Ugg Boots Sizing: How Do They Fit and Work?

Ugg Boots Sizing: How Do They Fit and Work?

Uggs are the most popular boots in America and around the world. But, when you buy a pair of these cozy winter boots there is one question that always comes up: how do they fit? If your feet run on the narrow side or if you want to wear two pairs of socks with them, we recommend ordering a half size larger than what you usually wear in shoes. For everyone else, order your regular shoe size for an optimal fit!

What is the average UGG boot size for women and men?

Since UGG boots are a US-made footwear, the sizing is based on US width, not length. To find your size, look for either a sticker or name tag on the boot you’re currently wearing and use that measurement to calculate what size to order.

I get these mixed up all the time so if you’re trying to figure out whether it’s cm or inches just divide by 2.54 and see where that falls in feet eg 3’6″ = 1 meter 30 cm which would be an 8 in UGGs (9 in Nike trainers).

How do I know what size to buy for my feet?

Your best bet is to go to the company website and look for their size chart. The Ugg boots sizing guide starts by telling you what type of feet you have – c, b, or a shape.

There are specific measurements given for each shoe style that pack different types of insoles in them, so do some research to find out which type would fit your foot best.

Some shoes come with both orthotic and foam orthotics (the latter is recommended if you like more arch support). Once you know what size fits your foot, the last step is picking out the ugg color that suits your fancy! XX-Small sizes go up to 3 b fits most women’s feet.

Sizing tips and tricks, including measuring your feet

The footbed should be about an inch from the back of your heel. You’ll also want to have a couple of fingers worth of extra space lengthwise, after your toes are touching the end, because you’re going to add a little wiggle room for socks and things. If it’s too tight without any socks on, then you know that you should go for a larger size or different style altogether!

Or if all else fails – if in doubt, get a half-size up from your measure shoe size because they stretch out a little bit with wear and tear. But still not sure? Try fitting them into another pair that you think might fit from their brand or style.

As the weather starts to crisp, one of the first things I do is put on my velvety Ugg boots. Just scrunch your toes into them and groove on how they feel! My feet are always warm. But what if you need another size men’s shoe? Listed below is men’s shoe size vs ugg boot sizes.

5UK=6US=39EU; 5UK=7US; 5UK=8US; 6 UK = 8 US = 40 EU; 7 UK = 9 US (women); 7 UK=/19 US (men); 7 1/2 UK/9 1/2 USA; 8 UK/$10 USA Men) 8 1-1 2 USA Men.

What is the difference in UGG boots sizing between men and women’s shoes?

UGH has a very odd sizing system where the men’s and women’s boots have different measurements.

The Men’s size is usually given as a 10,12,14 etc. For example, a size 12 will cost less but be out of stock more often because it is the most popular size. If you are looking for boots in this range make sure to keep checking back with the vendor who sells these sizes for restocks!

The Women’s sizes run from 3-12 which use a different numbering system that runs from 00-13. You won’t find out what these numbers mean until you read our latest article about Ugg Boot Sizing!

What are some things I can do if my new Uggs don’t fit properly

Ugg Boots use Australian sizing. Make sure to refer to the size charts in order to get your boots in the correct size.

It’s important to note that the sizing is different for men and women (this is because of variances in female and male shoe sizes). Men’s sizes start at 6, while female sizes start at 5.

Women who wear an 11 or 12 may find that there are no shoes from companies other than UGG Australia that would fit them well enough or if they want a shoe bulky enough without it being too large.

In this case you should get a 9 1/2 or 10 depending on what area of fitting issues you have with shoes being too tight around your foot opening vs being too wide over.

Why should you measure your feet before ordering online

Online shopping is great because it’s convenient for people who live in places that don’t have physical stores. However, there are some situations when measuring your feet would work out better than buying boots without actually trying them on first.

Boots are designed to be slightly large so they can accommodate heavier socks or insoles with without feeling too tight against the foot. That means if you buy the wrong size online, it’ll feel like they’re already too tight – even though they’re most likely not damaged until you wear them extensively and break them in. So how do you ensure the right size?

Is it worth it to buy boot stretchers or insoles for your boots to make them feel better

The jury is still out on whether or not a boot stretcher will make a difference. I, myself, have only ever had one pair of boots that needed a stretching device because they were too tight around the middle of my foot.

But I know plenty of people who swear by them. In fact, many people go into their local shoe store for this very purpose–to stretch their leather boots to avoid any awkward pulling and twisting at the seams during rain or snow storms.

Particularly if you happen to be someone with wide feet, consider purchasing an insole from your favorite boot stores online before returning to buy new winter boots next winter season! It’s easier than trying crafty fixes and insoles can help resolve some heel.


