How Do Normatec Boots work?

Normatec boots are a therapeutic compression device that is used to treat problems relating to edema, lymphedema, and circulation. The pressurized air chamber in the shoe pumps at a specific rhythm for people who have circulatory problems or swelling from being inactive for an extended period of time.

The pressure treatment moves fluid from low-lying areas back into the lymphatic system where it’s safe and easy to metabolize.

It has been clinically proven that Normatec boots can help with achilles tendonitis, ankle pain, blood clots in leg veins (deep venous thrombosis), diabetic ulcers caused by poor circulation due to neuropathy or other circulatory conditions as well as swollen feet.

Your foot provides all the power for your body. If it cannot do so, you will feel weak and tired. It is not uncommon to have foot pain, especially if you are on your feet a lot or work in a standing position.
Some common symptoms are arch pain, heel spurs, bunions, hammer toes.

Normatec boots help people with issues such as lower back pain by giving them the compression that they need every day to maintain an upright posture.

The problem with most dress shoes or sneakers is that they focus on supporting one part of the foot at a time while neglecting others areas where support is needed – like the arches in your feet which take pressure off the legs when properly supported in their natural.

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What is a Normatec boot and how does it work?

A Normatec boot uses a high-tech system that moves air from under your foot into the outer chamber. With each compression of the air, you feel a deep pressure massage stimulation all around your foot and leg through vibrations. Once released, there is soft continuous decompression until your next step.

Over time, this preserves plantar fascia ligaments so cramping and soreness can be reduced or eliminated altogether, leading to less joint pain and an improved feeling of well being.

Many people with past ankle fractures – which can be painful when standing on them for a long period of time – have noted improvements in their condition by using a Normatec boot regularly during those times where they must stand for long periods of time.

A Normatec boot is a therapeutic boot that greatly reduces the effects of gravity on your legs. The air pressure used to inflate the boots alternates between flexion and extension, thus providing an oscillating motion which provides temporary relief from circulatory disorders such as blood clots, edema or varicose veins. The alternating inflation improves circulation by squeezing those blood vessels that are slow or stuck in one position.

Why do doctors use the Normatec boots?

“The Normatec boot is a vacuum assisted medical device that is used to promote blood flow, lower chronic pain, and improve the feeling of tissue moisturization. The transient reduction in muscle tone achieved through low pressure non-pulsatile inflation also reduces lactic acid production by skeletal muscles.”

It stimulates blood flow through your body because it prevents swelling at limited points without cutting off oxygen supply so the blood isn’t being pumped back up again. It mimics walking on earth’s surface which can help relieve fatigue, reduce chronic inflammation, restore vitality, provide therapeutic massage to injured joints/tissue structures with vibration action for increased healing potential and assist in balancing muscle tone/bending release.

How much does a pair of Normatec boots Cost?

Well, you can easily find a pair of work boots for about 25-50 bucks on They’re worth it to protect your feet, and a miserable foot injury will do a lot more harm to your life than the 50 bucks!

For example, going fast downhill on our bike pate with one foot wet from stepping off a curb resulted in me getting in two medical casts then needing surgery twice over the next 18 months.

Spending that money saved me tons in staying active but also saved me tons in ways I couldn’t measure by pushing myself too hard when my body was already spent early on because my feet were injured.

Where can I buy a pair of Normatec boots near me?

The best place to start would be a shoe store. I wouldn’t search the internet for boots that you have never heard of, because they can sometimes sell fakes or counterfeit items that are poor quality.

I know initially I was excited about the prospect of buying work boots without ever having been to a shoe store, but after looking at them in person and trying on several pairs I discovered this was not going to work out. So, if you were serious about buying these Normatec boots from Amazon it would be best to arm with all the knowledge you’re going to need in order to make a decision in person based on your personal experience.

What are the benefits of wearing Normatecs for pain relief, recovery, and injury prevention?

