Irish Setter vs Red Wing Boots-Which is Better?

Irish Setter are better suited for houses with shorter, softer carpets. Red Wing boots are great on rugged terrain but require prepping stops to reduce dirt accumulation in the soles.

The higher shaft on Irish Setters is ideal for when you’re walking around in muddy areas or doing yard work, while the Red Wings have a lower cut that makes it easier to use ladders and sheds more water in wet conditions.

They both seem to need about the same amount of upkeep—the equivalent of a good shoe polish every month or so with linseed oil or neatsfoot oil will do it—but only Irish Setters come in shades like faded denim blue, chocolate walnut brown, mustard yellow, peacock green.

As a boot, Red Wings can be called the more durable of the two. Irish Setters have the benefit in being naturally waterproof due to their fur.
Irish Setters do require some upkeep whereas boot care is minimal with Red Wings.
Both are great choices depending on what you might need out of your boots, but I prefer Irish Setters.

Benefits of Irish Setter Boots:

Irish setter boots are made of durable leather that will last for years

Lace up leather boots are made from a stronger, thicker, and more durable material.

Yes, this is true for the lace-up variety because laces provide an added layer of support for the boot.

This extra support acts as a buffer to help stave off stretching caused by any fluctuations in temperature or activity that might leave one’s foot damp and cold, which can lead to bunions and other ailments.

For those people who would rather not have their feet bothered by laces every time they put on their boots however, there are alternative forms of protection such as arch supports or specialty insoles that can be slipped inside before putting on one’s Hessian footwear to offer additional stability.

The rubber sole on the boot is non-slip, which means you’ll be able to walk through any terrain without slipping or sliding

The Irish Setter boots are assembled by hand, the toes are sewn together to get a water tight fit for snow and ice. These insulated snow boots bring comfort without sacrificing style with soft fleece lining.

Irish Setter Autumn Boots have an extra layer of insulation to keep you warm during cold weather conditions. The boot shaft height ensures coverage while still being fairly compact so they don’t inhibit movement or have excess fabric bunching up around your ankles when sitting at occasion.

The outsole is made from rubber which renders them non-slip on slippery surfaces making them perfect for wet or icy weather conditions on hillsides, driving rain, etcetera.

The rubber sole on the boot is non-slip, which means you’ll be able to walk through dewy grass, around puddles and along rocky paths without worrying about losing your balance. To make sure the soles don’t wear down too quickly, we made them with 100% natural latex that’s sourced from Indonesia.

All of our boots are handcrafted to last for at least two years or more with no signs of wear-and-tear – but if yours do show signs of wear after extended use, you can send it back to us for repair free of charge!

The soft lining inside the boot makes it comfortable to wear all day long

Irish Setter Boots are known for their quality construction and comfort. Their features include removable deluxe polyurethane footbeds, spring cushioning, full grain leather upper and the Double Riveted Durable Outsole. Worth mentioning is that I can attest firsthand to this boot’s exceptional durability – after over 4 years of daily use (I work in the car business), my boots still look like new! I’d recommend them without reservation!
Knowing what consumers want- comfortable footwear that also looks good- Irish Setter has insisted on providing established shoe company standards throughout its line of men’s, women’s and children’s sport shoes under one roof. From casual day wear to active sportswear.

Irish Setter boots have a soft lining inside the boot that makes it comfortable to wear all day long, plus they are knee-highs, so they stay up without slipping. In fact, Irish Setter Boots is the only brand of work boots to be endorsed by NASCAR!

These boots come in a variety of colors and styles so you can find one that suits your needs best

Irish Setter Boots are the perfect option for those who are looking to buy boots. They come in a variety of colors and styles so you can find one that suits your needs.

These boots are comfy, yet durable which will last you through all the seasons! Don’t settle for anything less then Irish Setters.
The price range also varies depending on what size was ordered but it’s always worth it because these boots will last you an entire year or more.

Make sure to keep up with their warranty though because some people might find out around winters end that their soles need darning; not an issue if they kept up with there warranty, but if they didn’t, too late now!

They’re waterproof, meaning they won’t get ruined if they’re worn outside during inclement weather conditions

These are probably referring to Irish Setter boots. Back in the day, they used to be waterproof typically by using a sealant called mink oil that was popular with hunters. However, these days they just use rubber soles and spray them with water-repellant stuff for good measure.

Irish Setter Boots are manufactured with oil-tanned leather, which is water resistant. They’re designed with a waterproof construction that includes completely sealed seams and overlays to protect the upper from moisture. The leather also has a breathable membrane insert to let moisture escape as well as patented anti-bacterial finish helps provide an odor barrier.

Irish Setter Boots are available in both men’s and women’s sizes

Irish Setter Boots is a brand of footwear that specializes in winter boots. They’re most commonly seen on TV and they even sponsor the NFL games.

Irish Setter Boots is a company with rich roots in American pursuits and traditions. Started by an American just about 60 years ago, it’s one of the oldest brands still operational to offer service today with over 3,400 employees working around the world.

