Which Site is More Reliable and Doesn’t Sell Fake Shoes, Goat or StockX?

In today’s digital age, sneaker enthusiasts and collectors have numerous online platforms to buy and sell kicks. Two of the most popular platforms in this space are GOAT and StockX. Both claim to offer authentic sneakers, but how do they compare? Let’s dive into a comprehensive comparison to find out which site might be more reliable.

Which Site is More Reliable and Doesn’t Sell Fake Shoes, Goat or StockX?

Both GOAT and StockX are reputable and reliable sites known for their authentication processes to ensure they do not sell fake shoes. Both platforms have strict measures in place to verify the authenticity of sneakers, making them trustworthy options for sneaker enthusiasts.

1. Introduction to the Platforms

  • GOAT: Founded in 2015, GOAT is a sneaker marketplace that allows individuals to buy and sell new and used sneakers. Each shoe sold on GOAT is subjected to a thorough authentication process.
  • StockX: Launched in 2016, StockX defines itself as a “stock market of things.” While it began with sneakers, it’s now expanded to include other items. Every sale goes through an authentication process.

2. Authentication Process

ProcessUses a multi-step verification process including physical inspection.All sneakers are inspected in person by a trained team.
VerificationShoes come with a GOAT verification card.Comes with a StockX tag to indicate its authenticity.
ReturnIf a shoe is found inauthentic, the sale is nullified, and the buyer is refunded.Same as GOAT, with a penalty on the seller for trying to sell counterfeit products.
ExpertiseHas a team of experts with knowledge in spotting replicas.Boasts a rigorous process and a team trained to spot even high-quality counterfeits.

3. User Feedback & Reliability

Both platforms have millions of users, and with such a vast user base, there are bound to be both positive reviews and complaints. However, generally:

  • GOAT: Many users praise GOAT for its meticulous authentication process and customer service. Some users have reported shipping delays.
  • StockX: Positive reviews often highlight fast shipping and great prices. Some concerns have been raised about customer service response times.

4. Pricing and Fees

  • GOAT: Prices can sometimes be higher, but it offers a broader range of used sneakers. There’s a seller commission fee and a cash-out fee.
  • StockX: Often boasts competitive prices. Charges a transaction fee and a payment processing fee. The selling fee decreases as the user hits specific milestones, rewarding frequent sellers.

5. Website and App Usability

Both GOAT and StockX have user-friendly interfaces on their websites and mobile apps. Features include real-time market data, price histories, and intuitive search functions.

6. Shipping and Delivery

  • GOAT: Ships globally. Once authenticated, most sneakers are shipped within 1-2 business days.
  • StockX: Also offers international shipping. The time between purchase and delivery can be slightly longer since the shoe must first be sent to StockX for authentication.


Does GOAT or StockX sell fake shoes?
No, both GOAT and StockX are reputable online marketplaces that strive to ensure the authenticity of the shoes they sell. They have strict authentication processes in place to prevent the sale of fake shoes.

Does StockX sell fake shoes yes or no? No, StockX does not sell fake shoes. They have authentication procedures to verify the authenticity of the sneakers sold on their platform.

Does the website GOAT sell fake shoes? No, GOAT does not sell fake shoes. They are committed to ensuring that all the sneakers they sell are authentic through their verification process.

Is there a better site than StockX? The preference for one site over another can vary depending on personal experiences and opinions. Both GOAT and StockX are well-established platforms known for selling authentic sneakers.

Is GOAT known for fake shoes? No, GOAT is not known for selling fake shoes. They have built a reputation for being a reliable marketplace for buying and selling authentic sneakers.

Is buying Jordans from GOAT legit? Yes, buying Jordans or any other sneakers from GOAT is considered legit. They are known for their authentication process to ensure authenticity.

Does StockX send back fakes? StockX has measures in place to prevent the shipment of fake shoes. If a fake item does get through their authentication process and is delivered to the buyer, StockX offers a procedure to resolve the issue.

Can I trust StockX? Yes, StockX is generally considered trustworthy. They have a system in place to verify the authenticity of sneakers and other products they sell.

Are shoes on GOAT reps? No, shoes on GOAT are not replicas (reps). GOAT guarantees that all the sneakers they sell are authentic.

Is GOAT second-hand? Yes, GOAT sells both new and used sneakers. They have a range of options available, including brand new and pre-owned shoes.

How can you tell if Jordans are fake? To determine if Jordans are fake, you can look for various details such as the quality of materials, stitching, logo placements, and other specific features that are unique to authentic Jordan shoes. It’s best to familiarize yourself with legitimate Jordans or use authentication services provided by platforms like GOAT and StockX.

Where does GOAT ship from? GOAT has multiple fulfillment centers in different locations. The shipping origin may vary depending on the location of the seller and the buyer.

Why is StockX cheap? StockX prices are determined by supply and demand dynamics in the sneaker market. Sometimes, certain sneakers may be available at lower prices due to market conditions.

Is StockX all brand new? StockX offers both brand new and used sneakers. Sellers can list new or gently used shoes on the platform.

Why is StockX so popular? StockX gained popularity due to its unique concept of a stock market-like platform for buying and selling sneakers and other products. It also provides a secure authentication process, which has contributed to its reputation and popularity.

Does GOAT sell new or used shoes? GOAT sells both new and used shoes, giving customers a range of options to choose from.

Does GOAT allow returns? Yes, GOAT allows returns within a specified return window, provided the shoes meet their return policy criteria.

How long does GOAT shipping take? The shipping time on GOAT may vary based on the location of the seller and the buyer, as well as the chosen shipping method. It usually takes a few days to process and ship orders.

Is Nike store legit? Yes, the official Nike store is a legitimate source to buy authentic Nike products.

How long does StockX take to ship? The shipping time on StockX can vary, but typically it takes a few days for sellers to ship the item to StockX for authentication, and then it is sent to the buyer after verification.

How does GOAT legit check shoes? GOAT employs experts who perform thorough checks to verify the authenticity of shoes, examining various aspects like materials, stitching, logos, and more.

How do I know StockX is real? StockX has a reputation for authenticity, but you can ensure the legitimacy of your purchase by checking the product details, seller ratings, and the authentication process they have in place.

Can you refund StockX? Yes, StockX allows returns for certain cases, such as if the item fails the authentication process or if there are issues with the order. Refer to their return policy for specific details.

Why did StockX refund my money? StockX may refund your money if the item fails the authentication process, or there is an issue with the order that cannot be resolved.

What happens if the seller never ships StockX? If the seller does not ship the item within the specified timeframe, StockX may cancel the order and refund the buyer.

Is Flight Club shoes legit? Yes, Flight Club is a reputable consignment marketplace known for selling authentic sneakers.

Where does StockX ship from? StockX has multiple shipping locations and fulfillment centers, and the shipping origin can vary depending on the location of the seller and the buyer.


Both GOAT and StockX are renowned platforms in the sneaker community and have rigorous processes to ensure the authenticity of the sneakers they sell. Your choice between them might come down to personal preference, location (for shipping times), and whether you’re looking for new or used sneakers. As with any purchase, it’s essential to do your research, read reviews, and ensure you’re comfortable with the platform’s policies before buying or selling.