When it comes to buying boots online, sizing can be difficult. The best way to ensure you get the perfect fit is by following these simple steps:

  1. Measure your foot length in centimetres; this will be the size of your uggs. Keep in mind that if you are between sizes or have wide feet, it may help to go up a size for comfort and warmth!
  2. 2. If you’re wearing thick wool socks with your boots, consider purchasing one size larger than the measurement of your foot; this will make sure they don’t feel too tight when worn with heavy socks!
  3. 3. Lastly, remember that UGG Australia offers free shipping returns on all orders over $50 within 30 days (USA only).


How do you know what size UGGs to get?

Ugg Boots come in a variety of styles and to find the best size for you, we recommend measuring your feet and then determining your boot width.

From there it is just a matter of matching up the proper length with the proper width. If you are choosing between two possible sizes, we recommend going down in size if you wear lighter socks or go up in size if you wear thicker socks.

The right fit for an UGG Boot will hug your heel without strangling it so much that you can’t walk. It should also be a little roomier at the top because over time they stretch out a bit anyway – making them too tight will cause blisters on the tops of your toes while too loose will result in rubbing.

Do UGGs come in 1/2 sizes?

Yes, Uggs come in half sizes.

If you’re between two different sizes of UGG footwear, always go with the larger size if your foot is closer to the measurement of that larger shoe.

For example, if your feet are really close to a Men’s 9 and a Women’s 10, but you want the shoes for men more than for women so they fit better and you can wear thicker socks on colder days up north — then go with the Men’s 9!

If they don’t have it available at your local retailer or online – order it yourself – as long as shipping takes less time than traveling to another store. It will be worth it in comfort alone!

Are UGGs true to size UK?

UGG Boots Sizing

Olive Green – Women’s 7, Women’s 8, Women’s 9, Women’s 10
Golden Yellow – Men’s 5-6.5, Men’s 7-8.5
Cranberry Red – Women’s 5-7.5, Men’s 3-4.5
Navy Blue – Youth 12M/13Y
Orange Pink – Kids’ 2T/3T Adult Larges only (US sizes)

Some of us find that as we age and our feet swell more than they used to, ugg boots become less good fitting with the sheepskin side often bunching up on one or both sides.

Do UGG boots stretch out as you wear them?

Uggs Boots do indeed stretch out. If you wear the UGG Ellee in a size 7 and size 9, it will be loose in both sizes and still feel comfortable enough to wear them.

There is something called the “second skin scenario” where your feet get hot when wearing tight-fitting shoes because they are squeezed into a narrow space against the shoe’s rigid material.

When that happens your toes won’t straighten out which can cause pain or numbness. Instead of getting painful, relaxed feet by stretching them through time, keep plenty fluid on hand to relieve swelling before wearing tight-fitting shoes for long periods of time.

Should I size up or down in UGGs?

Sizing is based on the calf circumference of the person in centimeters and is not a suggestion related to shoe size.

If you currently wear a size and want to switch sizes, put your current Uggs over the new pair, measure around both boots together with below tape measure just below your heal with both boots unzipped and unbuttoned, stand up straight with feet pointing forward, then add 1 cm for zipping/buttons or 2cm if wearing over jeans.

If selecting between two sizes in one sze (ex: 41 vs 42) choose the larger size if their toes touch when standing upright but heels do not rub when walking at a normal pace.

Do UGGs run large or small?

UGGs have a “true size” that is different from your actual shoe size. If you wear a true US 8 in a Nike Shoe, then you would wear a True US 7 in an UGG.

What do the letters and numbers after the style or model number mean? The letters indicate which size it runs for example, W shows that this particular style of boot may run small on some people because they are not as accommodating to wider feet. So if your shoe’s width is on the narrow side, then you should look at the letter on each pair of boots to find out if it will work for you or not.

Are ugg boots bad for your feet?

Proper UGG boots are not inherently bad for feet. The reason people say they are is because of the inappropriate sizing, which leads to the improper length of the heals.

People often wear shoes that are too short for them, which can cause aches in their back, feet, and legs. However, if you wear Uggs properly-meaning with our without socks-they are really amazing!

The perfect shoe should be wide enough to provide ample room for your foot to widthwise shift while walking or running without rubbing against the side/ground behind or in front of it so it can move comfortably.

It also needs enough height to accommodate a good stride position while still maintaining your toes remaining close to the ground.

How much do UGGs stretch?

For the most accurate expectations of how an item will fit, it’s best to measure your foot at the end of the day when you’re barefoot. Measurements should be taken in centimeters and should not be rounded up or down.
Measure around your foot by touching all points on the top, bottom and outside edge of your heel.

Why are UGGs so hard to put on?

Not all Uggs are created equal. You can check the size on the card that comes with your boots, or google “UGG Boot Size Refrence.” In general though, if you’re a woman and you’re 5’4″ tall, it’s recommended you wear a size 7-8. For men it’s an 8-9 for 5’7″ height, 9-10 for 6′ height, and 10 is good for over 6′.

How long does it take for UGGs to stretch?

