Justin vs Ariat Work Boots-Which is better?

If you are looking for a great pair of work boots that will last and keep your feet comfortable, then the Justin vs Ariat Work Boots showdown is perfect for you. In this blog post we will be going over some of the features of each boot to help you choose which one is best for you.

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Working boots can be expensive, but they don’t have to be! There are many low-cost options available for those who want the best bang for their buck. Justin and Ariat both make great work boots at affordable prices, but which one should you get?

Keep reading if this sounds like an issue that concerns you! We’ll break down each boot’s pros and cons to help you come to a decision about what kind of boot might suit your needs best.

Justin boots are made of leather, while Ariat boots are made of man-made materials

It’s difficult to answer “Which is better?” without knowing what you need them for. One brand might fit your needs, but not work well with your wardrobe or geography for example. Below is a brief breakdown of the two brands and their main offerings in order to help give you a sense of which one may be right for you

Justin boots are best known for having the most sizes and the widest range of styles. They offer all types of work boots, recreation boots, and hunting boots in both leather and man-made materials (called Neo Materials). They also sell insulated winter pairs that include waterproof linings in steel toe variants. With their wide selection from high top to low profile they have something for everyone.

Both brands offer safety features like steel or composite toes, safety inserts, and puncture-resistant soles. The differences are the types of leather that are used. Ariat boots use cowhide leather while Justin uses chrome tanned full grain leather which has a higher quality finished look.

Full grain isn’t perfect because it does contain some imperfections but this is considered to be ideal for footwear because it’s durable and goes through fewer chemicals before being made into shoes.

Partially splitting the hide up yields semi-fullgrain or splitleather which is thinner, softer due to being split up, easier on the environment with no chromium required in its tanning process, more versatile as it can be used for handbags or furniture.

Justin boots have a wider toe box than Ariat boots for more room in the front

A wider toe box contributes to a more comfortable shoe, especially when you need to stand for long periods of time. So Justin boots will be a better option if that’s important for your needs. However, the price tags vary by the type of boot, with a higher price tag usually indicating a higher quality and increase in lifespan.

Ariat is produced by Scott Canada Corporation who is most well-known as the producer of work wear footwear outfitted with patented safety toe reinforcement from one piece construction.

They were originally known for their lines of cowboy boots worn primarily in rodeo, western style dancehall music events and country music celebrations but now they have expanded into various styles including work boot types.

Justin boots have a wider toe box than Traditional Ariat work boots for more room in the front. This is helpful because your toes can move freely and won’t feel squished- like when you were wearing shoes with skinny jeans and had to pull them over skinny legs and know how it felt? Yeah, not so much fun!

The most common feedback we hear from people who switch to Justin Boots is that they don’t miss their old work boots anymore because of their wide toe boxes, even if they still wear two pairs of socks all the time! They also love that nothing feels tight or restricted (but most importantly not their toes).

The heel on an Ariat boot is higher than the heel on a Justin boot

It’s not about which one is better; instead it’s more about what activity the two boots are geared for. Justin boots are western style boots, best suited for working out on your ranch or walking around town.

Ariat makes work boots with a slightly lower heel to accommodate the need to move up and down off the ground with an intent of being lightweight yet staying sturdy by containing more steel at their base than most other work boot brands would.
Both have different purposes so its hard without knowing more information which you might want to use versus what you plan on using either boot for.

Most people would say that pitching yourself physically differently will be more comfortable depending on your personal needs. For instance, if you have a high arch and need support in the arch of the foot, Justin may work better for you because they offer more support in that position. Ariat do not offer this option in case you were wondering.

The price range for both brands is comparable, with the average pair costing around $100-$150

Justin boots seemed like the better option to me because when I was at the store I saw that they were cooler looking than Ariat. However, after trying on both shoes and finding that Justin’s run too small for my huge feet, I reconsidered my decision based on their durability.

The lady at the register said she developed foot problems herself when her feet collapsed in her beige pair of Aristas. So unless you have abnormally small feet, expect your Justin’s to rip apart before long.

There are also many complaints about how hard it is to take them off even if your boots are clean-they’re really stiff and sometimes take extreme effort–if it doesn’t fit right then who cares?