It is believed that Normatecs can offer relief in the following ways:

  • Reduce swelling by increasing the lymphatic flow in congested areas. – Increase circulation to reduce pain with faster healing time.
  • Ease muscle tension and increase flexibility.
  • Offers stabilization and support for joints, including those which may be unstable or problematic because of arthritis and injury.
  • The patented design provides a controlled unrestricted stretch, correcting muscle imbalances and improves range of motion (ROM).
  • Provide compression which has been shown to increase VO2max (a measure of aerobic capacity) by 1% or more; meaning you’ll get better blood flow, meaning less risk of injury.

How Do Normatec Boots work?

Normatec boots are designed to help reduce pain and increase mobility

When I use my Normatec boots, it feels like I just walked out of the spa after getting a massage. My feet feel so nice and relaxed afterwards.

I find that this technique helps relax me when I’m tense too. Sometimes if my back is tense, all it takes to feel so much better is one round of 30 minutes in the Normatecs to help relieve the pain in my back, neck, and shoulders!

Some people have seen those weird videos on those late-night infomercials for some new miracle “Insole” product…trust me on this – those are nothing compared to these things!

Normatec Boots are designed to help reduce pain and increase mobility.

The active compression provides a therapeutic treatment for many conditions such as edema, venous congestion, prevention of thrombus formation and post-operative edema.

It has been shown to decrease post-operative lymphedema, improve skin healing time after extensive surgery and increase local blood circulation. The increased mobility will help you resume your normal activities sooner following injury or illness!

The boots use a patented technology that increases circulation by pumping air into the foot

The Normatec Boots can really help reduce pain from chronic conditions such as achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, muscle pain and joint stiffness in the ankle.

To find out if the Normatec Boot would be a good fit for you, it’s best to have a chat with your doctor or specialist about whether it is appropriate for your condition. And please share this helpful article with any friends that might be suffering from one of these conditions so they too may benefit from the comfort and reduction of pain that they bring!

The boots use a patented technology that increases circulation by pumping air in. They pump this air into calves and lower thighs, causing them to swell slightly and release pressure on nerves and muscles. This stimulates blood flow and restores vitality.

Tech – A pair of therapeutic supports that require no power source or assembly before using, just lacing up like normal shoes; it’s the first “wearable” compression device for results-driven recovery

1) Wear during morning stiffness to relieve pain more effectively than even ibuprofen (found as Advil).

2) Use after prolonged sitting or standing for inevitable leg fatigue.

3) For those with limited mobility, wear after every long stretch of time spent off feet.

There is no risk of injury or infection with these types of devices because they do not touch skin

One of the many benefits of Normatec Compression therapy is that studies have shown there are no risks to patients or infections, although the devices are not approved for physical activity.

After studying and testing Normatec devices extensively in both hospitals and clinical settings, it’s been shown that they do not cause problems with circulation or vascular health in any major way.

These issues can actually worsen in serious cases when a patient increases their activity levels while wearing them. More than likely, this is caused because wearing these boots without proper circulation can lead to persistent pain and prolonged recovery times when used during strenuous workouts.

They can be used to treat conditions like plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, arthritis, and more

These boots as well as other therapies, can be used as a course of treatment for plantar fasciitis and tendonitis. They can also be used to aid in the recovery from various injuries.

As the plantar fascia lacks any pain receptors or feeling nerves, it is often hard to reduce inflammation and pain without additional treatments. For this problem, many doctors recommend using normatec boots.

Normatec uses an air-compression technology which facilitates profound tissue realignment and regeneration by stimulating healing of injured muscles through increased blood flow and circulation.

It also decreases swelling by optimizing fluid retention that ultimately leads to reduction in pain, improving blood circulation and reducing risk of injury related complications such as diabetic ulcers among others.

One treatment lasts about 30 minutes for each foot, but some people may need up to six treatments per day

Some people might have a medical need for pads before or after your treatment, so it’s important to wear comfortable, clean socks.

If you’re interested in compression therapy treatments for health reasons, see if there’s a Normatec Boot near you. Their research is the basis for most of the compression products that are used today by licensed clinical professionals with specific training and qualifications.

Normatec boots are an FDA-cleared medical device

As of December 2011, the FDA has cleared the use of Normatec Boots for moderate to severe venous insufficiency, a condition that can lead to chronic venous disease and ulceration.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is in the process of developing guidelines on when and how prognosis assessment should be undertaken in people with IC or CRPS.