What’s special about this company? It all started at their very first store when Betty Baker was looking for some protection out in the wilds of Wisconsin – she found what she wanted in some local Eskimo men selling freshly tanned sealskin boots to making her way back home again intact and warm again for days on end.

Benefits of Red Wing Boots:

Red Wing boots are handcrafted in America

A company can say their boots are handcrafted but what does that mean? A small handful of them might be hand-made with U.S. sourced materials, but if they’re mass produced with overseas labor it doesn’t really matter where they were assembled—they’ll have a shorter lifespan and will suffer from quality control issues when significant repairs are needed in the future.

The bottom line is that buying domestically manufactured products is your best bet for both saving money and getting high-quality American manufactured products.

Red Wing boots are handcrafted in America, so they are always built with USA-sourced materials.

2. All Red Wing Boots are made by craftsmen at their factory located in Redwing, Minnesota.

3. They have been making boots for over 100 years — making them the oldest manufacturer of work footwear in the United States to still be operating out of its original location and under its original ownership

4. The construction techniques used to create these fine leather goods never change

5) Originally catering to farmers’ needs for wearing tough labor-intensive manual labor each day on their farms, this company grew quickly as people recognized these boots were capable of handling hard work giving them both comfort and support.

They last a lifetime

The boots are made to last a lifetime, or “until you get it back”. You can get them resoled at any point in that 100-year lifespan. This applies to any footwear in the Red Wing Heritage collection.

The company believes in making the highest quality American products for anyone who wants them, including people who want their products to be heirlooms for future generations.

The commitment is so strong that they offer a limited lifetime warranty with all of its products in order to ensure lasting value even when unique variables like time and place restrict access to repair materials.

They support American jobs

In 1987, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed to eliminate tariffs and other trade barriers among the US, Canada and Mexico. This resulted in a flood of cheap imports and reduced opportunities for farmers in America’s heartlands.

To preserve family farms, we founded Red Wing Shoes 40 years ago. The company started by making simple hard-wearing work boots with triple stitching at the seams for our local steel mill yards. We’ve stayed true to these boots ever since—because they support American jobs.

Red Wing Boots is the first U.S. company to produce more than one million pairs of boots.

These high quality, hand-crafted boots for men and women are worn by people across the globe who value American craftsmanship, detail, and workmanship.

The skilled craftsmen at Red Wing Shoe Company use century-old techniques perfected over generations to create timeless pieces that will last you a lifetime–all proudly made in America with some of the best leathers on earth where they do it right.

The leather is vegetable-tanned and comes from local tanneries in the USA, which means they’re environmentally friendly and sustainable

Yes, it does. Red Wing is the only tannery in the U.S. that’s still using vegetable tannin in its leathers, and instead of taking advantage of this positive point (I mean come on), they’re not doing anything to promote it because their customer base doesn’t care about where their shoes are made which arguably means there’s no marketing budget for any campaigns to raise awareness of the environmental benefits of use animal leather or sustainable American-made production practices.

The leather is vegetable-tanned and comes from local tanneries in the USA, which use only animal skins to generate their tannins. The difference is that Red Wing Boots will never use chemicals so their grain pattern will be different than other boots out there. You can really feel the quality of these boots because it ages with time, just like you.

The leather is treated to be water-resistant and durable

Red Wing boots are made with premium leather that is treated to be water-resistant and durable. Plus, they’re customized especially for each person’s feet, which can reduce by up to 25% of the discomfort felt from wearing most other types of shoes. Red Wing also uses a higher grade cotton, which helps keep your feet dry and blister free.
Not only do these all symptoms disappear, but your skin actually begins to improve over time! To put it simply: Red Wings make you better looking without even trying. Imagine never having ugly blisters on your toes again.

Irish Setter vs Red Wing Boots-Which is Better?

  1. The Irish Setter boots are made of 100% leather and have a rubber sole for traction
  2. The Red Wing boots are made of leather and suede, with a cork footbed and steel shank for comfort
  3. Both brands offer slip-resistant soles, but the Irish Setters also come in wide sizes
  4. Red Wings can be resoled while Irish Setters cannot because they’re not made from natural materials
  5. Costs vary depending on style – you can find affordable Red Wing boots starting at $150 whereas the cheapest pair of Irish Setters is $250-$350
  6. When deciding which one to buy, consider your lifestyle and what you’ll need it for (work or leisure) so that you get the most out of your investment


Red Wing has been making boots for over a century and Irish Setter was founded in 2003. The quality, craftsmanship and style of the two brands are different but both offer something special to outdoor enthusiasts. We recommend considering your specific needs before deciding on which boot is best for you!

Irish Setter is a great company with quality products. It’s no wonder that these boots are one of the top-selling items on Amazon! If you’re looking for some new work or hunting boots, I recommend taking a look at these Red Wing Mocs by Irish Setter.

They’re durable and will last through any type of weather condition. Plus, they come in four different colors so there’s something to match everyone’s taste!


Are Irish Setter boots the same as Red Wings?

There are many similarities, but it’s hard to say they’re the same.

