Tips of How to Clean Sorel Boots?

What do you do the first time your Sorel boots get wet? It’s a question that we can’t answer. Sure, we could call our mother and ask her what she did with hers growing up, but we’re not sure if that will work for us or not.

What are some tips to clean them? How often should I clean my Sorel boots? These are questions that need answers! Let’s find out together in this blog post.

Sorel boots are a staple in winter fashion, but when these fashionable snow boots start to look worn out it can be hard to know how best to clean them.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps that will help you take care of your favorite sorels and make them last for many more winters!

Tips of How to Clean Sorel Boots?

Clean your boots with warm water and a mild detergent

Clean your boots with a mild detergent and warm water. Here’s how to remove mud, dirt, slushy slush, snowfall residue, ink stains etc.

Detergent is necessary to produce enough bubbles to have an effect on all the disgusting debris in your boots that has seeped deep into the fibers. Use about 1/4 cup of soap or shampoo per gallon of clean warm water.

Rub the soapy mixture over each boot for 10 minutes – yes 10 minutes! Rinsing doesn’t cut it when you have yucky stuff inside the boot seams! Rinse both sides thoroughly with clean water before rinsing away much of the glycerin surfactant solution inherent in soap or shampoo.

Most boots come with a midsole or shank that is made from some kind of rubber, plastic or other synthetic material that prevents water from seeping through to your feet.

The water may enter at points along your boots’ exterior details, but if your boot is assembled properly these should not allow any significant amounts of water inside. As long as there are no holes in your boot you can safely clean it with a damp cloth or sponge–just make sure to dry them thoroughly afterwards!

If the mud is dried on, use a soft brush to scrub it off

Clean Sorel boots are waterproof, made for wet conditions, and will look great.

Wet the outside of your Sorels with water to wash away any surface dirt. Soak a cloth or sponge in soapy water and use it on the outer surfaces of your boots.

Do not attempt to scrub internally or work on parts that are inside the boot because too much pressure could cause damage. Rinse off soap residue with plain water after you feel all surfaces have been adequately prepped, but be careful when doing so as soapy residue can leave behind nasty streaks if left untouched until fully rinsed.

The best thing to use for this job is your hands which you should have just rubbed together in Clean Sorel Boots. If any mud remains, rub it with something that won’t be damaged by dirt or oil, like an old toothbrush or barbecue grill cleaning pad. When the boots are completely dry re-apply wax so you don’t have an issue next time tomorrow.”

Use an old toothbrush for any tough spots or dirt that won’t come off easily

It might sound weird but if you scrub boots with an old toothbrush it’ll clean out the dirt and get them looking like new. I found this tip on Facebook, check it out.

Clean Sorel Boots Use an old toothbrush for any tough spots or dirt that won’t come off easily. Posted by Tom Lyons on Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Using your mouth is terrible for your teeth so don’t recommend that! Plus you never know what’s lurking in years of accumulated dirt that has accumulated in between the treads of a worn tire at the back of where boots go.

Rinse the boot thoroughly to remove all traces of soap

The only drawback of Sorel boots is that they require a bit more care than most other shoes. To clean them, pour warm water over the boot and scrub with your brush so it clears all dirt and debris away.

Then pat dry to remove any excess moisture. Use soap sparingly if necessary, but only use natural soaps like Dr Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap or Woolite for Delicate Fabrics Powder Laundry Detergent to prevent any residue that dirty soap leaves behind.

-Rinse the boot thoroughly.
-If there is excess soap residue, wipe it off with a rag or paper towel.
-Put on some Sorel boots to let them dry out overnight after the excess water has evaporated.
-If they’re still feeling damp, use a hairdryer to air them out. It’s likely that you’ll be able to wear them just one day later! Presto! You’ve solved your problem of dirty boots without actually having to wash them.

Personally, I wash my Sorels once every 3 months because they are not meant for walking around in snow everyday and also are more expensive than other brands which are cheaper but better quality.

Let them air dry overnight before wearing again

However, what about outdoor gear? One piece of advice I’ve heard given since I started traveling is “let them air dry overnight before wearing again” for items like shoes and clothes.

So far this has been 100% effective for me! The secret is not only to shake out the dirtiest spots but also to literally give your leather clothes or sneakers a much-needed bath (by scrubbing with soap and warm water) before putting them on again.

Clean Sorel Boots should be the last pair to air dry overnight. In order to not disrupt the fit of your clean, broken in boots for a rainy day, let them air dry before putting on wet socks and shoes.

Put clean footwear at the end of your drying cycle to protect their shape with normal wear (and especially if you use deodorizers). Your Sorels want nothing more than to keep your feet dry and comfortable in any condition-they know that means protecting their shape.

So leave them out long enough for most of the moisture to evaporate before placing wet socks or shoes inside (give them about 24 hours), which will help avoid deforming or breaking in new leather too soon.

Store in a cool area away from direct sunlight so they don’t get brittle

To prevent a stain from being sealed in, try air drying your boots overnight before wearing. Clean them with a good leather shoe-care soap beforehand to remove any oils or sweat that may have soaked through. You can also use a crayon on the inside of the boot to mark where your heel hits so you don’t scuff up the back of the boot by kicking it off while walking.”
In addition, Sorel makes Boot Baker kits sold at most retailers that work perfectly for this type of application.

