing is consistent for you! Good luck!

I am a size 8 in US women’s and I wear 0 in my Mark Nason size 8 Desert Boots and these Nicki Booties and these popular Charm Knee High boots so it seems like I am an 8.5-9 but they don’t carry my size in stores so I emailed Frye Boot Company yesterday and they told me that my foot is technically a 9C/D narrow.

What if they don’t have my size at the store?

If they don’t have your size on hand, try shopping online. Many sites like Frye Boots offer free shipping on orders over $175, so it may be the more economical choice.

Furthermore, there are many stores that allow you to order shoes up to two sizes larger than what you typically wear. How do they know what size I need? All shoe retailers use an industry-standard chart called Shoe Fit Guide sizing or True Fit sizing that works for most people’s feet and helps us determine which width of shoe will comfortably fit them. Be patient with these new shoes if you’ve never worn them before – don’t go out 15 miles in your new boots without breaking them in first!

When buying online, how can I be sure that it will fit right for me?

Frye Boots have a set width, so it may be tight for people with wider feet. The thing to do is measure your foot and go an inch longer than that measurement, because they run small.

Length- Measure the length from the back of your heel to your toe (in inches). This number should be about 1 – 1.5 inches more than you would like the boots to be.

Width- On a wall or something flat and straight measure across (not up and down) and take the longest distance measured in inches as this will be what you need at least if not more likely 2 sizes up from what our sizing chart says for Frye shoes we recommend you order at least 1 size longer.

If I buy a pair of boots and they don’t fit, what should I do with them now that they’re worn in a little bit

Frye boots have a unique sizing system that is not always the same as their competitors. The length of your foot is the measurement you need to find for this system, and length typically does not correspond with size or style.

There are two measurements on Frye boots; one is the heel-to-toe measurement, which also corresponds with width (this measurement can change depending on shoe style). A second measurement of length should be taken at the back of your ankle and converted into inches. Both measurements should be noted and sent to Customer Service along with order number and name after purchase.

Frye Boots Sizing – How to Fit Perfectly

Find your size

Frye Boots are available in US sizes 5-11, so order your Frye boots in the size you wear normally. If you’re not sure what size to order, be sure to measure your foot by picking up a brown paper bag and standing on it while wearing your old shoes. The height is an accurate estimate of the length of the boot you’ll need.

The right size is key to making sure you get the most out of your Frye boots. Below are shoe sizes by age so take note!
Information about Frye boots:
The leather in Freya Boots stretchy over time, so these should be fitted snug when looked at the heel. If they’re slightly tight on your toes then it’s because they’ve not stretched. Let them wear for a week and see how it feels, if it’s still tight loosen boot straps until you can walk in them comfortably.

Finding your size is important because different styles run differently! For example, while 7 inch shafts will fit up to a nine-inch calf, 8 inch shafts will not – or any other style.

Determine the width of your foot and what type of arch you have

It is important to find a boot that fits your foot and foot type well. The best way to do so is by measuring the width of your foot in inches, then referencing the corresponding size in Frye’s sizing charts for each category!
A D width generally corresponds with an 8D shoe from Frye. They have a sleek toe box and come up higher on the arch.

An EE width generally corresponds with an 8EE shoe from Frye. They have a broad toe box and come low on the arch. So if you’re uncertain which one to get, keep in mind that this style works best for people who require wide sizes but want more room for their toes because it comes up higher on the arch than a standard.

Check out Frye’s sizing chart to find the correct boot height for your foot length

If you have a longer than average foot, or if your shoe size is outside of the norm and difficult to find, we recommend going up a half size. Frye Boots ship in three lengths: regular, tall and hand-made.

Tall boots come two inches taller than our regular boot height. If you need a tighter fit around the calf, please purchase our hand-made line of boots which are crafted on a Bespoke last for optimal satisfaction.

Make sure that any boots you buy are comfortable when you try them on in-store or online

As much as we want to believe that we can order boots online and just send back those which don’t fit, the truth is that it’s much more difficult than sizing shoes.

A major difference between shoes and boots is that how secure a shoe feels on your foot may not correlate with how tight or loose it really should be.
The reason for this – especially if you have wider feet – is the shape of shoes vs. the shape of boots.

In a shoe, you slide your whole foot down into them from heel to toe before adjusting the front closure around your heel then tightening up at the mid-foot. The last thing that will happen in a boot fitting is going over both feet before closing things up across.

Frye Boots size life long, and will stretch over time. The best way to find your perfect fit is to try them on at a Frye retailer near you.

The highest quality leather will come closer than any other material we use together with unique natural creases and imperfections that can only be found in Frye leather products.

That means our boots will last the longest, no matter your lifestyle! For those of us that know what they want out of a boot, this might not seem like such a big deal – after all, who doesn’t wear shoes for as long as possible?

Buy a pair that matches with all outfits, not just one style

Frye Boots come in a diverse range of colors, styles, and materials to suit any wardrobe need. Frye boots are often available with detailed stitching detail and a variety of grip soles which make it easy to wear in most conditions. You can choose from smooth leather or nubuck calfskin leathers which add depth and texture.

Colors show the accents for this boot but there is no mistaking that they’re made from an exotic skin. Buy one pair that matches every outfit imaginable with the idea that you’ll be wearing these longer when your feet are happy in them! That way when you put on shoes, you don’t have to worry about what goes together because all your footwear does.”

