Why Do My Work Boots Smell So Bad?

The work boots that I wear every day at the job site are starting to smell like they’re about to fall apart. It’s not just my imagination either, people in my office have started making comments about how bad they stink.

As you’re walking around all day, bacteria is growing in your boots which causes a smelly odor. This happens because the sweat on our feet contains salt crystals that are left behind as we walk – creating a perfect environment for bacteria to grow and thrive in.

Not only does this make your work boots smell bad, but it also creates an unhealthy environment for you to stand in all day long – causing muscle fatigue and discomfort.

Why Do My Work Boots Smell So Bad?

Work boots can smell bad because of the materials they are made from, such as leather, rubber, or synthetic materials. These materials can trap sweat and bacteria, which can cause a bad odor.

Another reason work boots can smell bad is because they often come into contact with dirt and other hazardous materials. This can also cause bacteria to grow and create a bad odor.

The best way to prevent your work boots from smelling bad is to clean them regularly. You can use a damp cloth to wipe them down, or you can wash them in the washing machine. You should also allow them to air dry completely before putting them back on your feet.

The smell is a result of bacteria and fungi that form when sweat, dirt, and moisture combine

The smell is a result of bacteria and fungi that form when sweat, dirt, and moisture come into contact with footwear materials. It can be difficult to get rid of the smell if you don’t know what has caused it in the first place. The best way to find out why your boots are smelling so bad is by talking to a professional boot fitter or cobbler. They will know how this process works and help you figure out how to make your boots stop smelling so bad!

Boots can smell bad because of sweat and bacteria

If your work boots stink, you’re not alone. A lot of people struggle with this problem. Sweat and bacteria can build up in the shoe, which causes an unpleasant smell that is hard to get rid of. The good news is there are some things you can do to prevent smelly shoes from happening in the future!

You should clean them after every use or at least twice a month using soap and water to remove sweat and bacteria buildup. Don’t forget about socks too- they can also be responsible for bad smells when worn over long periods of time!

Wearing the wrong size boots can cause a smelly problem

There are a lot of factors that can affect the smell of your boots. If you have been wearing them for a long period of time, sweat and body oils will break down the materials in your shoes and cause an unpleasant odor.

In some cases, if your feet get wet from perspiration or rain on the way to work, bacteria thrives on moist surfaces which causes an intense stench. So how do you deal with smelly work boots?

The best solution is prevention! When selecting new footwear, it’s important to find out what size fits well so they don’t stretch out over time due to wear and tear.

Leather is porous and natural, which means that it absorbs sweat from your feet as well as smells from outside air

Leather is porous and natural, which means that it absorbs sweat from your feet. It doesn’t have a way to release the excess moisture so it starts to smell bad. When you go into a shoe store, they spray the shoes with some sort of chemical that masks the odor for customers who are shopping around.

The best thing you can do for your boots is wear them in an area where they will dry out quickly like outside or on carpeting at home then put them away until next time. If not, avoid wearing them when possible and buy new ones!

Your feet might have an odor even if you don’t wear any shoes at all

A lot of people can’t stand the way their work boots smell. The problem is, they might have an odor even if you don’t wear any shoes at all. To tell if your feet are the source of the odor, try this easy test: take off your socks and shoes and hold them up to your nose for a few minutes. If you still detect an unpleasant scent then it’s likely that your feet are producing that odor. Alternatively, if you notice a bad smell when you walk into someone else’s house or car, there may be something wrong with their ventilation system!

The type of material used to make the boot also contributes to how quickly they will start smelling

So you have a new pair of work boots for your job, but they smell bad? You may be wondering why this is happening. There are many factors that come into play with the type of material used to make the boot and how quickly it will stink.

For example, leather makes a much better shoe than nylon because it absorbs moisture and doesn’t hold onto bacteria as well. The type of lining also plays an important role in how fast they start to stink.

Synthetic linings such as polyester or PVC don’t absorb sweat like cotton does so these types can cause your shoes to get smelly faster than others would.

You may need new insoles or inserts for more arch support in order to prevent sweating

You may need new insoles or inserts for more arch support in order to prevent sweat and bacteria from building up. If your feet can’t breathe, then they won’t be able to release the smells that develop over time. New insoles/inserts will help you get rid of those nasty odors!
Blog post intro paragraph: The average person spends about two hours per day on their feet; this is why it’s so important for your shoes and boots to provide sufficient support and comfort. Slumping forward while standing puts an enormous amount of stress on the lower back muscles which can lead to pain and injury.