Follow up with your doctor is important because s/he knows what is best for you specifically. That said, it might be worth considering discussing Normatec boots with your doctor if you’re experiencing any symptoms such as swelling in one leg more than two times greater than that in the other.

The boots help to heal injuries and reduce pain

Normatec Boots are electronic therapy devices that help your body heal through electrical impulses. Electrotherapy stimulates healing relaxation and comfort by supplying the body with the essential healing hormones to get you back on track. It provides relief from muscle aches, swelling, inflammation and congestion.

Normatec Boots work so well because they follow your natural walking pattern – so the energy is always delivered in a wave-like motion to stimulate blood flow throughout your system.

They use compression, massage, and warmth to stimulate blood flow and relieve pain

One of the best ways to foot massage, relieve pain and swelling is with a NormaTec boot. These boots cost about $1500 but are worth it if you or your loved one suffer from diabetes, obesity or high blood pressure.
“What I liked most was the quality of life improvement,” says Linda Czarniecki, who bought a NormaTec pair for her diabetic husband after reading an advertisement in Parade magazine. After using his Normatec Boots daily for two weeks following a foot surgery he experienced less discomfort and bleeding.

The user stands barefoot on the ground pad while wearing a pair of Normatec boots

It’s a good idea to wear the boots. Barefoot, the user will have a better connection to earth and ground throughout their entire body. Additionally, recent research from Dr. Norman Doidge finds that EM frequencies travel up through your body from the floor where you stand.

It can be really hard to apply appropriate stress if you don’t know what muscles are being tightened by standing barefoot on a mat. With Normatec Boots worn under indoor slippers or wool socks, it is easy for trainers to give appropriate support and stretch – further improving results – while preventing possible injury in some joints due to pointed toes or sore arches when walking improperly on foam pads with rubber soles of shoes located inside of the boot itself.

A single session with these boots is not enough – one needs two sessions per day for it to be effective

The NormaTec “boots” are an advanced compression therapy for loosening stiff or knotted muscles. You’ll want to use one boot for each leg, so the number of sessions will be influenced by how many cylinders you have in your boots. If you have 6 cylinders, you’ll typically need 6 sessions per day – two in each leg. The recommended duration of a session is 15 mins on and 15 mins off, but the time can be customized based on your needs.

One thing that makes these boots different from other devices, is that there is no risk of over-compression which could cause injuries in joints or worse – meaning they are safer when it comes to recovery time outs after injury or surgery.


If you are looking for a way to get the benefits of compression without wearing socks, then Normatec boots may be what you’ve been waiting for. The company’s patented technology uses inflatable air cells in an inner boot that can provide up to 20 pounds of pressure per square inch. This helps reduce muscle fatigue and increases blood flow while walking or running. But before investing in these boots make sure to read about their pros and cons so that you know if they’ll work well with your lifestyle!


Does NormaTec really work?

Deciding between NormaTec and massage therapy can be challenging. But when wearing a set of Normatec boots, you’re opening up to the power of an air compression technology clinically proven to reduce edema and pain.

These tools are used by many savvy clinics all over America, and they’ve been proven to decrease swelling in patients suffering from chronic leg problems like deep vein thrombosis, superficial thrombophlebitis, peripheral arterial disease and more. Take a look at your nearest clinic’s website for pricing information.

Are NormaTec boots worth it?

Normatec boots are expensive, but they are worth it.

Basically, these are scientifically designed to mobilize the calf muscles in order to help with circulation, alleviate venous reflux leg pain problems, relieve arthritis symptoms and pressure sore risks.

Additionally these work by stimulating collagen production which in turn helps strengthen bones and reduce osteoarthritis risk. Ultimately this all results in better health, improved mobility and enhanced general wellbeing.

How does NormaTec recovery work?

Normatecs work by stimulating the leg muscles with gentle, electrical impulses during its set time of operation.

