Why are Nike Shoes Called Kicks?

The term “kicks” has become synonymous with athletic shoes, especially those from the iconic brand Nike. The origins of this slang term trace back to the early days of sneaker culture and street fashion. In this blog post, we’ll explore the fascinating history of why Nike shoes are called “kicks” and how this term became an integral part of sneakerhead culture and the fashion lexicon.

Why are Nike shoes called kicks?

Nike shoes are called “kicks” due to the term’s origins in urban communities during the mid-20th century. Originally used to describe a confident walking style, it evolved to refer to stylish shoes, particularly athletic footwear. Nike’s influence in sneaker culture and pop references further popularized the term, making it synonymous with their fashionable and iconic footwear.

Origin of TermThe term “kicks” originated in urban communities during the mid-20th century, describing a confident walking style.
Evolution of MeaningOver time, “kicks” evolved to refer to stylish and fashionable shoes, especially athletic footwear.
Influence of Sneaker CultureThe rise of sneaker culture in the 1970s and 1980s, driven by hip-hop and celebrity endorsements, popularized the term.
Nike’s ImpactNike’s innovative designs, celebrity collaborations, and iconic status significantly contributed to the term’s association with stylish shoes.
Pop Culture Usage“Kicks” became prevalent in pop culture, especially in hip-hop music, further cementing its connection to fashionable footwear.
Sneakerhead PhenomenonThe growth of sneakerhead culture in collecting and obsessing over sneakers solidified “kicks” as a slang term for fashionable shoes.
Global ReachWith the internet and social media, sneaker culture and the use of “kicks” as a term spread globally in the fashion and footwear communities.

In summary, the term “kicks” for Nike shoes and stylish footwear evolved from its origins in urban communities, fueled by sneaker culture, Nike’s influence, and pop culture references. It has become a widely recognized slang term for fashionable athletic shoes embraced by sneaker enthusiasts worldwide.

Nike kicks: “Nike kicks” refers to athletic shoes made by the brand Nike, known for their stylish and innovative designs.

Kicks meaning shoes: In informal slang, “kicks” is a term used to refer to stylish and trendy athletic shoes, particularly sneakers.

Kicks shoes: “Kicks shoes” simply means athletic footwear, usually with a fashion-forward design.

Kicks meaning slang: In slang, “kicks” refers to fashionable and stylish athletic shoes, often associated with sneakerhead culture.

Sneakers: “Sneakers” are athletic shoes primarily designed for sports and physical activities, but they are also commonly worn for casual and fashionable purposes.

My new kicks meaning: “My new kicks” means someone recently acquired stylish and fashionable athletic shoes, often expressing excitement or satisfaction about the purchase.

What are kicks on kick: It seems there might be a typo in the question. If you meant something else, please clarify, and I’d be happy to help.

I like your kicks meaning: “I like your kicks” means the speaker appreciates or admires the person’s stylish and fashionable athletic shoes.

  1. The Birth of “Kicks”: The term “kicks” emerged in urban communities during the mid-20th century, primarily in African-American neighborhoods. It originally referred to the action of “kicking” or lifting one’s leg while walking, often associated with a confident and stylish gait. Eventually, the word evolved to describe fashionable and stylish shoes, particularly athletic footwear.
  2. Rise of Sneaker Culture: In the 1970s, sneakers gained popularity not just as sports performance footwear but also as a fashion statement. This was largely driven by the rise of hip-hop culture and the influence of professional athletes wearing sneakers off the court. Nike, with its innovative designs and celebrity endorsements, played a significant role in shaping sneaker culture.
  3. Nike’s Influence: As Nike established itself as a dominant force in the athletic footwear market, its sneakers became must-have items among young people and sports enthusiasts. The brand’s cutting-edge designs and collaboration with athletes and celebrities further fueled the demand for their shoes.
  4. “Kicks” in Pop Culture: During the 1980s and 1990s, the term “kicks” became increasingly prevalent in pop culture, especially within the hip-hop and rap music scenes. Musicians often referenced “kicks” in their lyrics, cementing the term’s association with stylish shoes.
  5. Sneakerhead Phenomenon: The term “sneakerhead” emerged to describe individuals who collect, trade, and obsess over sneakers, particularly limited-edition or rare releases. As sneakerhead culture grew, so did the use of “kicks” as a common term to describe coveted Nike shoes and other popular brands.
  6. The Internet Age and Global Reach: With the advent of the internet and social media, sneaker culture and the use of “kicks” as a term became even more widespread. Sneaker enthusiasts from all over the world connected online to share their passion for sneakers, making “kicks” a global slang for stylish athletic shoes.


Why are shoes called kicks?
Shoes are called “kicks” due to the term’s origin in urban communities, where it initially referred to a confident walking style. Over time, it evolved to describe stylish and fashionable shoes, particularly athletic footwear.

What is the meaning of Nike kicks? Nike kicks simply refer to Nike brand shoes, particularly their athletic and fashionable footwear offerings.

What does kicks mean in sneakers? In the context of sneakers, “kicks” is a slang term that refers to stylish and trendy athletic shoes.

What shoes are called kicks? Stylish and fashionable shoes, especially athletic footwear, are often called kicks.

What does kicks mean in the 1960s? In the 1960s, “kicks” continued to be slang for shoes, particularly those considered fashionable and appealing.

Why is Nike named after a goddess? Nike is named after the Greek goddess of victory. The choice of the name symbolizes the brand’s association with triumph, success, and athleticism.