It’s important to store boots so they don’t get brittle. The sun has a natural aging effect on them, so be sure not to store them in direct sunlight. Sorel Boots are well known for being high quality shoes that can handle any type of terrain or weather condition.

Look for tongue care tags, which indicates the area with the highest frequency of wear and tear. Make sure all buckles are tightened properly before putting your new boots away – if they are loose, this could contribute to wear down also! Always use cedar or special boot brushes when washing rain boots- these will help keep the rubber from cracking over time

Dry your Sorel boots with paper towels until no more moisture can be felt inside of them before wearing again!

Paper towels are far more absorbent than socks, and can help remove any dirt left inside. It’s important to follow up with a good cleaning of the inside of the boot or your feet will get smelly in no time.

After you have removed all moisture from the boot, sprinkle some baking soda into the shoe and onto the insole to make it smell fresh again! If this doesn’t work, try adding a few drops of tea tree oil around an area where boots typically sweat–the toes are places that are often neglected but need attention more often due to their closeness to our feet!

When moisture hits the insole, that typically makes a lot of difference in how long your Sorel boots will last. It’s a good idea to clean them before you dry them so that they come back smelling fresh and looking new again.

Start by pulling out any debris or dirt with a brush or vacuum beforehand, then spray on shoe cleaner and scrub with a rag until the soles are clean. Let it dry overnight and use an all-natural polish such as beeswax afterward for optimal results!

Do not worry if paper towels do not remove all moisture from inside of shoes; there might be one more spot that needs attention, like the seams of the tongue, which is hard to reach!


If you want to get your Sorel boots looking like new, it is best to start with a thorough cleaning. Always use the warm water and soap method first before using any other methods.

Start by removing all dirt from the boot’s exterior with a damp cloth or brush then clean between each individual stitch of stitching on the inside of the shoe lining. Finish up by drying off your shoes completely so they are free from excess moisture which can cause molding in wet environments.

Once this process has been completed, if there are still stains that cannot be removed after washing, try rubbing some cornmeal onto them until they disappear!


Are Thorogood boots worth the money?

Thorogood Boots is a U.S. company, and Sorel Boots is a Canadian company; the two companies use completely different standards to make shoes. Thorogood has honored workmanship and craftsmanship for generations, but they’re not as reliable as Sorel when it comes to enforcing safety regulations such as providing 200 new units of allergen-free material per year just in case someone develops an allergy.

So no, right now I recommend you stay away from Thorogood boots until they stop putting so much emphasis on manufacturing cheaper quality products and put more effort into improving them instead.

What is the difference between composite toe and steel toe?

There are several benefits of steel toes, but they can be more expensive than composite. Steel toes offer extra protection from bumping into the ground or any heavy objects overhead. They also serve to protect your feet in impact-type accidents, like punching the gas pedal when someone is in front of you.

Steel toe boots come with added safety features, so they’re ideal for certain jobs that require it. Composite toes are lightweight and afford greater breathability for a comfortable wear on your feet during summer months or occasions where you’ll be outside more often. In addition, the leather material allows you to mold them over time to make sure they fit well when you need them most!

How long should good work boots last?

We have many high-quality Sorel products, but if you’re looking for work boots specifically, I see that our popular Women’s Chocorua Winter Boot is a favorite to help workers stay warm and dry during the winter months. It’ll last you until 2025 or so!
Careful with your work boots To keep them in good condition after all this time, make sure you clean them to avoid odors building up. You can remove the insoles too – they may need replacing soon.

How long do Ariat work boots last?

Sorel Boots are made to be durable, so generally speaking it’ll depend on the care of the boots. But if you have good quality work boots, they should last at least a year or two. My buddy had this pair of Ariat Roanoke boots that he wore for over three years!
And after I cleaned them up for him with our power wash system, they look great as new! Dayum-deegus howdy though, those things were ripe.

How long do Irish Setter boots last?

Sorel has some of the best quality boots on the market, and they are made to last for many seasons. When caring for your Irish Setter boots, it is important to vacuum them on a regular basis before you store them away for the season.

Doing this will remove any residual dirt or debris that builds up between uses. Vacuuming also keeps your new-looking boot looking close enough to new so you can enjoy it year after year!

Clean Sorel Boots are about six times more waterproof than your average workboot, so even if your feet get sloshy, the boot itself should keep you dry.
Sorel makes boots with clean rubber outsoles that are designed to maintain traction in the snow and ice while off the slopes.

Clean Sorel Boots are also made from lightweight nylon material that does not trap moisture or other irritants inside the boot–so they should dry fast after a long day of hiking through wet grass, water crossings, etc.

Are Thorogood work boots good?

It can be tough to know which brand of work boots are good for you, since it’s common for all brands to pros and cons. You may also want to consider how heavy certain brands are, the leather quality, boot height, warranty cost…the best way is to try them on! If you don’t have a chance to do that then I recommend Clean Sorel Boots because their sole seems flexible and should help prevent foot pain from constant standing or walking.

How long does a pair of Thorogood boots last?

A pair of Thorogood boots will last for approximately six months to two years depending on how often they are used.
Major problems that lead to these issues are stretching which causes the leather to rip, friction-induced wear of synthetic materials (which can be avoided by oiling them with Sorel Waterproofing Wax), and abrasions of the bottom soles caused by various surfaces.

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