The Best Chainsaw Protection You Can Get!

A chainsaw is an important part of many people’s lives. Whether you cut your own firewood or work as a tree care service, you need to be able to use it with confidence. A small mistake can result in serious injury, so it’s important to take safety seriously.

That’s where chainsaw protection comes in! Chainsaw guards are designed specifically for this purpose and can make all the difference when using your saw. Here are some of the best chainsaw guards on the market for your convenience.

Chainsaw Safety

Using a chainsaw is the same as any other power tool. You need to be mindful of safety. A small mistake can lead to serious injury. It’s important to take care when operating your saw, but it can also be difficult to see what you’re doing when it’s in use, which is why chainsaw guards are so important. Chainsaw guards are designed specifically for this purpose and can make all the difference when using your saw.

Chainsaw guards come in a variety of sizes—from a small shield that covers just your hand and part of the blade’s teeth, to a full-body suit that offers complete protection from head-to-toe. Whatever style you choose will vary depending on how much you want to cover up or what your needs are for the work you’ll be doing with your saw.

If you’re looking for some more serious protection, there are also chainsaw helmets on the market today that will offer head protection from overhead objects while still being safe against everything else around you.

No matter what style or size of chainsaw guard you end up getting, always remember: safety first!

The Importance of Chainsaw Protection

If you’ve ever been around a chainsaw, you know that they can be dangerous. There are many ways to injure yourself or someone else with a saw. For instance, the chain will often jump up and hit the user in the leg if it isn’t well-trimmed. This can cause a wound to open and bleed.

Also, many people have been injured when the chain has come in contact with their hand or arm. If there is no protection on your chainsaw or it’s not properly fitted for your body size, any of these injuries could lead to serious consequences!

The best chainsaw guards provide protection from all of these dangers and more. Be sure to invest in some quality guards before starting your next project!

Types of Chainsaw Guards

There are three types of chainsaw guards: Face shield, head guard, and chaps.

Face shield: These shields protect your face from any flying debris from the wood you’re cutting. They come in various sizes and models and can be worn with a hat or safety helmet to protect the whole face.

Head Guard: These guards cover your ears and neck and provide protection from head injury in case of a fall. You might also want to consider earplugs when using this type of guard for additional hearing protection.

Chaps: Protect your legs when working near trees with these heavy-duty fabric pants. Chainsaw chaps extend down to the boot line, so they’ll help keep you safe if you slip or need to jump out of the way quickly.

Some people combine the types of chainsaw protection—they wear a face mask and earplugs while wearing chaps over their pants, for example—while others choose just one type of protection for different situations like firewood cutting versus tree trimming. It’s up to you!


Kevlar chainsaw protection is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Kevlar is also strong, so you know it will protect you when you need it most.

Metal Mesh

The metal mesh chainsaw guard is a great option for those looking for general safety. It’s made of heavy duty wire that will protect your arms and hands from flying debris. It can be worn on your left or right arm, depending on which hand you are using to operate the saw.

One thing to consider is that this chainsaw guard will restrict your movement, so make sure you are comfortable swinging with it on. If you are using a pole saw, it will also need to be used on one side only.


Fiberglass guards are great for general use. They’re lightweight and affordable. Fiberglass guards offer the best protection against sparks, but they won’t protect your hands from logs or other materials.

The Best Chainsaw Guards on the Market

Not all chainsaw guards are created equal. To help you take safety seriously, we’ve identified the top chainsaw guards on the market.

-The Oregon Chainsaw Guard features a high-quality design and is easy to install. Plus, it only takes three minutes to put on!

-The Diamond Chain Saw Guard is designed for use with any size saw and will fit most other brands as well. It can be used with an extension pole and has a durable design that won’t go out of style.

-The Poulan Pro SawGuard is made from quality materials and will last a lifetime! It’s also designed for different types of saws, so you don’t have to worry about fitting problems.

What is the difference between Class A and Class C chainsaw trousers?

Different types of chainsaw trousers offer different levels of protection. Of course, it’s best if you wear both leg protection and body protection when using your saw. However, you may need to choose between Class A or Class C for which you use.

Class A is the more protective option with a higher level of cut resistance than Class C. So if you’re working in an area where there are likely to be branches, brush, or logs that could get in the way of your saw blade, then Class A is the better option for you.

What is a chainsaw boot?

A chainsaw boot is a protective device that covers the foot and ankle. It prevents dirt, rocks, or any other objects from getting into your saw blade. They are designed to protect the wearer’s feet and ankles from injury during cutting activities, providing workers with increased safety while making their work more efficient.


Figuring out the best chainsaw protection is not always easy.

We are here to help!

We have reviewed the best chainsaw guards on the market, including Kevlar, metal mesh, and fiberglass.

To find out the difference between Class A and Class C chainsaw trousers, visit our blog post on chainsaw trousers.

We also have a blog post on chainsaw boots, with an in depth review of each product. We hope you find what you are looking for!

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