What are kicks (UK slang)? In the UK, “kicks” is a slang term that refers to casual footwear, especially sneakers.

What is the British slang for sneakers? In British slang, sneakers are commonly referred to as “trainers.”

What does kicks mean in fashion? In fashion, “kicks” is a term used to describe stylish and trendy athletic shoes that can complement various outfits.

Who is the owner of Kicks shoes? The term “kicks” is not directly associated with a specific brand or owner but rather a general slang term for fashionable shoes.

What do you call a person who loves sneakers? A person who loves sneakers and collects them is often called a “sneakerhead.”

What do sneakerheads call shoes? Sneakerheads commonly refer to shoes as “kicks” or “heat” (when they are highly sought-after or rare).

Is there a brand called kicks? There is no prominent brand specifically known as “Kicks.” The term is more of a slang descriptor for stylish shoes.

Are sneakers synonymous with kicks? Yes, in many contexts, “sneakers” and “kicks” are synonymous and both refer to athletic shoes, particularly fashionable ones.

What type of shoe is kickers? Kickers is a brand known for its casual and stylish footwear, including boots and shoes.

What is the origin of the word kick? The word “kick” traces its origins to Old English, where it meant to “strike with the foot” or “move with force.”

Where did the term kick back come from? The term “kick back” likely originated from the motion of a gun recoiling after being fired, eventually coming to mean relaxing or taking a break.

What is the slang for pretty girls in the 1950s? In the 1950s, pretty girls were often referred to as “dolls” or “babes” in slang terms.

What was Nike’s original name? Nike’s original name was “Blue Ribbon Sports.” It was later changed to “Nike” in reference to the Greek goddess of victory.

What was Nike before the name? Before becoming Nike, the company was known as “Blue Ribbon Sports,” founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight.

What Greek god symbol is Nike? Nike is the Greek goddess of victory, symbolizing success, speed, and strength.

Are trainers called kicks? Yes, in some regions, trainers are commonly referred to as “kicks” due to their association with fashionable athletic footwear.

Is wellies a British word? Yes, “wellies” is a British term for rubber or Wellington boots, often worn during wet weather.

What are bouncers (British slang)? In British slang, “bouncers” refer to athletic shoes, particularly sneakers.

Why do British people call shoes creps? The term “creps” is derived from the word “crept” or “creeping,” a slang term for sneakers that implies stealth and style.

What do British call pants? In British English, pants are referred to as “trousers.” The word “pants” in the UK generally means underwear.

What do British call dress shoes? Dress shoes are often referred to as “smart shoes” or “formal shoes” in British English.

What counts as kicks? In contemporary usage, any stylish and fashionable athletic shoe can be referred to as kicks.

What does it mean to get kicks? To “get kicks” means to experience excitement, amusement, or pleasure from something.

What type of word is kicks? “Kicks” is a noun used as a slang term to refer to stylish and fashionable athletic shoes.

Who owns 8000 Kicks? As of my last update in September 2021, there is no well-known brand or company specifically called “8000 Kicks.” The name may refer to a niche or lesser-known entity.

Who owns the most sneakers? As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no single individual recognized as owning the most sneakers, as this can vary based on personal collections and individual sneakerheads.

Who owns Nike sneakers? Nike sneakers are commonly owned by athletes, fashion enthusiasts, and individuals who appreciate the brand’s iconic designs.

What is a cool word for sneakers? Some cool words for sneakers include “kicks,” “creps,” “heat,” and “sneaks.”

What does OG mean in shoes? In the context of shoes, “OG” stands for “original” or “original release,” often referring to the first or earliest version of a particular shoe model.

What is a shoe guy called? A person who specializes in selling or collecting shoes, particularly rare or exclusive ones, is often called a “shoe guy” or “sneakerhead.”

What are rare shoes called? Rare shoes are often referred to as “grails” or “holy grails” in sneakerhead culture.

What does TB mean (Nike)? As of my last update in September 2021, “TB” likely stands for “Team Basketball,” a line of Nike basketball shoes.

What is the slang word for Jordans? The slang term for Jordans, which are shoes from the Jordan Brand by Nike, is often simply “J’s” or “Jordans.”

Will Kicks get his own shop? As an AI language model, I don’t have real-time information or the ability to predict the future. It is uncertain whether “Kicks” will get his own shop without further context.

Are King Kicks original or fake? As an AI, I don’t have access to real-time data or specific products. “King Kicks” can refer to different entities, so it’s essential to verify their authenticity through reliable sources.

Does Kicks ever get a shop? As an AI, I cannot predict future events or developments. Whether “Kicks” gets a shop would depend on various factors, such as individual plans and business decisions.

What do you call fake sneakers? Fake sneakers are often referred to as “counterfeit,” “replica,” or “knockoff” shoes.

What is a fancy word for shoe? A fancy word for shoe could be “footwear” or “footgear.”

What is a synonym for Nike? A synonym for “Nike” could be “victory” or “triumph,” representing the brand’s namesake Greek goddess.

Note: Some of the specific terms and details mentioned in the questions may vary or change over time, so it’s always best to verify the latest information from reliable sources.


The journey of why Nike shoes are called “kicks” reflects the cultural evolution of sneaker fashion, street culture, and pop references. From its humble origins in urban communities to becoming a mainstream term used by sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts worldwide, “kicks” has solidified its place in the lexicon of footwear.

Nike’s innovative designs and the brand’s influence in popular culture have undoubtedly contributed to the lasting impact of the term. So, the next time you lace up your favorite pair of Nike kicks, remember the rich history and cultural significance behind the name.