You wear the same socks every day

Work boots are an essential part of any work day, but it can be frustrating when they start to smell. Why do my work boots smell so bad? Let’s find out together. The first thing you should look at is the socks that you wear every day. If you wear the same socks every day and don’t wash them often then this could be your problem.

You’re going to want to switch up your sock rotation and make sure that they get washed after each use or as soon as possible if they get sweaty or dirty from outside sources like oil, dirt, etc. For those who continue to experience a smelly issue with their work boots no matter how many times they wash them there may be another culprit: the shoes themselves!

The shoes are too tight or too loose for you

It can be easy to forget that your work boots are getting old and that the reason they smell so bad is because they’re too small for you. It’s important to wear shoes or boots that fit well and don’t restrict your feet.

If you have a shoe store nearby, it would be worth checking out their selection of work boots in different sizes to find something more comfortable for you. And if not, there are many online stores where people are happy to ship them directly to your door!

Sweat is trapped in the shoe’s lining, which leads to odor buildup

The lining of a work boot traps sweat, which leads to odor buildup. This is why it’s important to make sure to change your socks regularly if you’re wearing these types of shoes for long periods of time.

If the problem still persists after that, then try cleaning the inside with a mixture of baking soda and water or other antibacterial solutions as needed.

You could also sprinkle some baking soda on your feet before putting them in the shoe to help absorb any moisture from within the shoe as well as offer additional protection against odor-causing bacteria.

Feet sweat more when it’s hot outside and the heat causes bacteria to grow quickly on sweaty skin

Have you ever noticed that your feet smell really bad after a long day at work? Your feet sweat more when it’s hot outside and the heat causes bacteria to grow quick.

This makes your feet stink within hours of wearing them in sweaty boots or shoes, even if they were clean before putting them on. Why do my work boots smell so bad?

Well, this is because sweat and bacteria mix together to create an unpleasant odor. The microbes feed off the sweat and cause it to release volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

These VOCs are what actually produce the foul smelling odor. So next time you’re working hard all day in some new boots or shoes, just remember that sweating is natural for humans but can also be smelly!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some ways to prevent your shoes from smelling bad

  1. Boots can smell bad because of sweat and bacteria
  2. Wearing the wrong size boots can cause a smelly problem
  3. Leather is porous and natural, which means that it absorbs sweat from your feet as well as smells from outside air
  4. Your feet might have an odor even if you don’t wear any shoes at all
  5. The type of material used to make the boot also contributes to how quickly they will start smelling
  6. You may need new insoles or inserts for more arch support in order to prevent sweating

How can you make your work boots smell better in between washes

  1. Keep your shoes in a dry, well-ventilated area
  2. Wear socks with your shoes to prevent sweat from getting trapped inside of them
  3. Let your shoes air out for at least 24 hours before you wear them again
  4. Use baking soda or vinegar as an odor absorber by placing it inside the shoe and letting it soak up some of the smell
  5. Place a small amount of fabric softener on a cotton ball and place it inside the shoe
  6. Add tea tree oil to a spray bottle filled with water and spritz your smelly shoes before wearing them next time

What are some signs that it’s time for new work boots

  1. Spray a little bit of Febreeze on the inside and outside of your boots
  2. Put some baking soda in a small bowl, wet your feet with warm water, and scrub them with the baking soda
  3. Place a dryer sheet at the bottom of each boot to absorb any moisture or odor
  4. Keep an air freshener near your work area for when you need it most
  5. Try using anti-perspirant before putting on your boots to stop sweat from building up inside
  6. Avoid wearing socks with these types of shoes – they will make them smell worse quicker than if they were barefoot

How do I stop my work boots from smelling?

Shoving them in the freezer is one answer.
Freezing work boots will kill the bacteria that cause the smell, but it won’t make your feet any less smelly! If you really want some relief from those stinky boots, some users suggest taking some old socks and stuffing them inside of your wet boots. Leave them like this overnight and vacuum as much as possible in the morning before letting some fresh air in to deodorize.

How do you get the smell out of boots?