While using the NormaTec, you will feel an increase in circulation and local oxygenation of tissues as waste products are swept away from your feet and legs. Furthermore, the use of this device may help rebuild muscle fibers torn by injury or prolonged wear and tear on one’s joints.

A Normatec boot is a compression therapy device used to increase the mobility of patients with injury or muscle tightness. The compressor can control both pressure and speed, reducing localized pain and inflammation by stimulating blood flow. Current research indicates that the use of NormaTec boots for dynamic leg exercises might reduce some effects of aging on knee joints.

How often should I use NormaTec boots?

NormaTec Boots are a medical device. We recommend consulting with your healthcare provider for more information on how often you should use normaTec boots, the reason for using a normatec bed, and what size might be best for you.

Normatec Boots can be used up to 2-3 times a week and should only be worn for periods of 20-30 minutes during the first three weeks.

The goal is compression therapy, not recovery. Standard recovery protocols use ice and compression therapy in alternating sequence for 15-20 minute periods, with breaks in between each session; we recommend this for recovery from injury or when trying to speed up healing from acute injuries including edema, iliotibial band syndrome, etc. In contrast, with chronic conditions such as plantar fasciitis or flat feet it may be beneficial to wear the boots 2-3 times a week for extended periods of time.

How do NormaTec leg sleeves work?

Normatec Boots are designed to use the same principles of Pneumatic Compression Therapy – specifically, deep compression. The boots compress down your calves and feet, so it’s very similar to what you would find in a hospital setting. When the leg sleeves are inflated and used correctly at treatment level (under 80mmHg), they will cause:

Reduced swelling: The old, more superficial fluid pushes into muscles under pressure and causes them to spasm – which reduces swelling underneath. Reduced fluid absorption: by squeezing tight over major lymphatic routes, these boots reduce the amount of new fluid entering through those routes – so too much may need to be bailed out if fluids build up Patient comfort.

What is the science behind NormaTec?

The NormaTec boots work by pumping water into the vacuum. Gradually, this will tighten down your legs and that is what the NormaTecs are famous for.

Normatec Boots provide controlled compression with no special training to use them. They’re clinically proven to help reduce post-surgical edema; helps prevent DVTs, varicose veins or blood clots; decrease strain on underlying tissues; decreases pain in back often related with chronic sciatica; helps control long term venous insufficiency (LIV); can relieve daily aches and pains in lower extremities.

Does NormaTec help with cellulite?

There have been many studies that have shown that Normatec reduces cellulite. You can go to a store and buy a vest, or a roll, in any price range to use in-home.
There is no doubt there are ways to reduce the visibility of cellulite using compressive garments such as the NormaTec suit or Boots suit.

However it’s important to be diligent about wearing these items for at least an hour each day if not more (the lengthier the better), and then keep them on while you sleep too.

Who should not use NormaTec?

Normatec boots are not recommended for anyone who has peripheral artery disease, diabetic neuropathy, or if they have any skin lesions on their feet. Other people who should avoid using NormaTec are those residing in the following countries: Qatar, China (Hong Kong), Singapore, Brunei Darussalam or People’s Republic of China (Taiwan).

Does NormaTec reduce soreness?

Yes. Normatec Boots are designed to target the areas in your feet, lower limbs and back where you feel soreness most intensely.

Normatec Boots use powered air pressure to gently massage sore muscles with gentle oscillation. It’s like someone is kneading your muscle for you – providing the deep feeling of tension release that physical therapy provides, just in minutes. With boots that can simply plug into any wall socket or car adapter, they’re convenient enough to bring along on a long trip or business trip when even walking hurts!

Is NormaTec Pulse 2.0 worth it?

It sounds like you’re asking about Normatec Pulse therapy, which is an advanced form of treatment that uses a pneumatic compression system developed by the Canadian company Normatec

Pulse 2.0 is a more recent entry into NormaTec’s product lineup with many improvements over the original Pulse technology. The padded blanket-like material used in the newer boots provides more comfort and support for your legs and ankles, giving it a lighter feel than the older models with their chunky white materials. They also have a redesigned footpiece that makes them much easier to put on and take off – no fussing around with laces anymore!

How long do NormaTec boots last?

