Navy Blazer, Light Khaki Pants. What Color Shirt, Tie and Shoes Would Look Good?

In the fashion world, there are few combinations as versatile and timeless as the navy blazer paired with light khaki pants. This pairing transcends seasons, occasions, and even generations, offering a sartorial edge that communicates both class and approachability.

In this guide, we’ll delve deep into the styling nuances of this combo, focusing on the appropriate shirt, tie, and shoe colors that can enhance this look.

Navy blazer, light khaki Pants. What Color Shirt, Tie and Shoes Would Look Good?

A crisp white or light blue shirt complements a navy blazer and light khaki pants perfectly. Pair it with a burgundy or navy tie for a cohesive look. Finish the ensemble with brown leather brogues or loafers to maintain a sophisticated, timeless style. This combination strikes a balance between classic elegance and contemporary fashion.

ItemColor Options
Navy BlazerClassic Navy Blue
Light Khaki PantsLight Khaki, Stone, Beige
ShirtWhite, Light Blue, Light Pink
TieBurgundy, Navy Blue, Forest Green
ShoesBrown, Dark Brown, Tan

These combinations provide a balanced and stylish look. You can mix and match these colors to create different outfits that suit various occasions and personal preferences. Remember to consider the formality of the event or setting when selecting your shirt, tie, and shoes.

1. The Right Shirt

Choosing the right shirt is crucial because it can either elevate or downplay your entire look. Here are some color options to consider:

  • White: Classic and timeless. A crisp white shirt exudes confidence and is an excellent base for adding a colorful or patterned tie.
  • Light Blue: A light blue shirt adds a touch of color without overpowering the navy-khaki combination.
  • Pale Pink: For a more summery and refreshing look, a pale pink shirt can make a statement while remaining subtle.
  • Striped or Checked Patterns: If solid colors aren’t your thing, consider muted striped or checked patterns. Ensure the patterns don’t clash with the tie.

2. Tying it Together: Choosing the Right Tie

The tie is where you can let your personality shine:

  • Navy Tie: If you’re aiming for a monochromatic look, a navy tie that matches your blazer will be a good choice. Opt for a textured tie like wool or knit to create some visual distinction.
  • Burgundy or Deep Red: This rich color adds a touch of sophistication and contrast.
  • Patterned Ties: Polka dots, stripes, or even paisley can introduce a fun element. Just make sure the background color complements your shirt.
  • Pastels: Pastel ties can be great for spring or summer, complementing the lightness of the khaki.
  • No Tie: For a more casual look, ditch the tie and leave the top button of your shirt undone.

3. Stepping Out: Shoe Choices

The right pair of shoes can complete your outfit. Here’s a look at some colors and styles:

  • Brown Brogues or Oxfords: Brown shoes are a classic choice. The richness of brown leather complements the navy blazer and light khaki pants.
  • Loafers: For a laid-back yet sophisticated look, consider loafers in tan or brown. Tassel loafers can add a touch of elegance.
  • White Sneakers: For a more modern, casual twist, a clean pair of white sneakers can be paired with this outfit. This is perfect for weekend outings or a casual day at the office.
  • Boat Shoes: For coastal vibes or summer outings, boat shoes in brown or navy can be an excellent choice.

4. Accessorizing the Look

Your main pieces are set, but let’s not forget accessories:

  • Belts: A brown leather belt will seamlessly tie your outfit together.
  • Watches: A leather-strapped watch that matches the shade of your shoes is a classy choice. For casual outings, metal-strapped watches or even colorful NATO straps can work.
  • Pocket Squares: Introduce a pop of color or pattern with a pocket square. It can match your tie or be something entirely different, as long as it complements the overall look.

5. Adaptability of the Look

The beauty of the navy blazer and light khaki pants combo is its adaptability:

  • Formal Events: Add a tie pin, cufflinks, and polished leather shoes.
  • Casual Outings: Roll up the blazer sleeves, swap the formal shirt for a polo, and opt for sneakers.


