What Kind of Shoes Were Popular in the 1970s?

The 1970s was a decade known for its vibrant fashion and unique style, and footwear was no exception. From platform heels to colorful sneakers, shoe trends during this era were all about expressing individuality and embracing a carefree spirit. In this blog post, we’ll take a trip down memory lane to explore the popular shoe styles that graced the feet of fashion-forward individuals in the groovy ’70s.

What Kind of Shoes Were Popular in the 1970s?

Platform shoes, platform boots, earthy and natural footwear like moccasins and woven sandals, platform clogs, sneakers with stripes, and disco dancing shoes with shiny, glittery, and metallic finishes were popular in the 1970s.

Shoe StyleDescription
Platform ShoesElevated heels or sandals with chunky soles.
Platform BootsBoots with elevated soles, often bold patterns.
Earthy and NaturalMoccasins, espadrilles, and woven sandals.
Platform ClogsClogs with platform soles for a vintage look.
Sneakers with StripesCanvas sneakers with colorful side stripes.
Disco Dancing ShoesShiny, glittery, and metallic finishes for dancing.
  1. Platform Shoes:

Perhaps one of the most iconic shoe styles of the 1970s, platform shoes were all the rage. Both men and women rocked these elevated shoes that added extra inches to their height and made a bold fashion statement. Platform heels and sandals with chunky soles were particularly popular, and they often came in various materials, including leather, suede, and even wood.

  1. Platform Boots:

Taking the platform trend one step further, platform boots became a staple in the wardrobes of ’70s fashion enthusiasts. These boots featured elevated soles and were often adorned with bold patterns, bright colors, or metallic elements. They were a favorite among disco-goers, adding a touch of glamour to their dance floor outfits.

  1. Earthy and Natural:

With the rise of the hippie movement in the early ’70s, there was a notable shift towards more natural and earthy footwear choices. Moccasins, espadrilles, and woven sandals gained popularity during this time. These comfortable and laid-back styles reflected the free-spirited and bohemian attitudes of the era.

  1. Platform Clogs:

Clogs had their moment in the 1970s as well, with the addition of platform soles. These shoes combined the rustic charm of traditional clogs with the trendy appeal of elevated platforms. They became a favorite among those seeking a balance between vintage aesthetics and contemporary fashion.

  1. Sneakers with Stripes:

Sneakers were not just for athletic activities; they also became a fashion statement during the ’70s. Canvas sneakers with colorful stripes on the sides were widely worn by both men and women. These sporty shoes perfectly complemented the casual and energetic style of the decade.

  1. Disco Dancing Shoes:

As disco fever swept the nation, specific shoe styles emerged for the dancefloor. Shiny, glittery, and metallic finishes were highly sought after for both men’s and women’s shoes. Dance shoes with platform heels or wedges allowed party-goers to boogie the night away with style and comfort.


What shoes were trending in the 70s? Platform shoes, platform boots, and sneakers with stripes were trending in the 70s.

What brand of shoes were popular in the 70s? Brands like Adidas, Puma, and Converse gained popularity for their athletic and casual shoes in the 70s.

What were two popular types of women’s shoes from the 1970s? Two popular types of women’s shoes in the 1970s were platform heels and earthy, bohemian-style sandals.

What kind of sneakers did people wear in the 70s? People wore canvas sneakers with colorful stripes on the sides in the 70s.

What do you wear to a 70s party? To a 70s party, you can wear bell-bottom pants, platform shoes, a retro graphic tee, and accessorize with round sunglasses and funky jewelry.

What was cool to wear in the 70s? In the 70s, it was cool to wear bell-bottoms, platform shoes, disco-inspired outfits, and colorful, psychedelic patterns.

What was the most popular shoe in the 70s? Platform shoes, especially platform heels and boots, were among the most popular shoes in the 70s.

What sneakers were popular in 1975? In 1975, Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars and Adidas Superstar sneakers were popular choices.

What is the most famous shoes ever? The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars are among the most famous and iconic shoes ever.

What shoes to wear to a 70s party? Wear platform shoes, clogs, or platform boots to a 70s party for an authentic retro look.

Did they wear Converse in the 70s? Yes, Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars were popular in the 70s and are still popular today.

Did people wear loafers in the 70s? Yes, loafers were a popular footwear choice for both men and women in the 70s.

What is 70s apparel? 70s apparel includes bell-bottom pants, wide-collar shirts, platform shoes, and disco-inspired outfits.

What tops are 70s style? 70s-style tops include flowy bohemian blouses, graphic tees, and tight-fitting shirts with wide collars.

Did people wear boots in the 70s? Yes, platform boots and other styles of boots were popular in the 70s.

How to make a 70s outfit? To make a 70s outfit, pair bell-bottom pants with a patterned shirt, platform shoes, and accessorize with retro jewelry and sunglasses.

How to dress like I’m from the 70s? To dress like you’re from the 70s, choose bell-bottoms, platform shoes, and colorful, retro-inspired clothing.

How did people dress in the 70s disco? People in the 70s disco era dressed in glittery, shiny outfits, bell-bottoms, platform shoes, and danced the night away.

What jewelry was worn in the 70s? In the 70s, people wore large, statement jewelry, hoop earrings, peace sign pendants, and beaded accessories.

What does the 70s outfit look like? A typical 70s outfit may include bell-bottom pants, a flowy blouse, platform shoes, and round sunglasses.

What is 70s glam? 70s glam refers to the glamorous and extravagant fashion styles popularized during the 1970s, often seen in disco clubs and parties.

Did they wear Crocs in the 70s? No, Crocs were not invented until 2002, so they were not worn in the 70s.

What was it that boots from the 70s called? Boots with elevated soles were popular in the 70s and were often referred to as platform boots or platform shoes.

What is the most worn footwear? The most worn footwear varies by region and individual preferences, but popular choices include sneakers, sandals, and dress shoes.


The 1970s was an era of bold experimentation and self-expression through fashion. Shoes of this groovy decade reflected the spirit of the times, with platform heels, boots, and clogs dominating the scene. Comfort and natural materials were favored, especially with the rise of the hippie movement.

Sneakers also became more than just athletic wear, adopting colorful stripes to add a touch of flair to casual outfits. Whether you’re looking to add some retro charm to your wardrobe or simply interested in fashion history, embracing the shoe trends of the 1970s is sure to make your style stand out from the crowd.