Irish Setter boots have a more delicate design. They’re not as heavy duty and will work well for casual wear, but wouldn’t be considered ideal for rigorous activities or wintertime use because of their lighter design.

Red Wings on the other hand have a style that is more traditionally “booty,” thick rubber soles designed to stand up to any kind of outdoor activity from driving a country road in heels on heels with jeans on an evening jog or working in a muddy ranch hands spattered with blood from hoofed creatures slain by your brothers while you had been waiting 200 yards down the hill lest your hawk leave his tree perch too soon.

How long do Irish Setter boots last?

The life of a boot will depend on the frequency and intensity at which it’s worn. The thing to remember about these boots is that they are built with quality material, so your money will help you save some more! One important thing to consider is that waterproof boots cost more because their soles are made of rubber (or some kind of weatherproof substance).

Some people like to buy extra thick soles for added arch support. These special soles don’t come cheap but many people may want them. If you’re on a tight budget then water-resistant or non-waterproof versions can satisfy your need for comfort without breaking the bank!

Where is Irish Setter boots made?

Irish Setter Boots are made in North Carolina, United States. The boots are made from materials that come from all over the world, including South Africa and Thailand, who supply the leather. The factories which make the boots for Irish Setter include facilities in Vietnam and China.

The quality of a pair of footwear is important to us because it’s part of why we’re able to provide you with a lifetime guarantee on our products. We want every customer to have years of worry free wear from their Irish Setter boots so we take extra care when sourcing out materials for our boots and making sure they’re produced by skilled craftsmen around the world who adheres to strict guidelines regarding workmanship and ethical business practices.

Does Irish Setter make good boots?

Yes, Irish setters are very good dogs for hunting. They are hardy animals who adapt well to different environments and can become skilled hunters themselves. This makes them great additions to any family with kids or other animals. It’s not their fault that they’re boots either, they were bred for the purpose!

How do you break in an Irish setter boot?

After you’ve used your Irish setter boots for a short period of time, like if you use them right away and take them off, they’re going to conform more to your feet. If it’s just an individual foot that needs the boot breaking in, then break it in by wearing one boot and not the other and shaking or rotating the foot until it feels more comfortable. And after any kind of travel, put on those boots as soon as you can so they’ll loosen up. But also remember these are made from cow leather which is very durable so those boots should last a long time!

Are Red Wing boots ethical?

It depends on how you define ethical, but based on my research I would say they are not.
I took an interest in this topic when I read about the Migrant Workers Accountability Project (MWAP) report which found ” That many of these brands’ supply chains rely heavily on subcontractors to do the cutting and sewing.” MWAP is an independent non-profit organization founded in 2009 that “promotes safe working conditions for migrant workers through direct outreach, campaigns and partnerships with corporations.” I couldn’t find anything conclusive enough to say Red Wing boots are not ethical, though it’s probable that they are not ethical based on their business practices.

Are Red Wings union made?

Yes. The Red Wings are union made with the help of the Hockey Players Association, including president Trevor Linden, who has worked hard to get the team’s management on board.

How long do Red Wings take to break in?

It depends on the width of the toe. The wider the toe, in comparison to your foot, in general takes less time to break-in compared to when you wear shoes with narrow toes.

This is because there’s more room for discomfort to go around at first when wearing wide toes. Most likely every person will have their own way of breaking them in, so it would be hard for me say how long it should take without knowing any other factors.

One thing I can recommend is that if you shower after running or before bed, don’t let your feet stay wet for too long! There are also all sorts of ways people can break these shoes in themselves if they’re stubborn however this isn’t recommended.

Do Redwing boots have a steel shank?

No, Red Wing boots are not steel-shanked.

Redwing boots use a “built to last” framework that is 100% American made or imported materials. This framework is designed for stability and timelessness, because the company only focuses on durability and longevity in their work.

The added bonus of this durable construction process is that you’re also investing in your investment, as all Red Wings products are guaranteed to be the quality seen throughout the years.

What kind of leather are Red Wing boots made of?

To say they are made of leather is to be reductive in their description. That is like saying speaking French in Paris is the same as speaking Chinese in China; there are many dialects, some related and supportive of one another, some not so much. However all true Red Wing boots share a common ancestry: The original Norwegian “rustic” boots that were developed and refined by Red Wings founder’s son Big Bill.

They’re still made with the finest materials we could find; we use American sourced Horween bison hides which have been tanned at Hormel tannery for over 100 years without compromising quality or composition (i.e.- chromium-based dyes), stitched using pure cotton thread.

Should you Condition New Red Wing boots?

Conditioning your boots is necessary to keep the leather soft and durable. New Red Wing boots come pre-treated with an oil that helps nourish the boot leather. It’s best to avoid using any type of waterproofer until the boot has totally soaked in these oils or else you risk coating your garments beneath your footwear in unpleasant-smelling, greasy residue. Once they’ve been used, then it’s okay but during initial wear, refrain from applying any water sealant spray for at least 24 hours after wearing them (it dries too quickly).

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