Keen vs Merrell Work Boots-Which is Better?

Keen makes shoes with a focus on function and durability, with high ankle supports for maximum safety. Merrell are more of a fashion company with shoes for people who would rather be able to wear them to work or an event, but still want to have features like sufficient arch support. These preferences can account for its popularity among outdoor enthusiasts as well as the workplace.

If you need something that will serve both purposes at once, Keen has started introducing models of their shoes that mix style and functionality. If not, then maybe it’s time to start looking into other pairs by brands like UGG Australia who cater exclusively to comfort or luxury.

Benefits of Keen Work Boots:

  1. Keen has been a leading footwear company for over 30 years
  2. Keen boots are made from high-quality materials that last longer and provide more comfort than other brands
  3. The company’s products are designed to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and protected from the elements
  4. There is a wide selection of sizes, styles, colors, and widths available on the site
  5. They offer free shipping with every order of $50 or more
  6. Keen work boots are designed to keep you safe and comfortable on the job
  7. The boots come in a variety of styles and sizes, so there is something for everyone
  8. They offer a wide range of colors and designs to match your personal style
  9. Keen offers free returns if they don’t fit right or don’t meet your needs

Benefits of Merrell Work Boots

  1. Merrell boots are lightweight and comfortable
  2. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes
  3. The outsoles provide traction on slippery surfaces
  4. They’re made with high-quality materials so they’ll last for years to come
  5. You can wear them all day without getting blisters or sore feet
  6. A lot of people choose the waterproof style because it’s perfect for wet weather conditions

Disadvantages of Keen Work Boots:

  1. Keen work boots are not the most stylish footwear available
  2. Keen work boots are made of cloth, which can easily get wet and hold on to water
  3. Keen work boots are not waterproof – they will absorb water if they come into contact with it
  4. Keen work boots have a short lifespan compared to other types of shoes
  5. The soles of keen work boots wear down quickly over time
  6. They don’t offer much arch support for people who have high arches or flat feet
  7. Keen boots are not waterproof
  8. They do not offer much support for the heel and ankle
  9. The soles wear quickly, making them unsuitable for long-term use
  10. They may be too heavy or bulky depending on the person’s height and weight
  11. Keen boots lack arch support and don’t offer enough cushioning under the ball of the foot
  12. The toes can sometimes feel cramped due to a tight fit around that area

Disadvantages of Merrell Work Boots:

  1. Merrell work boots are not the best for snowy climates
  2. The soles on some models can be slippery, making them dangerous in certain conditions
  3. They are often more expensive than other brands of work boots
  4. Some people find that they don’t last as long as some other brands of boots
  5. If you have wide feet, then Merrell may not be the brand for you since they tend to run narrow and small
  6. You cannot wear these with steel toes or if your profession requires a safety toe due to their lack of support in this area
  7. Merrell boots are not as durable as other work boots
  8. They require a break-in period of about two weeks
  9. Merrell’s toe box is on the narrow side and can cause discomfort for those with wide feet
  10. Their soles have little grip, which makes them unsuitable for slippery surfaces or uneven terrain
  11. The quality of materials used in Merrell boots is lower than that of other brands

What are the differences between Keen and Merrell boots?

I’m not sure what you mean by “basically”– are there some non-basic similarities? What kind of foot do you have, high arch or flat arch, wide or narrow width? Do you often walk on surfaces that could be slippery and potentially hazardous? Those kinds of considerations will help refine the answer.

The main differences between Keen and Merrell boots generally depend on what terrain they’re designed for. Generally speaking, although it’s important to know your physical limitations and see if a boot’s support works for those needs as well as whether it comes in a size or style that will work for you.

What are the benefits of each type of boot?

The merrell shoes you mentioned are great because the patented Hedgehog Gel technology acts to cushion your feet and relieve pressure points.
This is where Keen comes in. A high density foam insole adds an extra layer of comfort.

They also have a patented Toe Protection technology that protects toes, then metal shanks around the sole that disperse impact force absorbing shock. And lastly, they use low profile EVA material for their leather uppers which dramatically reduces mud entrapment and perfomes better than rubber when wet because it does not adhere to dirt or mud like rubber can do!

Which brand should you choose for your work boots?

I still personally use Keens. They last a long time and I can wear them barefoot for short periods, which is great because my feet sweat a lot. Their design holds up really well.

However, if you can’t wear Keen shoes barefooted it might be difficult to break them in thoroughly before the fabric cracks since the stitching is too regular to fold down as much as on regular well-worn shoes.

For those people Merrell has been recommended as a good alternative that has slip resistant soles and features leather uppers that are tough enough not to tear for long periods of time – but don’t expect them to last forever either!

Why do people buy Keen over Merrell?

There are many reasons, but here are just a few.

1) Keen’s rubber soles provide the safety and stability that constantly changing or harsh conditions require. The safety features of Keen safety work boots include steel toes, anti-slip outsoles, puncture resistant shanks, ergonomic designs, slip resistant properties to protect against falls both inside and outside the workplace. But many people enjoy Merrell’s different footwear options including hiking shoes or sport sandals making them ideal for all day wear.
2) Different brands have different price points which vary depending on their popularity with customers as well as other contributing factors like materials used in the construction of the shoe itself.


Keen vs. Merrell Work Boots-which is better? This question has been debated for years and people have different opinions on which work boot brand to choose. One person may prefer the comfort, fit or style of one while another might like a different aspect of that same pair of boots over the other.