What color shirt to wear with navy blazer and khaki pants? A light blue or white shirt would be a great choice for a classic and timeless look with a navy blazer and khaki pants.

What color shirt with khakis and blue blazer? For khakis and a blue blazer, you can opt for a white, light pink, or light blue shirt to complement the outfit nicely.

What tie goes with a navy blazer? Ties in burgundy, navy blue, or forest green can look fantastic with a navy blazer, adding a touch of sophistication.

What shirts go with navy khaki pants? With navy khaki pants, you can choose a white, light blue, or even a light green shirt to create a stylish combination.

Can I wear a navy blue blazer to a wedding? Yes, a navy blue blazer can be a suitable choice for a wedding, especially if it’s a semi-formal or smart-casual event. Just make sure to pair it with appropriate dress pants, a dress shirt, and a tie.

What color shirt to wear with a navy blazer? A crisp white shirt is a classic and foolproof option to wear with a navy blazer, suitable for various occasions.

Can you wear black shoes with a blue blazer? Yes, black shoes can work well with a blue blazer, especially if the outfit leans towards the formal end of the spectrum. However, brown shoes often create a more versatile and stylish look with a blue blazer.

What is the most versatile blazer color? Navy blue is often considered the most versatile blazer color as it pairs well with a wide range of pants, shirts, and ties, suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

What shirt to wear with khaki blazer? For a khaki blazer, you can choose a white, light blue, or light pink shirt to create a stylish and sophisticated ensemble.

What color shoes to wear with a navy suit? With a navy suit, you can wear black or dark brown shoes, both of which complement the deep blue color elegantly.

What color tie goes best with navy jacket? Ties in burgundy, gold, or even a patterned tie incorporating navy and other complementary colors can look excellent with a navy jacket.

What color tie goes best with navy? Ties in shades of red, burgundy, light blue, or even a subtle pattern can complement a navy outfit beautifully.

What shirt goes best with navy pants? A white or light blue shirt complements navy pants perfectly, providing a classic and stylish combination.

Does navy and khaki go together? Yes, navy and khaki can go together very well. It’s a classic and versatile combination that works for both casual and semi-formal outfits.

Can you wear black shoes with khakis? Yes, black shoes can be worn with khakis, especially in more formal settings. However, brown shoes are a popular choice for a more stylish and versatile look with khakis.

What to wear with navy blazer to wedding? You can pair a navy blazer with dress pants, a crisp white dress shirt, a tie, and dress shoes for a polished and wedding-appropriate look.

Can I wear khakis and a blazer to a wedding? Yes, khakis and a blazer can be a suitable outfit for a more casual or outdoor wedding. Just ensure the blazer and overall ensemble have a smart and polished appearance.

Can you wear a navy suit to a wedding as a guest? Yes, wearing a navy suit as a guest to a wedding is a classic and appropriate choice, as long as the formality level matches the event.

What jeans go with a navy blazer? Dark wash or indigo jeans can pair nicely with a navy blazer, creating a smart-casual look.

Can you wear black with a navy blazer? Yes, you can wear black clothing items, such as black pants or a black shirt, with a navy blazer. The combination can be sleek and sophisticated.

What color buttons for navy blazer? Navy blazers typically have buttons that match the blazer’s color, so navy buttons are the most common and suitable choice.

Do shoes have to match blazer? Shoes don’t have to perfectly match the blazer, but they should complement the outfit. For example, brown shoes go well with a navy blazer, and black shoes can work with a navy blazer, but it depends on the overall look you want to achieve.

Should you wear black or brown shoes with a blue suit? Both black and dark brown shoes can work with a blue suit, but brown shoes tend to offer more versatility and a stylish touch.

Can I wear brown shoes with a blue blazer? Yes, brown shoes can be worn with a blue blazer, and this combination often creates a sophisticated and stylish outfit.


The navy blazer and light khaki pants combination is a testament to the enduring nature of classic fashion. With the right shirt, tie, and shoes, this ensemble can take you from a business meeting to a weekend brunch with ease. Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself, so while these guidelines can steer you in the right direction, always let your personal style shine through.