We recommend that you wear your boots in dirt or leaves to absorb the odor, then use newspaper lining for a couple days. If that doesn’t work, try wiping them with coffee ground.

For an odorless boot, periodically rinse your footwear after long periods of wear and be sure to dry thoroughly before putting away. Alternate them with fresh footwear so each one can dry out between wears.

Use insoles made of activated charcoal cloth—they act like a catalytic converter to neutralize odors inside the shoe (and will last up to six months). To prevent shoe odors in the future, seal shoes with antimicrobial spray after every wear and store inside an airtight plastic bag when not wearing.

Why do my work shoes smell so bad?

If you are wearing running or other athletic shoes, it’s likely that the smell is caused by sweat. Sweat contains ammonia and other compounds in small quantities which release an odor when the shoe material itself absorbs it. This scent should dissipate in a day or two after being worn for a while, but if the odor never goes away even after several days of wearing them, then your shoes could need to be washed with soap and water.
The smell may also be coming from rat droppings which have been tracked into your work space. Unfortunately, rats are one of many creatures who will let you know how they feel about your workspace when their droppings are present on the floor – especially near where employees store their food as well.

How do you get the smell out of leather work boots?

Use the shoe insole to its potential. Rub linseed oil in, then press in cedar wood chips between the insoles and the shoe well. Stuff moistened corn husks around inner edges of soles–these will suck up moisture, absorbing it from inside out. Finally place a ball of rice at each heel for odor-neutralizing shocks to your senses when you wear them again. Your sweat glands won’t be working overtime any more!

What home remedy kills shoe odor?

There are two typical remedies for shoe odor, vinegar and baking soda.

Vinegar has a strong odor when applied directly to the shoe. Take an old rag or towel and pour in about 2 tablespoons of vinegar.

Place towel over your shoe so it’s completely submerged, then take the other end of the towel around to the back of your foot and pull up outwards towards you until at least one inch of fabric is left between your toes for air circulation. Leave overnight which should do much in eliminating odors through absorption.

How do you get the musty smell out of boots?

There are a lot of ideas. One is to get the smell out by applying a couple of generous sprays of fabric freshener and leave it for 24 hours, then give another good thorough spray and discard any excess beforehand.

Another idea is to pour in half a cup of baking soda and add the appropriate amount of water, leaving this concoction overnight before beating in order to apply an ammonia solution:
Mix one part clear household ammonia with four parts water.

Potential Explanation: Many people do not realize that their boots have never been cleaned! Whether they were new or old when they bought them, there is still plenty opportunity for dirt and bacteria to accumulate inside.

How do you remove odor from leather?

The best solution is a 100% all natural leather repellent. I recommend using a spray bottle to apply this mixture onto the surface of your shoes, boots, bags, jackets…any article made with leather. I like Earth Positive’s organic biodegradable Leather Repellent Spray .

Their formula has been designed to remove odors and keep them away for up to at least six months; it’s an eco-friendly way to deal with smelly garments in your wardrobe (especially when you’re in between dry cleaning visits). I like how Earth Positive made sure that their product leaves behind no staining or greasy residue on the treated item; That doesn’t go well with all items in my closet!

Does putting your shoes in the freezer stop them from smelling?

You can put shoes in the freezer, but most home freezers are not cold enough to kill the bacteria– just cool them. Putting them in a bag with baking soda is more effective than leaving them out unfrozen because it destroys the bacteria.

Freezing creates an ideal environment for microorganisms to grow and they will thrive once you take your shoes out of their safe haven. Baking soda also has an unpleasant cooking odor so try this instead: place ice cubes in plastic bags around your shoes overnight or vacuum sealed vacuum-seal packs (silica gel packets included) which should help reduce any shoe smells.


Your work boots smell bad because they are made from leather. Leather is not a very breathable material, and as such profuse sweating from your feet will start to seep into the shoe, which then gets absorbed by the leather that encloses them. The oils in the sweat combine with the dust and dirt particles inside your shoes which leads to a foul odor. This ecosystem of bacteria can survive for quite some time before going away.

The best thing you can do is periodically clean your shoes by wiping them down with soap or detergent mixed with water (preferably white vinegar). Once dry, use baking soda sprinkled onto each foot-sized area on both sides of each shoe followed by brushing frequently with an old.

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