The only way to find out if these two brands are best suited for you is by trying them both on in store and seeing what feels best! So come visit us today at our retail location where we will be happy to help you try on any pairs of boots so you can decide which ones suit your needs best!


Are Merrell boots good for work?

Keen is typically a more rugged style of work boot, so they’re not always appropriate for use outside of extreme conditions. If you’re looking for a very utilitarian styled work shoe, then Merrell would be your best option.

Is Keen a good boot brand?

The 2.5 pound difference in weight is not that much and should not be a contributing factor when evaluating which boot to purchase. Worx Exo Thermic insulation, waterproof lining, and comfort features such as an ergonomic fit and padded tongue top their list of benefits. Keen boots are typically rated the equivalent of grade B for water resistance whereas Merrell work boots rate A+.

Are Keen boots worth it?

If your hunting, hiking, or walking on rough terrain, I would say Keen is worth it. Though they are about $90 more than the competition.

Keen has spent years refining their boots for serious trekkers doing extreme hikes in all kinds of conditions. The result are shoes that have both the highest-level protection features and often outweigh other boots by a couple pounds. They’re expensive but I recommend them heartily if you’re serious about rough conditions and heavy pack loads to boot.

Is Merrell a good walking boot?

While the Merrell company may be a safe bet for many, there are also plenty of people who have found their budget boots to be cheaply made and to wear out in a matter of months.

The good news is that there are a number of other brands available with a decent track record for quality and durability, such as Vasque, Timberland Pro from L.L. Bean, the Keen brand from Frye’s, Red Wing work boots from Rockport, or Wolverine work boots from Wolverine Worldwide. In general it pays to look at reviews by professionals in the industry when looking for footwear because these companies will use higher end materials and details than cheap boot makers like Merrell would normally use–so they’ll last longer too!

Do Merrell boots have arch support?

Merrell does not offer arch support for their boots, though this is something that may be available through an aftermarket provider.

The first step should definitely be to measure the arch length of your feet. One way to do this would be placing a string across the ball of your foot and stand up on it with weight bearing down on your toes.

If the string bends at the point it crosses over the center of your foot, you have flat arches or normal arches. If there is no bending or if there are gaps in where it crosses over, you have high arches.

If you have flat arches/normal arches, looking for shoes with an orthotic insert will work best for providing arch support outside of footwear.

Does Keen make good work shoes?

Keen, like most brands in this fashion-centric and image-driven industry, has a variety of types and styles that provide varying levels quality.

First we should ask ourselves “What is my budget?” When it comes to the type of shoes we’re looking at (outdoor high top sneaker), you’ll find that there are different price ranges for different levels of materials used.

Are keen boots comfortable?

They’re absolutely amazing. Keen boots are perfect for hiking, general wear, and all sorts of outdoor adventure.

Keen building their shoes to last has benefits not only for you (the do-it-all around the house shoe), but also for your surroundings by reducing waste. Not to mention each pair is made with water-resistant leather making them great boots in any weather!

Even if your pants get wet from sloshing through a stream you’ll still have dry feet thanks to Keen’s AEGIS technology which blocks odor causing substances from getting inside the leather so they don’t come out as perspiration or dirt over time.

Do Keens run true to size?

Keens are usually true to size. They have a lot of room in them though, so I would suggest getting a 1/2 size smaller than your usual shoe size if you’re unsure. That said, one thing to keep in mind is that REI’s return policy on shoes is excellent-meaning they offer free returns for store purchases, with some exceptions-so it might be worthwhile to try out the smaller or larger sizes before committing fully.

Why do Keens have an exclamation mark?

The exclamation mark is typically used to indicate a strong reaction or emphasis. In the case of KEEN, it’s there to signify that KEEN products are solutions, especially when “hew” means design design and implement an idea!

The truth is that every time we make a new product–which feels like all the time these days!–we want you to think about how your life will be different because of it. And every time we make a new product, we come through for you because when something matters this much to us, nothing can stop our team from designing and implementing ideas using passion and experience!

How long does it take to break in Keens?

Its hard to say how long it’s going to take for your new Keens to break in. I recommend wearing them around the house in order, when you’re doing things like cooking, cleaning, and other chores. Wear them when you’re walking back and forth from the car when you get groceries or take care of errands. Once they feel more comfortable on your feet after a few days or weeks of that use (having never truly “broken-in”) then look into wearing them around town too – going on walks with friends or going out for dinner have been some ideas that have worked well for people who have commented about their own experiences with this!

Where are keen shoes made?

Keen shoes are manufactured in China, Taiwan, Philippines, or Indonesia.

Keen was founded in 2003 out of Ashland, Oregon by Tony Post. The company was first started as a premium outdoor children’s footwear retailer called Kanyon Outdoors. When Tony decided to navigate his company into the US hiking boot market he changed the name to KEEN and enlarged their production facilities to be able to produce boots for hiking purposes. KEEN has grown over the years from being an AWESOME shoe company targeting kids who are rough on their feet…into one for people of all ages who love being outdoors!

Are keen boots good for wide feet?


The Keen boot company was founded with the founder having wide feet themselves, so it’s common for Keen boots to fit wider feet more comfortably than most other brands on the market. However, if you have an unusually-shaped foot or one that’s more complicated than just wide, you might need to go through some of their models one at a time until you find one that not only fits your width but also offers you support whether standing still or walking around.

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