Don’t be afraid to wear them in rain or snow – they’re made to last through anything!

Frye Boots are waterproof and made with the same leather that is used in saddles to ensure that your boots last through anything – rain, snow or otherwise.

Frye’s sizing can be tricky for some because their lasts are cut narrower than other brands, but if you’re buying online you’ll have a better chance of getting one that will fit right.

However please keep in mind that Frye Boots rarely come up for sale on ebay or amazon, so if their size isn’t what you need it might be hard to get them at any price.

They still may not let too much water seep inside which makes them perfect for dry climates like California or Arizona where there’s very little precipitation year-round.


The good news is that Frye boots are made of quality leather and will stretch to fit your feet. If they don’t feel comfortable on the first try, you can use a shoe stretcher or insert some balled-up newspaper in the toe box for about 24 hours to loosen up the material.

Once it feels more like an extension of your foot than something new, you should be able to wear them comfortably without any discomfort!


Should you get boots a size bigger?

The first thing you should do is check the size charts for the boots themselves – a lot of brands have their own standard, and they’re different from each other.

Always measure your feet from heel to toe either in centimeters or inches. Then compare that measurement length with the footbed size of the shoe you want to buy to find your length.

For Frye Boots, our sizes are listed as US letter sizes so there’s no conversion needed. If you have a longer foot, we suggest going up half a size from your regular shoe size for both width and height.

Keeping your toes at the front of a boot will give more room for them if it’s not already spacious enough at normal wear thicknesses.”

Do men’s Frye boots run true to size?

Frye boots run true to size. Sizes are in regular US Men’s sizes.

The smallest available size of a Frye boot is 13. In rare cases, some individuals may find shoes with small manufacturer-installed insoles or orthotics can be snugger than others even though they’re the same size elsewhere on the shoe.

For this reason, we recommend following our sizing chart closely and consult a professional if you have any concerns about fit.

How do you know if your boots are too big?

Here’s how to measure the length: With the point of one toe just in front of the other, place a ruler flat against your foot and measure from back-of-heel to front-tip.

That measurement will equate to boot size – for example, 9″ is a size 9. If you’re in between two sizes we recommend sizing up since wider measurements make it easier for your feet to move around inside. For example, with a 7¾” measurement you would order an 8″.

The only way to know if your boots are too big is by trying them on. It’s important to first measure your foot length and width so you can find a size that the boot will fit the shape of your feet.

Frye sizes correspond more closely with foot measurements than standard dress shoe sizes. For example, a 8-8 1/2 C is one three quarter inch narrower than an A width, while a 5 B corresponds to a 9 or 9 1/2 D right or left as they exist in dress shoes.

How tight should new boots be?

The general rule of thumb is that the boots should be tight enough so that you won’t lose red until they are fully broken in (hopefully 3-4 weeks). To measure the best fit, take both of your hands and wrap them around the widest part of your calf.

Choose a size that feels equally snug on either leg with just one finger’s worth of room to spare. Remember to use inches or centimeters for sizing according to Frye Boots Sizing Chart.

Do vintage Frye boots run small?

Frye’s boots are built on a standard last, which means that all boots of the same make are made to fit similarly. They do offer specific size conversion charts both for men and women shoes.

The construction of Frye’s boots will not require any shrinking or stretching when you first put them on after purchase because they have been constructed in such a way so as to give in and mold comfortably around your foot. So it is safe to say they will not run small!

How do Frye Campus boots fit?

I am an 8.5 wide calf, and wear a size 9 of these boots. They are maybe a bit on the snug side on my foot – but they provide more room for toes & flow over the top of my calf just fine.

The one thing that bugs me is that because there is no zipper, you have to unlace each boot first to get them off your feet which was why I had put them aside. But if you are wearing them ALL day for example for work purposes it’s not an issue at all!

Do Frye flats fit true to size?

As of 2016, Frye Boots are made to size 2.5 (women’s) – 14 (men’s). Order two sizes larger than your usual shoe size if you would like some wiggle room!
For the Women’s range of boots, order 8-14; for Men’s sizes, order 5-14; and for Youth sizes from 2 to 12 years old, order 3.5 to 13.
They come in half-sizes 4-4½ and 5-5½ with a heel height at 1 inch or higher. In addition to this they also sell them in store in Full Sizes 4 – 16+.

Can you stretch the calf of Frye boots?

Frye Boots come in varying widths, and will either be noted as narrow, medium, or wide. Frye boots also typically run big due to the design of the boot – which means that you should always check your specific measurements before ordering shoes on-line.

If you’re buying on-line and want to order a narrow size (determined by measuring from heel point to ankle point), we recommend adding an inch if possible so that your toes don’t get squished.
The “standard” calf measurement for many brands of jeans is 10 inches at the widest part of the calf.

How can I stretch my Frye boots at home?

  1. Clean your boots thoroughly with a good brush. Frye leather needs nothing more than the warmth of the sun to be taken care of in most cases, so take them outside in direct sunlight for an hour or two on a nice day to freshen up the leather and restore its natural color. However, if needed, gently wipe down your clean boots with water dampened cloths or leave them out overnight in below freezing temperatures to again distress any portions that are too shiny.
  2. Make sure they’re completely dry before you begin stretching, then fill each boot by ankle depth with warm water until it tightly fills the entire cavity inside each boot- this fills both halves evenly and helps stretch out creases faster.

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