NormaTec boots are designed to be used for 8 hours per day, but many of our clients use them for around 12-hour days. The wear and tear of the NormaTec boots vary based on how often they are used, what surfaces they are used on, and if the client is actively using them or resting while wearing them. While Normatec cannot replace your NormaTec Boots due to this variation in wear and tear (much like replacing a set of tires), we offer upkeep products that can prolong their longevity.

How long does NormaTec battery last?

Normal Normatec Boots last for up to 5000 hours.

NormaTec therapy boots are the only know therapy garments in the world that give you daily home therapy, getting you back on your feet faster than ever before. Patent-pending technology in the boots offers personalized compression therapy, meaning each boot vests the pressure onto your problem areas according to what feels best for you.

This provides uniform therapeutic compression around ankles and calf muscles that assists circulation while promoting healthy function of muscles and tissue without drugs or surgery.

The battery life of a Normatec boot is based off of usage and other factors. For example, running at slower speeds and lower intensity settings will increase the length and quality time for your NormaTec sessions. However, we recommend that clients follow these guidelines to get the most bang for their buck:

  • Keep -hands flat on table or “planks” while walking in boots
  • Suspend arms above head during exercise
  • Face screen when using wireless interfacing display system (Wingman)
  • Avoid continuous use with stationary cycling or other low impact activity
  • Use outdoor timers to stop after 45 minutes [of work] [without interruption] [to avoid overuse injury].

Is NormaTec HSA eligible?

Normatec boots are an example of a company that also makes equipment compatible with the NormaTec HSA, but they’re probably going to be even more expensive.

Normatec boots use a vacuum pump in order to reduce swelling and recover from injuries faster. For someone that needs better mobility due to Osteo Arthritis or for someone recovering from surgery this is often seen as a worth investing in product.

There’s been very little research done on the long term effects of prolonged use, so I would recommend you check your insurance coverage before buying one. These can range wildly in price so if you need mobility due the aforementioned conditions it may be best to just see what medical expense coverage provides first-hand.

Why do athletes use NormaTec?

To help with soreness, swelling, muscle spasms, and more.
Athletes use Normatec Boots to help with soreness, swelling reduction in the legs/feet by increased blood flow that can also increase their healing time or just feel better on a regular basis.

They are used to put pressure on specific areas of the body by inflating them during an exercise routine or rehabilitation session. The technology is clinically proven to prolong recovery time while minimizing wear-and-tear injury risking for athletes.

Is NormaTec good for recovery?

I recommend the Normatec boots, as it is much easier and quicker than doing a full-body workout with just your own body weight and gravity.
They help you by stabilizing and strengthening your joints to reduce muscle loads during exercise.

They cushion shock. And they stimulate blood flow to promote healing, making them ideal for post-exercise recovery. The intensity of the vibrations can be adjusted for those who need or want less vigorous stimulation as well as those who may prefer more intensive treatment as tolerated.

Can you fly with NormaTec?

NormaTec Boots are inflatable devices that work by compressing or restricting the limb in some manner. They are worn over the calf and cause increased pressure on the rest of your leg, which in turn can increase blood flow to reduce swelling after injury.

This increases circulation, causing oxygen to be delivered at a quicker rate to cells throughout your body, including tissues around your injured Achilles tendon or knee joint.

Additionally, they have been proven to decrease muscle soreness following strenuous activity by up to 40%. Normatec boots are most commonly used for chronic injuries where swelling is an issue, typically caused by lack of exercise over time leading to weight gain and less circulation in the calves which leads gradually into inflammation.

Does NormaTec help with knee pain?

Normatec is a method of pain relief that increases blood circulation, improves mobility and increases tissue oxygenation.

The Normatec Boots helps with all three of these problems by replicating the effects of a 10 minute salt water bath on your feet – pressurized air circulates soothing warmth around your calves and feet while simultaneously releasing mild compression.
With continued use, you’ll experience an increase in energy levels, decreased reliance on chronic pain medications. I have been using it on my knee for about one month now and my daily pain was reduced from a six to an occasional two or three out of ten! Relief at last!

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