Both brands offer different styles and colors to choose from

One of the challenges of choosing a reliable competitive set is that you have to consider so many different factors, not just one. Justin has more of a budget-friendly work shoe, but Ariat’s boots are designed for more rugged use with an emphasis on reinforced toe protection and waterproofing.

Justin typically offers steel toes or ASAT boots for their safety boots. Ariat does not offer any steel toes in the majority of their styles which means they’re mostly slip resistant, water resistant, and don’t offer much in the way of protection for bearable discomfort if you ever need to bear weight while wearing them or keep them on your feet after long periods of time because your feet might start hurting.

Although Justin and Ariat’s work boots seem like they’re very different from one another, they both offer their customers a wide variety of styles and colors for them to pick from. When it comes down to which one is better than the other, it really depends on your personal style and preferences since they both produce high-quality products.

What matters most is that after making an informed decision about what type you want, make sure you compare prices before making a purchase! The more time you spend getting all your options checked out during online shopping processes will be beneficial in saving money as well.

If you’re looking for something that will last longer, go with Justin; if you want something that’s lightweight and easy to break in, go with Ariat

If you’re looking for something that will last longer, go with Justin; if you want a pair of boots that can do it all and look great doing it, go with Ariat.

Justin has been making quality footwear for over seventy years so they know what they’re doing. In terms of overall durability, style and comfort they have the edge. But what’s really neat about the new Justin Men’s Renegade cowboy boot is their commando sole which is engineered to work as well on concrete as it does on mud.

One thing was missing from this boot though – a little more diversity in colorways which is why we recommend going with a pair of country-chic made by John Deer or EVO instead.

When it comes to durability and longevity, you usually can’t go wrong with a brand like Justin. These boots are made from premium leather and only the best components which ensures that they will last for years and years to come.

This is perfect if you’re looking for an item that can withstand heavy use over many years such as construction site boots, etc.
If you’re most concerned with resale value or just general protection against damage then these might be worth checking out.

They excel at protecting the foot against injury due to being crafted from rugged leather which should help prevent any cuts or tears in extreme weather conditions. I also appreciated their good grip because climbing into windows would have been really unpleasant without this!

Justin boots are made of leather while Ariat is synthetic

The difference between leather and synthetic boots is not always visually clear. Without wearing them, it’s difficult to tell the difference which makes it difficult to know which boot is better for you.

Some things that are typically indicative of an Ariat would be their “D” width tip outsole, raised heel edge, two vents in the front of their shoe instead of one or none at all, a layer of cushion on the sole.

Besides that though there isn’t much else to go off and actually see synthetic and leather really well without wearing them. What would need to happen next after this is if you’re interested in either then you should contact Justin or Ariat directly and ask them questions about their product information like.

The synthetic materials in these boots prevent them from being water resistant for very longs periods of time. Ariats are indeed more expensive than Jins but the wear longetivity lasts much longer when it comes to work boots that will get wet or soaked on a regular basis.

The fabric that goes into the production of these boots is stronger and makes them last much longer than most other kinds out there because they’re built with higher quality material even though it might cost about $1 more per boot over all actually in the long run which also includes repairs.

Both brands have different features-Justin has steel toes that can be replaced if they get worn out or damaged, while Ariat offers waterproofing in some styles

This is a really tough question! It’s difficult to really answer that without knowing what your needs are. In general, Justin has more steel toe boots that can be replaced and higher quality materials, but the Ariats have a better price point for what you’re getting. I personally have both of those brands and favor the Quixotes because they just seem to hold up a little better for me.

Ariat boots and shoes offer a larger variety of styles and colors to choose from. Justin only offers around one style of work boot for men, but Ariats come in both dress and professional looking styles. They also carry sizes that range from 8-12 EEE, while Justin’s goes up to size 11.5 (which means they might not fit people with wider feet).


Are Justin’s better than Ariat?

It depends on your needs. A few things to consider about the two work boots are the time spent on your feet, the type of material you’ll be working in (water or oil), and whether or not you need steel toes.

Ariat work boots tend to have a more aggressive tread on them for traction — this means they’re manufactured with deep grooves that catch dirt, mud, snow, gravel, etc., but may not be as comfortable on smooth surfaces like concrete where it’s easy to slip.

Justin work boots are made of softer leather which won’t wear down as fast but may get too soft over time if saturated in wet environments. Ariat has a waterproof coating while Justin does not.