It depends on the type of UGG Boots you are wearing. Most UGG Boots are considered ‘full length’ boots with a shaft measuring 16 inches in height. If your boots are shorter, it may take longer to stretch them because there’s less material to stretch.

However, if they are closer to 16 inches or taller, you should be able to get up and go the second you put them on!
Most customers find that Uggs can easily begin stretching after one wear – but it will take anywhere from six months to a year for them to really stretch out.

How do you stretch tight UGG boots?

When wearing Uggs, it is best to use thick woolen socks. Place the Ugg on a flat surface and lay them backwards keeping the toes facing straight out from you. Pull back both sides of the boot for about 1 inch. Get someone else to pull at each side while you extend your legs all the way forwards as far as possible against this pressure.

Blouses usually come with measurements in inches e.g., size 12 or size XS, but not boots! Most people assume that a size 10 shoe is ten times smaller then a size 12 shoe because “ten” ends with a zero….but this would mean that uggs come in 1/100th sizes instead of one whole number!

Do UGGs have to be broken in?

Some people say that Uggs can be sized to fit your feet before you break them in. I personally think that there is such a thing as too small and breaking-in won’t work once you get to that point of discomfort.

The signs of bad shoes are pain around the heel, all day long; red irritated skin; infection; and even possible damage to the ankles and feet bones.
I recommend trying shoes on first thing in the morning (feet swell throughout the day).

Wear socks like you would on any other time, and walk around the store for 5 minutes or so – enough time to decide if they’re comfy enough for 8+ hours.

What size is W7 in Ugg boots?

With UGG there is no such “size” as W7 for an indication of the inside leg measurement. But it’s best to measure your calf circumference with a measuring tape for this purpose.

For example, if your calf measures about 15 inches then 14 would be equivalent to US size 7 (there’s no such thing though), and 13 roughly corresponds to US Size 6.5 (no such thing).

And don’t forget that these are just approximations because not all people have the same fullness at their calves so we cannot guarantee that an exact conversion.

Are you supposed to wear socks with UGGs?

Ugg Boots are supposed to be worn without socks. That’s why they are called “Ugh Boots”–they’re meant for people who hate the feel of clothes on their skin.
5’6″, 143lbs, size 9 shoe
10″, Medium-Wide Regular size
11.5″, M(W) Extra wide, Size 10

If you need a snugger fit it is recommended that you order one size larger than your regular shoe size which is discouraged for adults with medical concerns where additional breathing room in front might be necessary for swollen feet or toes.

How can I make my UGGs break faster?

  1. Put them in the freezer
  2. Soak them in a bucket of water
  3. Take a hammer to them
  4. Wear them every day for a year straight without taking any breaks or giving your feet time to breathe
  5. Stick your shoes near an open flame and watch as they melt away before your eyes!
  6. Don’t take care of them, don’t clean or polish

Are Uggs good for wide feet?

Uggs are amazing for wide feet. They can also be difficult to find in a size that fits just right, that is why we offer 31 different sizes and half sizes for both ladies and men that will comfortably fit any foot type.

Our variety of product and styles ensures you’ll find the perfect Uggs boot for your needs, whether you like your boots fitted or loose fitting. Get the style and look you want while caring for your feet.

You won’t need to sacrifice comfort or fashion when looking good on cloud nine feeling good every step of the way with UGG Australia sheepskin boots!

Do Ugg Adirondack boots run true to size?

Yes, they do. Size 9 will be a size 9 in any Ugg Adirondack boot.

If you have worn an 8.5 before in major shoe brands, the equivalent to that would probably be a 7 in Ugg boots-size wise. A size 8 with usually always fit perfectly in every boot with the exception of some styles where there is no zipper or button on top and then it’s more of a struggle for me because when my foot is smaller then the toe area will fit too small for me personally but I’m sure someone else who has larger feet might find these styles perfect! As per usual…everyone runs differently so use your best judgement.

Do Koolaburra Uggs run true to size?

Ugg Boots sizing does run true to size, and Koolaburra Uggs are no exception. However, like any other shoes (and the feet that inhabit them), there will always be slight variations in how your boots fit.

Take this as a sign of variation- not as a sign that they don’t make good products at all. Sometimes you need only apply simple adjustments such as wearing heavier socks or rolling up the top of your fuzzy foot attire for it to feel more comfortable.

If at any point you experience discomfort from any UGG Boot fitting issue we ask that you return them under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and we will provide you with a new product or refund.

Do youth Uggs run big?

Our Ugg boots are sized according to your normal shoe size – which should apply for other sellers.

If you’re not sure what your shoe size is, take a look at the diagram below. Place your foot on the footprint that matches up best, then see how many inches are available to measure yourself.

If you don’t have a measuring tape handy, try out this reference chart for equivalency conversions! For example, if you live in Europe and need to convert centimeters to inches, make sure one inch equals 25 centimeters before making measurements with sticky or pencil markings on paper or shoe boxes among friends.

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