What kind of Shoes Does John Wick Wear in the Film?

The “John Wick” film series has not only captivated audiences with its action-packed scenes and thrilling storyline but has also caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts with its iconic and stylish wardrobe. One significant aspect of John Wick’s distinctive look is his choice of footwear. In this blog post, we will explore the kind of shoes John Wick wears in the films, their characteristics, and how you can incorporate his signature style into your own wardrobe.

What kind of Shoes Does John Wick Wear in the Film?

In the “John Wick” film series, the character John Wick wears sleek and stylish black Oxfords with a cap-toe design. The shoes feature a glossy leather finish and a slim profile, adding to his sophisticated and polished appearance. These classic dress shoes complement his dapper attire and have become an iconic part of his signature style in the films.

Character NameFilm SeriesShoe TypeCharacteristics
John Wick“John Wick” filmsBlack Oxfords with Cap-Toe– Glossy leather finish
– Slim and streamlined profile
– Cap-toe design
– Timeless and sophisticated style
– Complements formal attire and adds a polished appearance

John Wick’s Shoe Style:

Throughout the “John Wick” films, Keanu Reeves’s character, John Wick, is often seen sporting a pair of sleek and stylish dress shoes that perfectly complement his dapper attire. The shoes he wears in the films are predominantly black, reflecting his sharp and sophisticated persona.

  1. Oxfords: The shoes that John Wick predominantly wears are classic black Oxfords. Oxfords are a timeless and versatile style of dress shoes known for their closed-lacing system and sleek appearance. They are a staple in any well-dressed man’s wardrobe and can elevate any formal outfit.
  2. Cap-Toe Design: John Wick’s Oxfords often feature a cap-toe design, where a stitched line across the toe cap adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the shoes.
  3. Glossy Leather Finish: The shoes in the film have a glossy leather finish, enhancing their polished and refined look. The shine on the leather accentuates John Wick’s impeccable sense of style.
  4. Slim Profile: John Wick’s shoes have a slim and streamlined profile, contributing to a sleek and tailored appearance. The slim design complements his fitted suits and adds to the overall polished look.

How to Incorporate John Wick’s Shoe Style:

While you may not be a legendary assassin like John Wick, you can still channel his signature style by opting for similar footwear choices in your own wardrobe. Here are some tips to incorporate John Wick’s shoe style into your daily attire:

  1. Invest in Quality: Look for well-crafted, high-quality black Oxfords with a glossy leather finish for a timeless and refined appearance.
  2. Choose Cap-Toe Design: Opt for Oxfords with a cap-toe design to add a touch of sophistication to your dress shoes.
  3. Slim and Sleek: Select dress shoes with a slim profile to achieve a tailored and polished look that pairs well with formal attire.
  4. Versatile Pairing: John Wick’s Oxfords go well with a range of outfits, from tailored suits to dressy casual wear. Experiment with different combinations to find your perfect style.


Which shoes does John Wick wear? John Wick wears black Oxfords with a cap-toe design.

What is John Wick wearing? John Wick is often seen wearing a sharp and sophisticated black suit with black Oxfords and other stylish accessories.

How does John Wick travel so fast? John Wick is portrayed as an incredibly skilled and resourceful assassin, which allows him to navigate through various challenges efficiently.

What kind of watch does Keanu Reeves wear in John Wick? In the films, Keanu Reeves wears a Carl F. Bucherer Manero AutoDate watch.

What ethnicity is John Wick? John Wick’s ethnicity is not explicitly stated in the films, but Keanu Reeves, who portrays the character, is of mixed ethnicity, with a Chinese-Hawaiian father and an English mother.

How do you get John Wick to look? To achieve John Wick’s look, you would need a well-fitted black suit, black Oxfords, and a sleek hairstyle. Accessorize with a tie, watch, and other stylish details to complete the ensemble.

Is John Wick’s bulletproof suit real? The bulletproof suit seen in the films is a fictional element and not a real-life product.

What is the tattoo called on John Wick? The tattoo on John Wick’s back is called the “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat,” which is a Latin phrase meaning “Fortune Favors the Bold.”

What type of shirt does John Wick wear? John Wick is often seen wearing dress shirts in the films, typically paired with a suit and tie.

Who could beat John Wick? In the “John Wick” universe, there are few individuals skilled enough to challenge John Wick. Other highly trained assassins and mercenaries could potentially pose a threat.

Who is the most powerful person in John Wick? In the world of “John Wick,” the High Table and its representatives are considered the most powerful and influential figures.

Who is the highest power in John Wick? The Elder, the leader of the High Table, holds the highest power in the “John Wick” series.

What did Keanu Reeves get paid for the John Wick movies? Keanu Reeves was reportedly paid millions of dollars for his role in the “John Wick” films, but the specific amount has not been disclosed.

Why does John Wick wear his watch on the inside of his wrist? Wearing the watch on the inside of his wrist allows John Wick to check the time discreetly and avoid attracting unnecessary attention during covert operations.

Why doesn’t John Wick talk much? John Wick is known for being a man of few words, often expressing himself through actions rather than words, reflecting his stoic and reserved nature.

How old is John Wick supposed to be? John Wick’s exact age is not specified in the films, but he is portrayed as a seasoned and experienced assassin with a long history in the criminal underworld.

Who is the real-life John Wick? The character of John Wick is a fictional creation portrayed by actor Keanu Reeves.

What was John Wick’s impossible task? The impossible task was an assignment given to John Wick by Santino D’Antonio, requiring him to eliminate all of his targets in a single night.

What body armor does John Wick wear? John Wick is seen wearing various types of body armor in the films, ranging from tactical vests to bulletproof suits.

Why does John Wick always wear a black suit? The black suit is part of John Wick’s signature style, representing his sophisticated and professional appearance as an assassin.

What is John Wick’s suit made of? The material of John Wick’s suit is not explicitly mentioned in the films, but it is likely made of high-quality wool or a wool-blend fabric for a polished look.


John Wick’s signature shoe style, characterized by his sleek and sophisticated black Oxfords with a cap-toe design, has become iconic in the world of film and fashion. Incorporating his shoe style into your own wardrobe can elevate your overall look and exude an air of timeless elegance. Whether you’re heading to a formal event or want to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday attire, John Wick’s shoe style offers a classic and refined option that will never go out of style.