Is Justin Boots a good brand?

There are a few things you need to consider when purchasing a new pair of boots. If your main purpose is to walk in snow and slush, then these two brands would most likely be comparable. However, if you will be walking on any type of terrain that could cause damage or abrasion to the foot or ankle area, I would recommend looking for alternatives such as steel toes and lace-toed boots.

In this case, Justin Brands has been proven to cause more issues with the wearer’s feet according to many reviews from their customers. Some examples were fitted too wide or long with no means for adjusting them after purchase which caused the customer pain and discomfort.’

Is Ariat the best boot brand?

This really depends on what you’re looking for.
Ariat is a very well known brand in the saddle industry and they certainly make quality boots, but there are other alternatives like Justin that also produce high quality boots and offer more affordable prices-so it’s really up to your personal preference.

A good starting point might be trying on both of these boot brands and deciding which is more comfortable for you, if every price point meets your needs, or if overall style appeals to you.
Bottom line: both Justin and Ariat were rated four out of five stars by customers who left reviews on their website; however I encourage you schedule an appointment with an Authorized Dealer for this purchase to ensure the variety of styles.

Are Ariat work boots any good?

The differences in styles might lead to personal preferences for one brand over the other. For example, Justin boots will typically come with a higher price tag than Ariat because they are known for using more top quality material like real leather. And according to some buyers, their boots will last longer than their cheaper counterparts.

Ariat Work Boots-Which is better? The high range of prices among work boots means that there should be something out there to suit any need or budget including work at home dads just starting out who need solid protection without too much cash needed up front.

Are Justin boots made of leather?

Of course. Justin boots are made of leather and other high-quality materials like nylon, rubber, and canvas.

Understanding the difference in construction between these two types of boots is crucial to making a choice that best suits your needs. We’ll start with Ariat work boot features because they’re what we know about most:

First and foremost, Ariat work boots use full-grain cowhide to create their upper which does not stretch over time and offers an optimal amount of protection against abrasions and damage from sharp objects or debris on the job site. The outsole is non-slip material called MaxTred® TPU for excellent grip in wet or dry conditions.

Are Justin boots made in China?

There are different companies that make Justin boots (among them, the original JIT). They still maintain quality control to keep up with all production standards even when they’re made overseas. These include the following: retaining design integrity; ensuring compliance with American Animal Protection laws; and also seeking third-party testing for materials before processing orders.
Essentially, what it boils down to is this- if you want cheap boots but don’t want anything short of high quality justins then look at brands like Red Wing Heritage or Rancourt & Sons who manufacture their shoes in Canada.”

What happened to Justin Boots?

For years, Justin boots were made of premium leather. They were high-quality work boots that required a few weeks of break-in time. The old manufacturer believed in the slow process because it ensured quality. People who purchase these boots are willing to wait for their shoes to become more comfortable after they’ve had time to loosen up, since this new model is not really supposed to be terribly comfortable right away according to the company’s spokesperson.
So which are better? Ariat or Justin? Well, if you want an American-made boot with high quality leather and American labor involved, my vote would be for Justin Boots even though most people haven’t heard of them anymore.

Why is Ariat so popular?

Ariat is a very popular company because they offer a wide range of quality products. Justin has a reputation for providing quality boots at a lower price, which means they are less expensive in the long run. More information is given below about their work boots in particular.

Ariat-The most popular and well-known product from Ariat is their line of equestrian footwear used by many professionals and amateurs alike. Inexpensive with high quality, these products have been popular since 1982 when the company was founded. They produce fencing jackets for both sexes, open front vests, britches or breeches for juniors and adults, hats and gloves too! Women’s all weather collection also available!

Why are Ariat boots so good?

One key way in which Ariat and Justin boots differ is that Justin’s work boots use a traditional welt to attach the upper leather to the boot, while Ariat uses a 360 degree welting process.

Basically, because they make you stop walking like an old lady when you get there. The heels are much more stable. They last longer and they aren’t stiff like most other workboots I’ve tried on. Plus I find them really comfortable right out of the box without any break in period needed! Love them!

How long will Ariat boots last?

Both Justin and Ariat produce high quality boots, but there are differences to consider when deciding which one might be best for you. Jon goes into more detail in his article “Justin vs Ariat Work Boots-Which is better?”

The question of whether Justin or Ariat will last longer doesn’t have an easy answer because they’re two different products made for different purposes with different levels of durability to each pair.

Consider the following features when choosing your boots: the leather, genuine rubber soles, Delrin insoles , removable steel shanks, reinforced toecaps/toe guards, double row sewn stitching at the seams, careful consideration of hazards present in your line of work.

Are Ariat boots real leather?

Yes, all our boots are 100% real leather.

Ariat offers a flexible line of premium cowboy boots for those who appreciate quality and authenticity. Produced with 100% real leather, each boot’s supple hide is carefully taken from the world’s leading tanneries located in Italy and India.

Our unique selection includes several heritage styles that have been passed down for generations – including favorites such as Engineer Boots, Hollis Boots and Gentleman’s Low Square Toe Boot – as well as new twists on classic designs like our Roper Boots or Travis Beck Cowboy Boot.

Does Ariat run true to size?

Ariat boots are generously sized! You should take one full size down. The Justin is actually slightly larger if you’re not used to wearing cowboy boots, but it’s also better made.

Ariat Boots are generously sized, so you’ll want to order a full size down. If they dont’ make your size, or they cost too much because everyone is ordering them right now because of the rain storm in California (I’m not joking!), then the Justin are actually marginally larger for people who arent use to wearing cowboy boots- although Ariat is usually better for foot problems like callouses and ingrown panties.

Do Ariat boots have a Goodyear Welt?

Ariat boots are fitted with a Goodyear Welt. Justin boots are not available with this type of welt option.

The installation, known as the “Goodyear” process or sometimes just “the welt”, is created by sewing together sections of leather to make an insole which covers the entire sole and extends upwards around the upper perimeter of the boot shaft (instep).

The natural convexity (curved shape) of both leather pieces ensures that when they are joined lengthwise along their overlapping seams, they form pools or hollows on either side-resulting in a durable, flexible bond that does not lend itself to early separation.

Does Warren Buffett Own Justin Boots?

Justin boots were started in 1879 and they say that “they’re still made with the highest-quality materials and by expert craftsmen”.
Ariat was founded in 1966, and is an internationally recognized group of equestrian brands. Their goal is to produce comfortable, innovative riding footwear for every discipline. The company has evolved into a global leader in work boots as well as casual lifestyle footwear.

Both companies’ styles depend on the buyer’s needs but personally I like Ariat better because it feels sturdier than Justin boots do. But having said that, I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with Justin boots. They both make quality products so the question really boils down to just which one you prefer based on their respective.

Are Ariat boots made in Indonesia?

Yes, because Justin is manufactured in Indonesia.

Ariat boots are made in Mexico because of higher wages and production cost than other countries. So you would assume that both brands are made there, but that’s not the case with Justin boots. These first-class leather boots are made to last decades.

Does Justin boots own Tony Lama?

When it comes to high quality, the Tony Lama brand definitely produces some of the best boots on the market. Unfortunately, due to licensing agreements, they are only bought by other manufacturers and not available for sale under their own name. Still, ranchers continue to buy them because they offer superb comfort and great durability.

Can Justin Work boots be resoled?

The answer to the question is yes, but it’s not always easy. Resoling is expensive, but once you find someone who does good work on boots in your area, they will impress you with their ability to recover from water damage and perform above expectations even when being exposed to prolonged wet situations.

Justin boots are a step up from Ariat in terms of style, durability and price. In fact, Justin boots have been formulated specifically for long term wear in extremely tough environments including oil fields and deep-sea drilling sites with features such as double stitched seams with durable threading for maximum strength combined with a reliable sole – a feature often overlooked in most heavy duty work boot shoes or less expensive manufactured items today.

What does Ariat boots stand for?

Ariat boots is the equestrian boot of choice for both professionals and enthusiasts alike. They are performance-driven, yet fashion conscious. Anyone who rides will love their style in the show ring, at the barn or just running errands.
Justin vs Ariat Work Boots-Which is better?

A boot that looks good when you’re not on a horse is always beat out by one that can give your feet support while leading a horse through deep snow to double beneath an ice cold stream for hours on end-just because you forgot to turn off the water pump before bed doesn’t mean it’s not necessary! Justin Boots will do well if they make something with rubber soles (to slide more easily).

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